Single-Leg RDLs Made Better Level 2 – Stick Mobility Exercise

Hey everyone!
So we’re going to continue on with some RDLs here. We’re going to take a RDL into the
wall but add in a little bit of rotation. Kind of get to some spiral line and create tension.
So we’ve got Dennis here set up again. He’s got his cone kind of to know where he’s at. Stick off to the side, so contralateral.
So he’s gonna go into his RDL. Okay again, we’re looking for make sure the body weight doesn’t shift back and fall back into the wall. Once he’s there, right, he’s driving down, now he’s gonna
open that up and then he’s gonna take that arm across… and he’s gonna create tension and irradiate that way. So what’s this gonna do? Well it’s gonna really drive home stability at this hip. Make it work hard, but now you’re also bringing
rotation here. This happens a lot in sports, sometimes in life you got to
reach down to grab something. You push for, you know again,
maybe three to ten seconds. He’s gonna come up out of it, gonna let it go and
retrace his steps, make sure he owns the position. Once you do that, right, we can gradually
start pushing it a little bit harder. Again making sure we’re angled in, he gets to
that wall, first thing he’s gonna drive it home, he’s gonna create tension there and then
reach across so we get into those spiral lines. We strengthen that core but we bring
home more stability. Can we on our positions? Now from here, yeah it’s kind of like a Bow and Arrow, you know, we got a five-foot stick here. Is it really about creating the bow? No. It’s about creating tension but if you can reach far enough, own your position and create tension, you will start getting a little bit of bowing action.
Okay? So give that a shot. The whole purpose here is to own your movement, create tension throughout the body,
work those fascial lines. So here’s just another added RDL
progression for you to try and enjoy. Enjoy your RDLs!

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