Shoulders & Arms Workout + Your Senses Are DEAD

who's the man in the painting I don't know who he is but I think he's a Papua New Guinean a savage Elliott don't tread on me civilized Elliott football helmets you guys argue about religion it's like arguing about love like it's a sense love is the sense most of what you guys think is love though he's actually lust you think you're in love because you're floating because you feel good never trust the man who's in love because you're high when you're in love you're high you're in a drug yeah thinking and it's that feeling that's why Americans that's what he would so addicted is that feeling that you think is love that you want more of religiousness is a sense it's not a theology it's not a thinking as well as the difference between religion and theology theologies of thinking you're trying to prove right it's trying to poop like poop love you ever asked anybody that if they love you to prove prove that you love me they love you it's a sense it's a trusting and the same thing we're looking with a religion it's not a conclusion it's a sense but most people again your senses are dead and all of your sensation is what keeps you addicted to good feelings and loving once again are you counting your macros how much protein yeah I do about one gram per pound of bodyweight you know I kind of keep that standard because whether it's bodybuilding or for learn longevity it seems like that's about what you got to maintain so far it's been working for me I'm getting it I'm getting Fritton swole I went from November December January March eight six months of fasting I lost about 40 pounds one one month of still fasting but one month of not doing the three day by day ten day pass I came back 20 pounds crazy you can see how like it's smaller and less shapely on that side and that's this is my right side this is the side houston you please be bigger coming along though my mad have you had a out-of-body experience yet when I trained transcendent rep style I go out of body did your old injuries improve with the autopsy from intermittent fasting interestingly I injured my neck in 2014 trampoline accident and it had taken a long time to heal but was always like I had a little bit of pain it was crazy during yeah when I started fasting all it took was a three day fast like my second or third three days fast I literally felt like it was just healing I felt like it was moving those quivering was like popping and releasing what kind of weird stuff was happening in there I used that did you hit shoulders and all the time in order to alleviate the pain I haven't had to do that since that's considered my cardio for the day hit those planks next what do farmers fairies work try it you tell me works everything from the Rooter to the tooter bro top of the head to potatoes works everything plus conditioning can you use if' in place of cardio I think you'll get lean with fasting and not doing cardio so that's it


  1. Man he changed a fuckin lot

  2. YouTube fucked you up

  3. Looking great dude

  4. Whats song name in the background

  5. I like the way you throw in the mind body and spirit.👍👍👍💞

  6. Looking good

  7. Whats the song name in the background.

  8. This dude is really charging $1000 for in person or skype consultations…

  9. So when are you gonna battle Chris on the OHP again? "COME ON CHRISSSS!" 😂

  10. He is begin to gain wight

  11. You look good now bro

  12. Great video…enjoy your. Videos Elliot

  13. Glad you’ve been pushing so much content again. I found you back in 2013 I think.. got out of body building for a few years, I start up again and find you uploading again. Maybe serendipity, maybe not. But I appreciate you man.

  14. First 6 month months of any relationship, espeially if your having sex, your brain chemistry is altered. Did you know if you do not have sex in the first 6 months of a relationship the odds of you getting married you that person increase 3 fold.

  15. Amazing video Elliott

  16. Wow!!This guy ain't been the same since he ripped his bicep…. he's also doing the old vince gironda routine!

  17. Anyone know if you can lift while prolong fasting? Im shooting for 96 hours.

  18. Can't hardly hear him…oh well, bye.

  19. What type of fasting u r doing elliote ?

  20. U look cool with shave head + beard.

  21. Love the new video styles and the message, but I can barely hear you on full volume! Kee[p sharing your experience brother.

  22. this guy is tripping af

  23. When you say you fastes, what does that mean? No food whatsoever or an eating window every day?

  24. WOAH MR. ELLIOTT! It really looks like youre getting better! You dont have to be poofy like you once was, but the fact that there are gains is a great sign. And this pace of muscle build is perfect, not too fast for the tendons and cartilage to keep up. You dont underatand how happy this makes me man

  25. Wisdom Hulse hahah quality man.

  26. Yup

  27. Somehow , I feel like the body muscle is heading to a normal size. I guess that's a good thing too , it's tough to carry too much heavy muscles around.

  28. Speak for yourself baldie lol

  29. I feel like he did some sort of hallucinogenic drug and is off the rails in terms of his third eye being illuminated

  30. I think this is the best version of yourself Elliott #haterswillhate

  31. Why is his right bicep shorter than his left one ?

  32. Future Preachers be like this preaching and doing weights exercises lol …. If you wanna preach then preach or If you wanna show workouts then only do the workouts , don't combine them plz…

  33. My dude putting in that work! Killer workout homie!

  34. Look at Athlean x video on skull crushes and you’re form and size will increase.

  35. Get into Joe Rogan podcast already

  36. You are totally changed, wonder how many death you have experienced.

  37. Happy Ramadan

  38. Awesome Elliott Thank you!

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