who everyone and welcome back to my channel today I'll talk about little changes in routine for a healthy lifestyle for the past three months my lifestyle has been really erratic because I've recently moved to a new apartment I've started a new job and I've been running away like crazy which has taken a toll on my health so I decided to make five lifestyle changes to bring my health back on track so point one is to start your day with warm lemon water as I get up I just have this warm or lemon water so I just got a pop a lemon and just added the warm water it's pretty simple I have been doing this for the past a month I will say and I can see how it has improved my health overall it's because of the in presence of vitamin C it is great for your skin also and it helps you increasing your immunity and if you're trying to lose weight it is great for weight loss as well because a line is considered to be a excellent fat cutoff so here I am the squeezing half the lemon I'm gonna add my warm water and the drink is ready and honey to it of your life I did not have money while I was shooting this oh you can see me added but I would mostly add honey the tool is to dedicate at least five minutes in the morning just for yourself without your mobiles or iPads or anything of that sort just be grateful for what God has given you and just try spending that time which is for yourself without any kind of a distraction it's a great feeling so usually I just sit and thank the universe for everything that I have change from the tree is to do some sort of a physical activity for at least 15 minutes a day so sometimes I just go for a walk or sometimes I just run around a park that is next to my apartment so it depends because I'm not a morning person I usually do it after I come back from work third step is divide has a process most of the times we social meaning he'll often talk to the market and this grab like fattest foods which are readily available to eat so recently started avoiding beef and replacing it with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables so I have this in my pantry so when I come back to more work and I'm hungry like automatically because I didn't have anything else to eat I start eating like these fields and vs. fifth change is to start wrangle eating which means adding a lot of color on to your fluid I'm going to show you a quick recipe where then I have chopped some Ossipee means some bell peppers some yellow green and also cyan love broccoli and I've added salt and pepper with just a bit of olive oil and I just can put it in the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes until it gets good so it's 15 minutes now and I'm just going to pull out my vegetable looks like it's all perfectly tidy and I need to buy your outer gloves for myself I don't know where I put it so yes I am struggling to pull it out because it's pretty heavy this thing and I'm filling out with just one hand with the other hand and was holding my favorite watches for us to the other side have just taken some chicken breast which I marinated with some salt pepper for soils and also a bit of chili flakes and I get to decide for about half an hour in the fridge and now I'm going to cook them with some olive oil and that's it guys once the chicken is ready just add it with all the veggies that we cooked so just a quick recap of the five changes and lifestyle for a healthy living and before you go please don't forget to subscribe to my channel until next week see you again bye bye


  1. Soothing voice & loved the simple but great tips ❤️

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