Showpad for Healthcare

studies show that more than half of buyers make a purchase based on the experience they have with the seller show Pat is here to help show Pat empower salespeople and medical devices in health care to impress buyers with the most visual dynamic personalized presentations out there because let's face it a day in the life of a typical medical device sales person can be unpredictable you've got to be ready to do a stellar sales presentation on the fly sometimes in a hospital room without normal luxuries like the internet show pad works online or offline so presenting unexpectedly in the field like this is never a problem imagine walking into a hospital filled with outdated products and being able to show not tell how what you offer can help a doctor take care of more patients more efficiently pull up content on the spot like videos testimonials infographics and more to tell your story sales jobs today require reps to go with the flow of the conversation especially when it goes someplace unexpected that means they have to have a tool that offers the flexibility to pivot at any point and pull up a piece of content they didn't think they'd have to show or to share knowledge about product features they didn't study up on show pad has your back create an amazing buyer experience on any device in any situation every single time

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