Sister on extreme diet- skips meals for 3 days! [Hello Counselor / 2017.06.26]

She’s struggling every single day from a fight that seems to never end. Hello. The season to show off your body, summer has come. My sister succeeded in losing 10kg after making strenuous effort. The problem is that her diet doesn’t seem to end. “Don’t you think I’ve lost a bit of weight?” “What about my waist?” “I guess you did lose a bit of weight.” “Hey!” (You!) “Tell me the truth!” “Tell me where and how much I lost weight!” She’s sensitive. (The sensitive boss has come!) “What’s this smell?” “Is that ramyeon? For goodness’ sake!” (Swearing violently) “Are you eating again?” “What did I tell you to do while I’m on a diet?” “I told you not to eat anything at home!” – Gosh, she’s sensitive. / – She’s sensitive. (There’s nobody more sensitive than her sister.) I can no longer just watch my sister who is becoming exhausted from her dramatic diet. Please stop my sister’s diet now. (Sister! Stop going on a diet.) – Women are always anxious about diet. / – Right. – Many girl groups go on a diet. / – That’s right. – We lose 8kg to 9kg at once, / – It’s true. then we gain it back in three months. – Isn’t it bad for your health? / – It’s bad. That’s why I developed atopic dermatitis. My immune system got weak. If you starve yourself, take anorectic agents and use wrong methods to diet, – your immune system becomes weak. / – Yes. – That’s right. / – Yes, my body type has changed. (It’s so tough.) Please come on out! (Who is suffering because of her sister’s diet?) (Kim Yoonjung) (Hello!) What is your sister’s diet like? It’s quite extreme. When she thinks she gained weight, she starves herself. She only drinks water. – Water for all three meals? / – Yes. She eats five cherry tomatoes and two eggs for the day. – In total? / – That’s all she eats. I was worried that she’d be malnourished, so I fed her vitamins. How nice of you. What happened then? Since she took it on an empty stomach, she vomited. – It’s bad for your stomach. / – It’s Vitamin C. You mustn’t take Vitamin C on an empty stomach. (It’s worth worrying about, right?) Why is she on such a diet? Is she very fat? She lost 10kg from her diet in the past year. – She weighs 53kg now. / – That’s nice. However, she wants to be skinny like me. She wants to be skinny like female idol singers. We’re not that skinny. (We’re not that skinny.) The two idol singers here are not skinny. All the idol singers here are not skinny. Is she planning on losing more weight? She says she’ll lose 5kg by next week. – 5kg by next week? / – How is that possible? – Exactly. / – What will she do? Eat nothing? She works at a clothing shop in a department store. – She mostly stands. / – She stands for nine hours. She works while standing. When she has free time, she does squats. – She even exercises there? / – While standing? After work, it takes about an hour to walk home from the subway station. She walks home after work? – Yes, she walks home. / – She’s incredible. (Stop her.) She’s not asking you to go on a diet together. Why are you unhappy with that? I’m living with my sister in a studio flat. – In a studio flat. / – I see. That’s why I bump into her every time. – That’s right. / – You keep seeing her. When we have eye contact, she asks “Did I lose weight?” “I think you really lost weight.” “Don’t lie.” – “You say that soullessly.” / – That’s right. “Why don’t you get fat? You eat so much.” (She is blunt. It’s like a torture.) Her sister’s constant remarks stress her out. How do you eat? You could end up starving yourself like your sister. That’s right. I can’t eat at home. – I go to convenience stores. / – Convenience stores. – I eat there before coming home. / – On your way home, – you eat what you want at convenience stores? / – Yes. I tend to tell others to eat. – “Please eat this.” / – People have different styles. Our road managers get fat when we’re on a diet. – I see. / – Yes. (Apink likes their chubby managers a lot.) Let’s meet her sister. Hello. (Who harasses her sister with the extreme diet?) She’s pretty. Please stand up. – You don’t need to lose weight. / – Stand up. – Show us. / – We’ll give you an objective opinion. Turn around like this – just once. / – She looks healthy. – You look pretty. / – You don’t need to lose weight. We don’t think you need to lose weight. No, I need to lose more. I want to be under 40kg. (She’s never been that light.) – Gosh, that’s bad for you. / – 40kg? There must be a reason why you want to lose weight. People say that one is prettiest in their 20s, so I want to be prettiest at such age. Like Hyuna or the actress Jung Hyesung, I want to have a body that was born skinny. Too bad you’re already born. Exactly. I weighed 98kg when I was 29 years old. I want to be skinny. – You’re not convincing her. / – I was on a roll. – You were on a roll. / – You were. – She was… / – Why must you lose 5kg by next week? – Is there a reason? / – What’s happening next week? Nothing like that. I just think it’s possible – to lose 5kg in a week. / – It’s summer. You started so suddenly, though. I danced for ten years. – You danced. / – I did. – I did street dance. / – Street dance. – I did street dance. / – Strip dance… – It’s “street dance”. / – I see. (Is he lustful?) It’s “street dance”. Street dance. – I knew I made a mistake. / – I did street dance. I gained 10kg after I quit dancing. When I worked at a mobile phone agency, my boss and my co-worker called me a pig. – They called me that way. / – Then… I worked part-time as an extra for about six months. The leaders asked if I was a track and field athlete. “Your legs seem healthy.” At the department store, customers and co-workers say that my legs look like elephant legs. – Customers? / – “You have a hippo’s hips.” “You must be born again to have skinny legs.” – They say these things. / – No way. – They say those things? / – Customers say that? I hear that stuff almost every single day. – You get that even now? / – Yes, just few days ago. It wasn’t even a week ago when I heard it. “My daughter is so skinny.” “It’s so nice to see a fat person like you.” – Why would she do that? / – A customer said that? No, the co-workers I work with. They say those things. – Do they only do that to you? / – It’s worse to me. I’m younger than them… – It’s because you’re pretty. / – That’s right. Since the place is small, I feel like I’m the target of the conversation. When I was younger, I was also stressed out about having a big face. “Your face covers the whole sun. Step aside.” When I heard those things, I didn’t like it. – I haven’t seen Bomi’s face once. / – Same here. – You can’t see Bomi’s face. / – I can’t see it. What do you think after hearing your sister’s story? I think she’s stressed out about her figure. I knew it, but she relieves her stress – by venting on me. / – I see. – She takes it out on you. / – That’s right. – What does she do? / – She’s hysterical. When I’m eating something, she’d ask if I’m eating again. “Why don’t you get fat? Why do I gain weight alone?” She says things like that. Do you relieve your stress on your sister? First, she’s the only one I can talk to at ease. – In fact, seeing her / – You’re jealous? frustrates me. – She eats, but she doesn’t get fat. / – She’s skinny. We have the same genes, but she’s tall and slim with a slender waist. On the other hand, I think I’m fat, so just seeing her makes me upset. I get that, but she also finds joy from eating at the end of the day. You could get vicarious satisfaction from seeing – her eat. / – I’d want to eat just by smelling food. I have to starve myself, so I hate situations that entice me to eat. – Exactly. / – I’m afraid of eating. (What’s wrong with you?) What do you do for a living? I work for customer service at a credit card company. – Gosh, that’s tough, too. / – That’s also a very stressful job. Some customers swear at me. – They still do? / – Yes. When I hesitate quietly out of fear, some would say, “Hey, keep talking.” – People still do that? / – Yes. – I don’t get it. / – I can’t believe – there are people like that. / – There are a lot. – There are a lot like that. / – How do you relieve – your stress, then? / – I eat. – You eat. / – By eating? – She forbids you from eating. / – You can’t eat. You must relieve stress, but she doesn’t let you eat. How do you relieve it, then? I can’t de-stress because of her. Gosh, what’s wrong with her? (She sounds really upset.) Tell me what you eat when you’re on a diet. For lunch, I eat a banana, five cherry tomatoes and two boiled eggs. For dinner, if I’m seriously starving, I drink low-fat milk. That’s all you eat for lunch? Yes. You’ve been doing this for a year now? In case I eat fried chicken for get-togethers, – I’d… / – Look behind you. (Do you like fried chicken, too?) What do you do, then? In case I… In case I eat fried chicken, I starve myself for about three days. (She starves for three days.) (My goodness.) – Seriously… / – That’s why I always live within the rules I set myself. That would be totally stressful. – You won’t lose any weight. / – What’s happiness? You’ll store fat since your body doesn’t know when you’ll get energy. – Exactly. / – The faster you lose weight by starving, the faster you’ll gain it back. Eventually, you’ll keep starving again and again. Do you mind telling me if you have a boyfriend or not? – Yes, we just started dating. / – It’s new. How do you eat when you go on a date? I don’t want to show my sensitive side since we just started dating recently. I would eat, but not more than half a bowl of rice. Does he know you’re on such diet? – Yes, and since it’s bad for my health, / – Exactly. he tells me not to diet. However, I told him that I’ll continue. (I don’t understand.) She’s been on a diet for a year. How was she before? She used to love eating as well, but ever since we moved to Seoul, she’s been dieting non-stop. Since you moved to Seoul? Since there are many pretty women in Seoul… You lose fat to look like a Seoulite. (What a lame joke.) I see. – Let’s meet her friend. / – What an old man. Hello. You’re the sister’s friend. Yes, I’m the sister’s friend. (Nice to meet you.) What do you think about her? When we’re on the phone, she’d tell me she’ll call back since her stomach hurts. She hangs up like that. It must be hard to meet her because – she wouldn’t want to eat out. / – That’s right. When we eat out, she refuses to eat. “I’ll just sit with you while you eat.” – Seriously… / – She’d say that. When I tell her I’d treat her to an expensive meal, she says she can’t eat since the food looks like fat. – What’s the matter with her? / – She’d eat nothing and drink coffee at a coffee shop. (Sister, what’s wrong with you?) Your sister is mostly worried about your health. – That’s right. / – How can you work after eating so little food? Are you okay? Actually, I feel that my brain would shut down for a while. – What? / – There are moments like that. – Isn’t that serious? / – It feels as though everything just stops. Even when someone speaks, my brain isn’t able to take it in. – That’s not good. / – My eyelids tremble. – You need magnesium. / – My hands and feet tremble. The nutrition imbalance is serious. However, I’ve never fainted. – I never had / – Will you stop if you faint? a serious accident yet… You mustn’t go on a diet that makes you faint. – You mustn’t. / – You’ll ruin your health. Why faint? Aren’t you trying to be happy? However, she almost fainted once. – She had bloody discharge for ten days. / – Oh, my. – My gosh. / – For ten days? – Her body lost nutritional balance. / – Oh, dear. – That’s what happened. / – If you starve, your immune system weakens and you contract diseases. Eunji also suffered from middle ear infection. Yes, I got sinusitis for the first time in my life. I also got middle ear infection at the same time. My tonsils were all swollen, so I couldn’t even sing for a while. I get why your sister is worried, but I’m more worried about your health – since that’s what I’m going through. / – Exactly. – She never goes to hospitals. / – Why don’t you? Doctors will obviously say that starving is the cause. In order to take medication, you need to eat. I don’t have the confidence to do that. Aren’t you worried about your health? You’ll run into huge problems – all at once. / – Your body’s protesting now. – Of course. / – It keeps protesting, but you’re not accepting it. If you don’t negotiate and appease your body now, – riots will break out. / – Tell me honestly. Do you have pain elsewhere that your sister is not aware of? I have bad knees. Once, my knees felt like it’s been hit with a hammer. I went to the hospital in the middle of work. It was patellar ligament infection. Since I exercised too much without eating, – Exactly. / – the doctor said I got an infection on my ligaments. Did you not go back to the hospital after that? – Not after the diagnoses. / – What was the reason? – The doctor didn’t let me exercise. / – Oh, dear. You need to have ligaments to exercise. It was tough back then. Gaining or losing a bit of weight – is not what matters. / – Of course not. Building your self-esteem and confidence is more important. You have a boyfriend, too. What do you think? I guess I developed a victim mentality. When someone says that I’m pretty, I wonder what – they mean. / – You don’t accept a praise as is. Yes, I often think that way. An ex-boyfriend of mine whom I dated two years back told me that I should lose fat on my legs. “It’d be nice if your calves were a bit slimmer.” He told me these things directly. If you want to lose fat on your legs only, there are exercises that target your legs. You shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing now. They say that you’ll lose fat on your legs in the end. – That’s not true. / – It’s not like that. I’ve been to concerts by Beyonce and Britney Stewardess… – It’s “Spears”. / – Spears. – Is it an airplane? / – Yes… – Hey. / – I’m sorry. – He’s American. / – You don’t even speak English. – There’s no point living in the US. / – I’m sorry. Their legs… – When you look at them, / – There’s really something. – They’re huge. / – their legs are this huge. They’re so cool. They’re the best. I was totally surprised when she danced like this. What was that? Was it “Single Ladies” by any chance? – “Single Ladies”. / – ♪ Single lady ♪ – Like this? / – You should stand up. Here comes Kang Hodong. (Beyonce, are you watching me?) She danced like this. She was totally gorgeous. However, when I see your sister… You picked the wrong role model. You’re like Beyonce. Some people would envy you. Be satisfied with yourself and have more self-esteem. I’m not sure what others think, but I think I’m okay. That’s why I find every single day joyful. That’s happiness. Do you have a wish for your sister? Actually, after our mom and dad separated, – I didn’t see my sister for… / – They got divorced? You must have lived apart from your sister for long. How long were you two apart from each other? (The sisters met after a long time.) About seven to eight years. You lived apart from your sister. There are many things I’d like to do with her. I want to come to Seoul and hang out together with her or just enjoy delicious food at home. You want to eat together and chat. We can’t do anything because of her diet. – That’s right. / – You want to create good memories. Did you know about this? When my sister came to Seoul for the first time, we went out together. After talking with each other for a while, I realized it was our first time going out on our own. However, due to my diet, – we couldn’t go to a coffee shop. / – What is that? We couldn’t eat out either. We walked all the way from Hongdae to Sangsu, and back again to our neighborhood. I didn’t realize it then, but she would’ve been upset. – I knew it. / – You’re missing out – on the most precious thing every day. / – Exactly. (You might be missing out every day.) All right. Let’s vote starting from Jaejung. – Is it a worry or not? / – I don’t think – it’s a worry. / – In her point of view? I think there are many people who love your sister. She has you as well as her boyfriend. As long as you learn to love yourself, it’ll be resolved. – I don’t think it’s a worry / – Heo Kyunghwan. because you have a will to lose weight. You can lose weight with a systematic workout. You can build a beautiful body, so it’s not a worry. I think it’s a worry. It’s really great that you’re on a diet, but you must care for those you love and love yourself. I want you to live happily. I also think it’s a worry. I want you to change little by little. I also tell myself that I’m pretty in the mirror. – That’s right. / – I try to do that. Even I think I look ugly sometimes. – You can’t acknowledge your looks. / – That’s right. I look ugly no matter how much I look, but I try to build a habit of telling myself that I’m pretty. Press the button if you empathize with the worry. (What does the audience think?) – In five, four / – In five, four – three, two, one. / – three, two, one. – Stop. / – Time’s up. Say a few words to your sister. – Even if it’s little by little, / – That’s right. – I’ll try / – Change little by little. to eat together. When we’re struggling or are under stress, I’ll try to make some time to talk so we can lean on each other. Tell her you love her. – Tell her that you love her. / – I don’t want it. (Smiling) (I love you.) Show us how many votes “My Extreme Sister” got. (The result) Did it get over 100 votes? (“My Extreme Sister”) It’s 73. You promised us. This week’s winner is “Biased Love”. We will give the winner a gift certificate.


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  78. I feel like in Korea,most of the girls are skinny

  79. Damn, the subtitles at 4:34 though. Why they gotta do her like that

  80. Diets do not work. Yoyo diets will mess you up.

    Eat real whole foods / earth grown nutrients and local as possible. Eat every two to 4 hours based on what you just did and what you are about to do. Eat until you are satisfied not until you are fool

  81. 4:53 oh honey hyuna was not born into a skinny body, she literally mentioned losing weight before debuting into wonder girls. Most idols go through extreme diet and starvation during debuts and comebacks. Please never follow these they gain weight right back and then just do the diets again super unsustainable 😞😞😞

  82. 김윤정 is really cute though

  83. I realized even that she lost 10kg she didn't lose any fat in he legs even though 50 is a healthy weight and its obvious and even if her target into be under 40 k she won't loss weight from her legs maybe a little bit because she is starving her self which sure leads dropping her weight fast however all she s losing is water and muscles not pure fat

  84. When she wants to be under 40kg
    Me : girl, do you want to live with just bones?
    Its not healthy at all to be at that age

  85. Someone please tell her her a physic like that can't be under 40kg

  86. This is why I stick online and prefer to follow the western mindset. I'm an asian and the mindset most people have here are just narrow and it's frustrating. I've made online friends and they're all great influencers and they just make me see the world in a different perspective.

  87. the Moment he said " Too Bad you've already been born " i could not Stop laughing 😂😅

  88. This is anorexia not a diet

  89. 4:30 damn girl my weight is 38 kg and I'm not even proud of it :/ I am 150 cm and I am underweigh but my friends tell me that I look fat and I should lose more weight :(💔 that made me so sad. my friend is 149 cm and her weigh is 36.6 kg and she seems very proud of it idk why she looks like she's obsessed with being skinny. she also judged many fat people that pass by her and she whisper to me that the person looked really ugly ugh damn idk what to do with her bcs we're very close and i dont wanna fight with her that kind of things she have done make me really uncomfortable with her sometimes

  90. she has to have some metabolic damage at this point. i wonder if she is still menstruating.


  92. Aigoo. I can imagine how her body will react when she'll finally burst and give up on the diet all of a sudden 😖 as much as I am obssessed with Hallyu wave, it's getting really dangerous for the lives of their population

  93. i hate this show and korean society

  94. Anorexia /:

  95. Starving yourself is forcing your body to store whatever fat you consumed. So no, starving yourself doesn't work. You need to to understand how your body works first and see what diet works for you. Your sister has a higher metabolism, which burns fat more and faster. Unlike yours, it seems like you have more of an athletic body. Which is great, take advantage of it.

  96. I think she should just embrace her size and focus on getting fit, strong and a good healthy diet that she can keep in the long run rather than just starve herself. Being malnourished or deficient in certain vitamins and minerals in the long run can cause problems. Its so sad that they have that mentality where they have to be extremely skinny to be happy.

  97. I’m like half her sisters age and she wants to be under 40kg!?!? Dang like cmon now I’m 44kg

  98. Dear fellow korean..Please stop fucking blaming on society..u're the society if u feel the need to change it should be you to change!
    It just u wanna look as great as celebrity and expect way too high!

  99. When she isn't that tall, compared to a taller girl that also weigh 53kg surely she will seem to be bigger size, however it's not like one can control their height. So why bothered by the numbers, she should aim to be fit instead not to lose the weight in numbers but to actually change her body shape because when one is fit, their body changes to look slimmer although it may still be well over 50kg when she is fit as muscle mass is more heavy than fat.

    Also such starvation will not lose fat but the weight she lose is actually her muscle mass, which means it will worsen her metabolism, so she will get weight easily and even if she loses weight, it's not what she desired, as she will still have the fats and not lose it, so exercise is the best to lose any fat

  100. All of these people… Are defining themselves from what other say… You Are Allowed to Define yourself anyway you want.

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