Shoulder Isometric Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Today I’m gonna
show you some isometric exercises for your shoulder. So basically that’s if you don’t
have enough strength to do a full motion of resistive exercise. Let’s get started. So
I like to take a towel and put it between my elbow and my side to make sure that I’m
keeping my arm in the right position. If you don’t sometimes people tend to kind of wing
out. And when you’re doing isometric exercises, you want to keep your arm in one position
and not move it. That’s the whole point of isometric exercise. The first exercise is
gonna be an internal rotation of your shoulder. But you’re not actually gonna do that movement,
I’m just showing you where you’re gonna be putting your pressure. Take your hand, your
other hand, and put it on your fist so you can’t move. Your pushing in to your hand,
and if my hand wasn’t there, I’d be going that direction. Hold it for about 3 seconds,
and then relax. Now when you’re first doing this, you don’t want to push too hard. You
want to push very lightly and then relax. But as you do it more and your muscles get
stronger, then you can push a little harder into your hand. Then you’re gonna do an external
rotation strengthening exercise. So now you’re gonna put your hand on the outside and push
in to your hand. Again, 3 seconds and relax. And then push, and relax.Now you’re gonna
go forward. You can drop the towel if you want to. It would be this motion, you’re kind
of punching forward. Put your hand in front and punch that fist in, and then relax. 3
seconds punching in, and relax. And then the last one is going back. So now, put your hand
behind your elbow and push backwards. So it would be going this way. Push, 3 seconds,
and relax. There you have it. Those were the isometric exercises for your shoulder. If
you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. And if you’d like to check
out some other videos, like some active movements of your shoulder for exercises and stretching,
go to Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. And remember,
be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.


  1. You did not say how many times one should do each one ?

  2. Thanks

  3. wow! my therapist didn't tell me these were good for my shoulder!!

  4. Thank you again, so very helpful.God bless.

  5. Yes, how many times should one do each of these and how many times a day?

  6. Thank you for your knowledge, time and caring. HUGE HUGS to you, Dr. Jo.

  7. Thanks Dr. Jo! This will get me started in working on my shoulder post-stroke!

  8. Thank you again for a great video. Will it be possible for you to also list out perhaps the main muscles that are being exercised in each of the isometric exercises that you mention. For example, does the last exercise in the video primarily focus on the triceps? It helps so that one can mentally focus on the area which is supposed to be exercised. Thank you again

  9. i have a cervical pain on my right side or the neck and the pain has extended to my right shoulder and now its started on my left shoulder as well, i have gone through physcio but still havnt recovered from this pain . the only time i feel relieved is when i do hot water soak on my right shoulder and neck . i have been advised certaom excersises which i have been doing it involves lifting my shoulder and holding for 5 seconds and rest and the other exercise involves the same as this video but instead of the hand i do it on the neck.
    how long does it take for a full recovery and how can i stop it from spreading to the other arm?

  10. Patients need reps and sets as well as technique! Three seconds is a great rule for iso work on shoulder– but for how many repetitions? And if you are supposed to do, say, ten reps at 3 seconds each, do you do one set of 10? 2 Sets? Patients need more specifics than just technique and 3-second duration.

  11. Are these good for Ulnar Nerve therapies?

  12. How many times a day should this be done. And how many reps either way ? 🙄

  13. I often have pain in my shoulder and sometimes even my neck on the side that I carry a heavy bag for long periods. Would these exercises help to prevent this injury? Thanks.

  14. Plz can you tell how to perform shoulder isometrics for abduction and adduction movements as well? Help me. I am a physical therapy student.

  15. How many reps each way?

  16. Hi Dr Jo nice video

  17. Hey Dr. Joseph , new to your channel and it's so informative ! I'm 63 , on disability and need shoulder replacement on both shoulders . It's from bench pressing very heavy weights without properly stengthening and stretching my shoulders and rotator cuffs . These exercises are perfect for me as I'm trying to strengthen both before I have these surgeries . Thanks so much !

  18. Helo dr jo
    I had a problem in my shoulders . I feel pain in upper shoulders , upper back and lower back also feel pain in legs.. i had consult to many doctors. Some of physician guide my exercisers From which some are similars to your exercises. Please some thing you have to guide me. Please suggest.

  19. Can you show how to do isometric exercises for back pain. When I do the swimming movement it hurts my back.

  20. Hi Doctor Jo,
    What do you think of isometric lateral raise against a wall ? Is this move interesting for treating impingement, besides the other isometric exercices you show in your vids ? Thank you for your thoughts

  21. What are DTR rehab excercises for shoulder?

  22. Instead of resistance from my other arm (which is also injured!), can I widen my elbrow from 90 degrees to about 110, so I can use my hip for internal resistance (and use my arm chair rest for external )

  23. Hi Doctor Jo,
    I have inflammation in my left shoulder but my right shoulder hurts when I drawing.I can’t drawing because of pain.How many times should I exercise and how many reips either way? Thank you so much for this video.

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