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well i'm there today i am doing a haul video of a product that was sent to me in gratis for review and it's from the company pride focus incorporated and they do a lot they have a lot of products that are geared towards getting your brain to allow you to be more focused more open more sharp and that's what i want to bring to you today so this is a haul video and there are three separate products that i want to introduce to you and I'll just grab the first one and we'll go from there so again this was mailed to me in gratis to do a review and it just came in a regular priority mail box and no regular size and the first item that they sent me from bright focus is called bright smart and it's a dietary supplement for top grain performance and there are 90 tablets I'm is for focused concentration and memory and that's what the bottle looks like now it says bright smart top performers formula by bright focus it's a proprietary blend of clinically proven ingredients that help to optimize brain function improved memory and hence mental focus and increase brain energy having undergone years of research these safe and natural ingredients are proven to support healthy brain cell communication while increasing cerebral blood circulation and uptake of oxygen and glucose combined with proper exercise and rest those are important bright smart will help to maximize brain performance now these statements have not been proven by the FDA so that is why I am going to try these first and they also sent me two of these so I have to so I will also share one of these with one of my subscribers after I have tried it and went through the whole bottle so I can tell you if there any side effects or anything wrong because I wouldn't feel right just giving you something if I haven't tried it myself the next thing that they sent was called bright chill is to protect detox and restore a dietary supplement for brain protection and there are 60 tablets in this one and this one the job is bright shield brain protection formula bar by focus contains sri protection a proprietary blend of nursing suitable ingredients designed to help protect the brain against the risk of cell damage from free radicals and toxins that contribute to the aging process mmm this proprietary formula campaign combines antioxidants to support anti aging of the brain with a natural ingredient that promotes your body's own internal detoxification system bright shield is the perfect companion to bright smart top brain performance formula so basically these two are supposed to be used together and that's how they're supposed to work so for the bright shield it's saying you should take two tablets in the morning with food and for the bright smart you're supposed to take three tablets with food yes so you only take these twice once a day and what's funny is this one has bias and in it and if you don't know by its an end it's a supplement that's supposed to promote healthy skin healthy nails healthy hair growth things like that and the last thing that they sent to me was this bright shot which is similar it comes to the same bottle as a 5-hour energy drink brain performance drink to help focus concentration in focus concentration and memory so those are the three products that should be used together the bright shield the bright smart and the bright shot so one of you viewers will also get to use these but it will be after I have used these all up and given myself some time to see if there's anything wrong them if there's any types of issues that you should know of and I would not feel comfortable not knowing myself before I passed it on to someone else so um yeah so look forward to that video I hope to have nothing but good things to tell you about these products from bright focus that were sent to me and be able to look out for my review alright guys thanks for watching and I'll see you guys later bye

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  1. Nice video. when is the give away? i am interested in trying it out.

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