SimSensei & MultiSense: Virtual Human and Multimodal Perception for Healthcare Support

hi I'm Ellie thanks for coming in today I was created to talk to people in a safe and secure environment I'm not a therapist but I'm here to learn about people and would love to learn about you I'll ask a few questions to get us started and please feel free to tell me anything your answers are totally confidential are you ok with this yes so how are you doing today I'm doing well that's good where are you from originally of Angeles oh I'm from LA myself when was the last time you felt really happy when was last time I don't know yeah I'm not someone who's really like I don't have any real high highs I feel like I'm a level person it's just happy I guess to answer your question probably probably a couple months ago I noticed you're hesitant on that one what do you say you are generally a happy person I'm generally happy it's just lately there there are things just keeping me down can you tell me more about that when was the last time you felt really happy but I try to stay happy I'd rather be happy my kids keep me going what advice would you have given yourself 10 or 20 years ago um to to not believe to do not be so gullible not be so gullible I been told recently that I have a tendency to believe people too readily without them having to prove anything and so as as a result I recently I've really I I've gotten myself in a lot of trouble um and so I think that looking back if I could have I would tell myself to do not believe to not be so stupid and to think and just to not be so gullible is it uncomfortable for you to talk about this yeah it is I hadn't really thought about that


  1. Is there an article about this if yes can you refer it to me

  2. I only wished that at 2:32 SimSensei said something like "Can you elaborate?" instead of keeping silence which made it a little awkward.

  3. and then she proceeds to kill him with her telekinesis powers through the scalar field concisousnous warp drive technology.

  4. Failure of an AI. Extremely scripted responses. This helps nobody.

  5. Looks like a lot of cold reading. The only time she speaks is to say general statements like, "tell more more about that," or "how does that make you feel?" If I simply said "supercalifraglisticexpialidoctious" and left it at that, I bet she'd simply ask how it feels or to tell her more about it.

  6. 2:15, Well that escalated quickly, haha

  7. "Please feel free to tell me anything. Your answers are totally confidential." *posts to youtube*

  8. I wonder how a virtual therapist would work with me. I have Asperger's, so it's unnatural for me to make eye contact or notice subtle changes in other people's expressions and body language. Yes, I am an Aspie. Get over it.

  9. Impressive. So… When can i download this? =P

  10. "Please note that due to privacy concerns, the people shown in this video are actors." Clearly stated in the second-to-last paragraph of the description.

  11. The computer sensor things on the second patient's face are almost scary to look at. It's like she has no nose.

  12. "What advice would you have given 20 years ago?" "To not be so gullible" … *evil laugh*

  13. I know right? Mental health probably shouldn't be their priority.

  14. Advice to my past self? To not trust mind-reading robots.

  15. there were the actor, niub… read the description first…

  16. Does this mean we don't have to do focus groups any more?

  17. Pe roboPSI il doare-n cip de problemele lor .Cu ocazia asta mai sunt si inregistrati .

  18. Please note that due to privacy concerns, the people shown in this video are actors. SimSensei is not designed for therapy or medical diagnosis, but is intended as a support tool for clinicians and healthcare providers.

  19. HAHA that's funny! 😀

  20. very THX1138

  21. You can signup to try it out if you live in Los Angeles.

  22. Gender detection does not seem to work as the man leaned backed. On the other hand why is it important to constantly check the gender? I mean it does not change that rapidly… I hope. 😉

  23. is there a way to do this either online or download the program somehow? Because this is really cool.

  24. well the software still missed some micro-expressions here and there in both sample (I trained in METT Advance so I'd know) but the technology is already there.
    About the concerns of replacing psychologists, IMO they got a really long way to go. In comparision, human have built and used air-simulation cockpits for many decades now but we can only implement Drones for military services for a few years now.

  25. it will replace them and smoke them. from a NeuroBiologist perspective and forensic psychology AND computer science (yes I spent lots of time in school :D)
    this is AMAZING – body language tells you the real truth vs asking "what do you really think your struggling with"
    Psychologists and psychiatrists will miss so many body language hints for many reasons. eg if they can emotionally relate to their clients – (what human can stop themselves from doing so) would destract them

  26. Only Siri understands what i need.

  27. This is absolutely fascinating. I doubt it'll ever replace a trained psychologist or psychiatrists (There are just some things you can't mimic with robotics and AIs), but as a learning tool, or a stress reliever, it's amazing.

  28. Welcome to the uncanny valley

  29. Very interesting!

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