Sickle cell anemia – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology


  1. Dx is by protein or Hb electrophoresis?

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  8. would anyone know how to cite this video in APA format? Thanks!

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  11. Hello osmosis? I am 14 years old but my sickle cell does not affect me in any way, I’ve never had a crisis but I’m still worried about my future, y am I experiencing no symptoms? Will the symptoms start to appear as I age?

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  13. is there also a risk for people with HIV and sickle cel, since it both compromises the immuunsystem and both are prevalent in the same area's of the world?

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  15. 3/11/19 it looks like scieentists have found a cure for another horrible disease! sicklecell anemia! What's the first thing the patient does after years of research and effort on the part of the scientists?… "thank god" What! You mean thank science!!!

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  17. Can you pls make a video on megaloblastic anemia?

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  29. thalassemia ?

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  32. Hypothyroid,shock,fluid electrplyte imbalance

  33. Please Make video on all types of anemia,hypertension,

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  45. There is a ton of medical terms here…can any amount of CBD help the sickle cell anemia condition?

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