Single-Leg Hip Strengthening Drill – Stick Mobility Exercise

Hey what’s up everybody?
It’s Mitch and Dennis here from Stick Mobility. Today we’re going to show you just starting to work
on some nice standing drills, how to split the hips. Foot function, you know, proprioception
down there. How does your foot feel to the ground and work up through
the hips, up through the trunk, the core, to stabilize our body when we are on one leg. Since that’s how we walk, how we run, right, and we take steps and go upstairs.
We need to be stable on one leg. So Dennis is gonna start here.
He’s got the sticks out in front, chest height. Now notice that the sticks are slightly angled
in towards the body and towards mid-line, so that we work on our natural
arm drive down towards the ground. So we’re not overreaching, we’re not falling forward.
So it’s going to help stabilize, bring proximal stability. So he’s gonna drive into the ground and then just
start working on pulling one knee up into hip flexion. So we’re working on splitting the hips. In order to walk good, run correctly, go up and down
stairs, we need to be able to split our hips and be stable. So as he holds here, we’ll just do that as a first one,
we’ll go back down and he’ll go to the next leg. So the first place to start before we add in the
other little guys is just work on going up and down, holding three to five seconds, maybe up to ten as you
get better. Make sure you can actually stabilize. We’re not leaking, so if like
Dennis pushed his hip over here. That’d be like leaky hip syndrome. Not a good look right?
So we want to make sure we’re not leaking. We’re not falling off in any direction.
We should be a nice pillar. So the next stage, what we’re going to do is,
he’s going to go back up on the first leg. So as we alternate, you would make sure you’ve
done that a few times and that you’ve got it. Then we’re gonna start working contralateral, ipsilateral.
So he’s gonna lift one stick up off the ground, while driving the other one down
so we start engaging the core, start bringing a little bit more balance and
stability work and then he’s gonna switch. For most people, you’ll notice when you lift
one side off it’ll be tougher than the other. So pay attention to those things, also pay attention from each leg
on the ground as you go through it. Do they feel the same or do they feel different? Alright, so next we’ll go to the other side
and then we’re gonna add another little twist in. So once you see that they can do both sides
and they can master this and everything stays in place. We’ll start using neck rotation so cervical rotations
to further challenge stability, balance, alright? Proprioception of the body of what’s going on.
So it needs to feel where your body is in space. Own these slings together, stabilize. You’ll notice that sometimes when we start looking
the body, whoop, might get a little bit of those wobbles. That’s your body just trying to find its
sense of where it’s at and find stability. So a great tool to just start working. Are we stable
on the ground on one leg and start to challenge it. Be aware of their feet. Make sure they’re working, they’re not falling off the
ground, they’re not opened up in crazy positions. So there you go. Give it a shot.
Check your hips. Until next time. Stick Mobility.
Movement made better.

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