SIHI Innovation 2018 // Kaunda Community-based Health Insurance Initiative, Malawi

before a community-based health insurance in most cases people were suffering they were dying with simple diseases because they were failing to assess the good world of sepsis I didn't have a facility due to lack of money this atomic facilities are being found in very remote areas where people are very poor to get money Cahoon data center its HM facility being found in the remote area it provides a lot of things which are being doing there or other people are fearing bouquet to quality services we do know that the amount they were supposed to pay so the Honourable Juvenal uncle has come with a suggestion to instruct community-based health insurance we struggle or in the health sector we look at the budget the health budget it's never enough so I was tired of talking in Parliament about health insurance about the son said let's just do it I wrote the concept went which ham we have studied it and a very small scale but with plans to increases so here we are it's always difficult to pay out of pocket when you very seek so they make Macri contribution per household they put that money in the pool then instead of possibly paying two thousand somebody could be paying two hundred and that they could have food in that we can lessen the burden Vania – lilo – cuca Khwaja issue a cemented ROI at annual omaree's Rayo amenity metarex napa dinero que una otra parte Netanyahu Tita teros trabajo para anand attendees Andi – kovanda so kawaii Nereo say mucho caribou ea also another boy was over Adam you need to our project is based in the communities so it's the people in their communities being involved if somebody wants to join the community-based health insurance Viorel he is supposed to meet with the volunteers or the committee members in the village so after being registered in the villages they were supposed to pay $200 for the others 150 for the children so all of these money's were being collected to the VA facility then the heavy facility where the one who Bank ate this amount of money governor Heather sent has go to only one means we are failing to employ another nest due to lack of money but now with this project cauã this Center has been employed in our own essence because of the one in the best interests it's very different to other project because is that the community members themselves which run in this project you know in Malawi and just like any other country you need bottom-up approach if we have to develop we want to be pioneers of doing things differently within the whole second familiar helices when used improperly they can drive this agenda because really with a community and their community participation or three people plowed it because I system and only people I assist my own country people are getting included by medication that is do a decrease of deaths to solve a curable you

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