Simple Health Tips for Breakfast and Daily Exercises you can do anywhere

welcome back to another episode of jrc TV today we're going to be focused on health and fitness so I want to invite my actual personal trainer and good friend Alex or Sante to join us and give us some tips so welcome Alex are you thanks for having me of course today a lot of people who've been sending in questions have been asking us stuff like how do you keep peak energy when you're traveling a ton you have kids a family we only have stressful things going on at the office how do you make sure you keep your mind body and spirit at peak performance and really keep some high energy the other thing they're interested in is what are some healthy snacks you can eat along the way and the last piece they're curious about is what are some simple activity some simple exercises that no matter if you're traveling on the road if you're at home if you're anywhere you can easily do these five exercises to make sure that you keep your body in peak shape so in talking about some simple strategies that anyone can do I have a question for you what's something let's say there's four major categories there's nutrition hydration sleep and like mind body spirit what's something really simple just a simple tip that pretty much anyone can use in the area of nutrition alright so in the area of nutrition something very simple would be separating your meals about two-and-a-half to three-and-a-half hours apart and have breakfast as soon as you wake up okay so have breakfast as soon as you wake up and separating your meals at least two and a half to three hours apart right I have a great recipe for breakfast in k if you're wondering it's something super healthy tons of protein in it I'll share it with you later so the second one is hydration how important is this hydration is very important starting off from the time you wake up to when you go to bed having about half your body weight in in of water in ounces okay so half your body weight in ounces of water every single day from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed the other piece it's really important in this is I always tell people when you sleep at night it's a time when you get dehydrated because you're not drinking water on that you're not hydrating yourselves so always tell them first thing in the morning to immediately at least do six or eight ounces 16 or eight ounces of water would that be a good tip right when you wake up that's a great tip to get the body hydrated it's it's kind of dehydrated from sleeping all night so it's perfect to get it started off the right way perfect water so we have nutrition hydration what about sleep I know a lot of people and I grew up an environment where I trained my mind to think it's better to take one hour less asleep but to get more done throughout the day and how important to sleep sleep is so important and I think the earlier we go to bed the better it is for our body the more we're aligned with with the Sun how it when the sun is not out it's a sign that we should go to bed soon and as long as we get about seven to eight hours of sleep it's pretty good nice seven eight hours of sleep that was a lot more than I was used to I was used to like five to six hours of sleep and push hard and for some reason I kept finding myself drained and dripped more and more and more drained it was interesting when I met Alex we started working out together and he used to be like dude you look tired he's like how much sleep do you get I started telling them he challenged me to get maybe seven to eight hours of sleep instead of five to six hours of sleep or anything less than that and all of a sudden I'll never forget how it felt having that much more energy and refueling and renewing my body every night the final piece and talking about sleep is how important is activities like let's say yoga or meditation or something like that for the mind body spirit if you're moving a lot if you have stress in your life if you're a lot of work stuff going on how important is that and what would you recommend in that area in the area of spirit it'd be so important to to exercise your spirit just the way we exercise our mind and our body to make it stronger and more resilient to the daily stresses of life when something that is difficult comes on and and our spirit is not strong enough or resilient enough it makes life a little bit more difficult so we exercise it and we make it tougher and the daily daily cares and difficult um trials of life will seem a lot easier makes total sense makes total sense the the best analogy I came up with a while ago was that if every single day you're it's a silly analogy because I don't drink soda but if you're a soda can if we open you up and pour all of your spirit out and you're empty and I hand it to you between your hands how easy would it be for you to just crush it super simple we preserve a little kid could do it I mean a little kid can crush that can and that's how most people go through life completely empty on the inside empty mentally and emotionally empty spiritually and they're trying to make it through life and hope life doesn't crush them on the other hand if we filled you with the right ingredients to the brim we sealed it off and pressurized it and if you mean even if you got some muscles over here but if we handed you that can and told you to crush it with your bare hands it probably give you a little bit of a challenge right that'd be challenging Superchunk the right ingredients that'd be really tough really tough so I always tell people how do you do that mentally emotionally spiritually every day to ensure that you fuel your mind body and spirit so if the world puts pressure on you it's got nothing compared to all the amazing ingredients and qualities and juice per se that you filled your mind body and spirit with through in the morning so you're ready to take on the day I also wanted to touch real quick on what are five exercises anyone can do anywhere in the world whether you're in a hotel room traveling with kids with family at the gym not at the gym what's five simple exercises you can do to ensure that you keep your body physically in touch the first exercise we're going to do is called a burpee a burpies a total body exercise and this is how you do it case you're going to stand here feet knees hit your shoulders in alignment bring your hands straight down jump back do it push up on your knees or not on your knees come in jump up alright and that's a bird pocket the next exercise we're going to work on is a squat okay a squad is a quadricep glute and pretty much total body leg exercise so feet shoulder width apart arms straight out weight on your heels bring your butt back and down keep feet knees hit your shoulders in alignment breathe out let's try it again breathe in on the way down squeeze your butt squeeze your abs come up breathe out yeah I was good next exercise we're going to work on is a stationary forward lunge so we're gonna get our feet together shoulders back and down the hands at your waist keep your head in alignment with your spine take a big step out drop your knee about half an inch from the ground and return try it breathe in breathe out alternate breathe in breathe out keep going and this is a great exercise for glutes quadriceps and pretty much the total legs and as we're going to work on our mountain climbers mountain climbers and bought utilize your core abs internal-external obliques and rectus abdominis and a lot of stabilization muscles so the way we do those are just coming out here like this and there's a few different variations you start here just go like that back and forth if those are tough you can just go one at a time just like that keep it simple one at a time if that's easy go back to jumping bring your feet up high and that's how we do mountain climbers tratamento great yeah this is the moderate version yeah yeah that's great all the way all the way out that's the advanced portion right there all the way up all the way down that's good so that includes another episode of Jerry CTV thank you so much for tuning in and before you go we have a gift for you I promised you a really amazing breakfast recipe as well as an awesome smoothie I learned about when I was over in the UK a couple weeks ago and what we did is we took all of Alex's tips as well as a brief step-by-step description of how to do all of these exercises you saw this evening as well as my breakfast recipe and a couple other tips we put them on a simple PDF form so you can take this form wherever you go what you're traveling at home with your kids on the road wherever you are and you can use this as a guide to keep yourself healthy fit and in shape so all you have to do to grab a copy of it is go to my blog there should be a link if this is on YouTube and or if you're on the blog right below the video it'll say enter your name and email address and will immediately email you a copy of that PDF form so you can use it as your guide over the next few days weeks or months or however long you want to continue to do it to keep your mind body and spirit and peak performance shape anyways thank you so much for tuning in and I look forward to seeing you next week we have a very very very exciting piece of news we want to share with you next week so make sure you tune it see you soon bye Oh

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