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hi guys welcome back to my channel today I wanted to do this video to really share about whoa to really share a little bit more about my fitness and health journey in general I get quite a bit of questions if it's either about my mood ease on Instagram or about my fitness videos that I don't Instagram sometimes so I really want to kind of do a video to talk a little bit about that and my approach to health and fitness and to share with you a few tools that I use and that I like in my everyday life so first I want to say thank you to life Sam for partner up with me for this video live Sam is a health app that I've actually worked with before and I truly think they're one of the best in the industry I use the app quite often and they have features that I feel like even if you don't necessarily are on a weight-loss journey or a weight gained journey like myself I find useful tools that help me such as the water tracker the water tracker is this feature where basically every time you drink a cup of water you're just added to your chart and you kind of see how much you still have to drink or how much you've done so far this is a great feature because I think that the one problem that most of us have is not drinking enough water especially if you are an active person regarding my fitness regime I used to only do Pilates before I used to do it about two to three times a week I just go to classes I started noticing that as much as I loved to build lean muscle and to really focus on my core I really wanted to build my strength so this year I actually told myself that I'm gonna come out of my comfort zone and start doing things that I've always been really scared to do like weights and like gym stuff were the big guys go it was so awkward for me but I actually decided to invest in myself and I got a trainer that's been super amazing I started doing that strength training about twice a week this is so different from anything I've done before because you really have to know kind of what you're doing and we really started from zero so any background or any like fitness level that I thought I'm at it really brought me back to basic so that's kind of what I've been doing lately I've been focusing on growing some muscle and not necessarily gaining weight but just becoming stronger so I do a strength training twice a week and I do Pilates once a week that's the ideal schedule for me but it's not always work out I'm sure you guys know that sometimes I mean all the time life happens and as much as we always want to keep on track with our activity and like physical activity things happen so I'm very serious about investing in myself and fitness is a priority for me but I definitely don't beat myself up if there's a day where I have to skip the gym when I do have days when I skip the gym I honestly just try to keep in mind that I need to move as much as I can so either going up and down the stairs a few extra times running after my kids doing things around the house even just putting music I'm like dancing around just moving a little bit especially if you have a job where you have to sit in front of a computer like myself I do try to stay kind of active and move around a little bit in general my approach to everything is that you don't need to have a personal trainer you really don't need to go to the gym even there are some people there's so many like amazing information online where you can just do at-home exercise it so you can just go take a walk in the park or if you have a dog or like a sister a brother or whatever just take them out for a walk nobody else talking a little bit about my diet there's been a little controversial I feel I'm a big believer in letting everybody figure out their own kind of path and their own way and what works for them I know that there's a lot of different people out there that are either do of vegan or vegetarian or you know different diets and I'm all for it if you guys truly believe in it and it's something that you know makes you feel good and really helps you with just becoming a better you then go for it I have no judgment whatsoever I never think that the way I do things is the right way but I also know that you know when I see a beautiful skinny girl that is vegan does not necessarily mean that it's gonna work for me and my family I truly think that and diet is such a personal and specific thing when you start educating yourself about what's good for you and what works for your body in your lifestyle that's when you're gonna start molding you know your own kind of approach to nutrition and health and not a big believer in juicing I don't believe in anything too extreme but I do believe that there are really great nuances and different diets around the world life Sam is actually have a really cool feature which is one of my favorites so I have the actual premium version but you can download it for free they have meal plans that you can actually choose to follow and you can take a test to see which plan works the best for you they're not all like very specific there's one there's like food for strength or like a classic diet just for healthy you can just follow it and it will give you some guidance and information and some recipes that can kind of ease you into the program that you're interested in starting so once you really learn about the basics and learn what good carbs are and good fats are and what our good proteins are it's really gonna help you start making good decisions without even trying so hard that's kind of what happened to me once I started learning more about food and where it comes from and what it does in your body I just started kind of knowing what I should eat so the way I eat these days is that I still eat dairy and I still eat meat so I'm trying to get my eggs and I meet from ethical and local sources here I really try my best I'm not gonna say that I'm perfect all the time I do try to go on mostly organic produce I don't believe that all products needs to be organic but there are some items that I kind of make sure that are always organic in my house with dairy also try to go for organic dairy and with meat and seafood and fish I do always try to find a way to eat mostly vegetarian just because I feel that it really works for my body so I'll eat meat maybe twice two three times a week mostly I'll try to get my protein from beans and lentils just to kind of ease on the system and on my digestion I always go for classic grains and Whole Foods in general and really try to avoid as much as I can processed and fried and just like food that doesn't make you feel so hot that's really my approach to food today once I started experimenting with different foods I started playing around with recipes that's what eating healthy really became fun you don't have to make a Sables with edible flowers like every morning that's not what healthy eating is all about which it's still pretty it's like super an Instagram of all but like who has the time this is an example of another feature that I use on life Sam is the recipe section where I just find out about you know different recipes that I can try out and just incorporate it in my diet they have really fun recipes some of them are really simple with like five ingredients or less so that's really helpful for someone who doesn't have time to grow their own flowers for a Sabo's that's really how I approach nutrition and health in general I think the biggest rule for me that I always keep reminding myself and to you guys when I make videos about health is to not be so hard on yourself and to truly respect the body that you're in I think once you start respecting it and being kind to yourself you want to make the right decisions there is this rule that I truly think works and I hope that you keep that in mind for yourself if there's the 21 and 90-day rules so 21 it takes 21 days to create a habit so if you hate working out if you hate eating clean if you hate doing all these things drinking water just commit to something for 21 days after 21 days that thing will actually become a habit and your body will create it the 90-day rule is when you do that thing for 90 days it becomes a lifestyle our brain is really like a muscle so we really have to train it and to make it feel comfortable in this new environment and once it's in there and it understands that you are on a mission here trust me it will work with you that's kind of a rule that I follow that helps me and Gary actually his zone is like weight loss journey now and doing go ready go baby go so my only thing that is probably the number one rule in my house is absolutely no pop soda and that's it no pop soda so this isn't you guys I hope that I answered some of your questions if you guys are interested in following my smoothies and my workouts you guys can follow me on Instagram and a huge thank you to life Sam for collaborating with me if you guys want to check the app you can download it I'm gonna put the link in the description box and let me know what you think because there's a lot of apps out there that promise you to help you with weight loss and healthy living but you know what I really enjoy that all of this information is all concentrated in one app it does a really great job to just make it easier for you and guide you along so thank you guys and I hope I answered all your questions and I'll see you guys next time you


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  2. Wonderful tips! I can't take my eyes off your eye brows… love them! What do you fill them with?? I've been using Lifesum since January and really enjoy it! NO SODA, YES YES YES! I'm so thankful my mom didn't allow soda in our house when I was growing up, never developed a taste for it! 🙂 I love your chill, completely doable approach to health and fitness!

  3. Where did you get certified as a holistic nutritionist?

  4. I'm vegan and I eat healthy and I have weight issues. Just means vegan doesn't always mean skinny girl 🙃

  5. 👍👍👍


  7. Waoo great video. Its really inspiring for me.
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  8. I dont inderstand very good english but l love listen to you i wish i can inderstend all you say .i am algerien

  9. THANK YOU so much for having an inclusive diet and not adhering to strict elimination of foods. People believing that veganism etc is the only way, is exactly why the diet industry continues to thrive. You are showing people that you can eat mostly everything in moderation and still be healthy. It's seriously so refreshing and healthy, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  10. You are the sweetest! I know you've gotten a lot of pressure from vegans, and that must put you kind of "on the spot". Like you said, diet is a deeply personal choice. I always thought vegans were extreme and weird, until I found out what was happening in the meat/dairy/egg industries. It just broke my heart, and I couldn't keep paying for those practices to occur. That's me.
    Thank you for being so open with your life on here! I hope everything is going well for you and that your pregnancy is uneventful lol! God bless 🙂

  11. However, there’s no such thing as ethical meat and eggs 🙂 other than that, great tips as always Valeria 👌

  12. Please make a video on your experience studying nutrition! is there work area? and all of those things

  13. Any thought on animal rights?

  14. Im vegetarian, someone have tips for losing weigh and not losing my hair? 🙁

  15. I love the fact that you're a nutritionist who models. When have you seen a nutritionist model!? Never. LOVE. I was hoping for more recipes, though. Could you please upload more cooking videos for salty foods? I'm not much of a sweet tooth hehe and I'm trying to make my meals all-nutrition, no-weigh gain. Plus, I love to see you cooking ^^
    Jo <3

  16. Watching this while eating pizza 😄

  17. Пару месяцев смотрела ваши видео ,но только сегодня подписалась на вас) особенно нравятся видео с покупками. привет из Украины!

  18. Great advices, I totally agree with the water tips, exercising, listening to your body, dirty dozen, whole foods (YES!)and all. But, in my opinion, I would like to add something I don't agree on: I don't think you can say veganism or healthy eating is not for everybody. First, veganism is about thinking of the victims first, here the animals. I can assure you that veganism is good for the animals and the planet for SURE! Without veganism, of course you can adapt your diet and eat what makes you feel the best: you can be raw vegan, junk food vegan, healthy vegan,..etc But some foods are bad (or good) for everybody , for example cow's milk is really bad for you and on the contrary vegetables are good for everybody (except allergies etc).
    "Edible flowers in açai bowl" ahahah I laughed so hard," XD. One lasr thing: You said "who has the time?" I take the time, health is my priority in life. I understand why you said that, but I just want to say that.

  19. Really your sit down talks are so involving, helpful 7& inspiring…. the day i just saw one of videos i continuously went on looking after almost all your videos for 2 hours. You are so inspiring that i follow you on you tube & Instagram both. Keep up the good spirit you have "Thankx for inspiring". Really you are one of my fav..

  20. Hi, have being watching your YouTube videos for a long time, I changed a lot bad habits; thank you so much for sharing, can you share more about weight gain? I'm really struggling trying to gain more weight… 🙁

  21. Hey. Please can u suggest some diet plan for a student.I have to eat a lot while studying but I also dont want to put weight. Please give suggestions. Thanku. Keep going. U r an inspiration 💓💓

  22. My biggest goal right now is to cut out pop! It’s such a terrible habit!

  23. I really admire and appreciate you for putting so much energy and interest in your videos, I bet that you are such a cool friend, mom and wife aaand btw, you inspired me alot, you go girl😋💖

  24. i love your advice….thank you for the video

  25. BTW Do you have Snapchat? 😊

  26. Awww, you ALWAYS look so pure, clean, fresh, beauty, happy.. Like you have your own Sun and forest in your home. 🙂

  27. I just found your channel and I’ve been binge watching. I love how you’re so real and you’re inspiring to me🙂

  28. I completely agree with what you say about nutrition and diets. Different people need different things. I've known a lady who was vegan for thirty years, she had an autoimmune disease and when she changed her diet and started eating a little meat …. all her symptoms went away… I was veering towards becoming a vegetarian but im allergic to beans, nuts … soy… I just can't.

  29. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS <3 very inspirational! My Channel:

  30. ❤️❤️

  31. I like you videos, but the diet part is really hard to hear. The attitude of "doing you own thing" is selfish. The "me myself and I" attitude works if you have your own planet and kill the animals yourself. But do you? Doing research on environment and on how the agriculture works would be a first step to better health , not only for you but for everyone. 💕 With love from Sweden 💙💛

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