Sister vs Brother – Twin Gymnastics

ready for the gymnastics challenge of
the twins brother versus sister twin? Paxton vs Payton. Who will be victorious?
you’re going down bro I got this for the girl. oh yeah oh hey girl I totally got
this for the boys. you’ve got this this is gonna be awesome
yeah here are the ground rules. each will challenge the other twin to three
skills. whoever completes the most skills will be the champion! let’s do it it lets
do rock paper scissor to see who goes first
you got this what’s it gonna be? Payton won rock paper
scissors so what’s the first challenge any day now I challenged Paxton to the
beam. What? Do your best. I challenge Peyton to the mushroom this this is the mushroom this how gymnasts boys
learn how to use the pommel horse you’ve got this Pax never done this before but
I’m gonna try my best gonna do this time after round one it’s all tied up at one to
one now it’s time for round two I challenge you to uneven bars
yeah let’s go guys let’s go do it oh yeah I do this you’re ready pecs
the uneven bars our girls gymnastics event due to back what I believe in
Paxton can you do the fly away oh come on oh here we go again I challenge you to the p-bars what skill
I choose for my skill is a I forgot. a front up rise you’re going down that’s good okay whatever he can do
watch and I bet you you can do it this men’s gymnastics and that has called parallel bars you got this Pax nice clean so far got this you’re definitely winning this challenge
yes definitely won this challenge I do know
we’re not over you can’t get her in something yeah okay what are you gonna
challenge him at the end of round two the score is painted with two points
that’s it with one point we can still get the lead yeah so the next challenge
is done done done floor for or what skill roundoff back handspring layout what you’re not a orders it’s just a
back tuck 300 this is bad yeah they’re definitely going on this so you like to
do it on a tumble track nope the floor is a gymnastics event for both
boys and girls good luck guys this is maybe a dude on the ski fool
nope what what Mon he’s never done it father
sorry good this is a roundoff back handspring layout oh yeah this is so
awesome fact that was the best of every eating scene you do please no he didn’t ad I was so I think we have
to give it to him the started have to find so impressed yeah that was so amazing
time for the third event I think it’s all tied up and
the third event is going to be rings what’s your what’s it gonna be is going
to be a lever for five seconds the strength well we gotta see if you
can do it verse do if Peyton can complete Paxton’s challenge
she wins but if she doesn’t it remains a tie oh okay here we go you’ve got it go
fight and then straight out you totally got him you’re not going keep going keep
going Oh little farther. you were
there for a second right oh well you were there for a second you knew it play
packs in the hole so awesome you got you got this Payton straight out. A little farther a
little bit further lift your chest. Oh, you were there for a second. maybe next time do you guys want to see
more gymnastics challenges yeah definitely I can resume my teammate
enroll boys against girls what kind of challenges do you guys want to see how
about who’s stronger boys or girls yeah this is going to be Awesome. make sure to LIKE and
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see you next time

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