what's up ladies and gentlemen my name is Erica Nevsky from connect ski fitness demos soft small person history back here for yet another bodybuilding Q&A with Beatty and how we are both the proud officially so we won't get that prep burying going on right now so hopefully we can still answer your questions hopefully are you feeling the mood is like and I'm five weeks out but fuck it we still got this Q&A to do you know you guys still have questions for us so I've got to come through I have a question for your next question video that's perfect when you first started blogs that you feel embarrassed or wasn't if you're embarrassed to record then despite not for you I guess you can say awkward you're asking a guy who walked around the gym in the Borat long I'm embarrassed to fuckin record videos like come on I always thought that like doing YouTube videos under social media and a lot of people don't even know this but I wasn't YouTube before like keeping Kanaskie Fitness when I was younger at the space where I was in magic for a while 2008 so I was like 12 so I made a channel all the way back then especially nowadays then you can actually make a damn good living doing this like everybody who talks shit about Oh Instagram models influencers those people are all just jealous they wish they could be doing this they're sitting up there miserable you know nine to five typing that shit well we're fucking living the dream I hear people say like oh follow his own equal dollars I'm like how many kind of well though it's not always so point do some people have like for the most part keep in mind it's only embarrassing at first before you actually have a following like once you have a following it's fucking cool no matter who you are the people that might make fun of you at first I get a fucking wannabe no shit next question what do you think about cannabis for body all the form or just in general and and try cannabis before believe it or not I've actually never which is interested I would be excited for bodybuilding is the most ridiculous thing like I understand that yet could increase appetite but there are ways to increase appetite without making yourself temporarily retarded like if you really need the appetizer I don't know what that is either but I've heard of it I've heard about it Babita CBD and we right now is this popular right this trendy why don't you see me the N readers yeah buddy cannabinoid comes from – I tried ours popular because weed has been legalized and me when I was CBD product so it's definitely hyped up right now because it's like the cool thing I've never tried actually like CBD together everybody saying they need to take it for pain and anxiety for someone working well what the fuck are you paying at the gym that got to use so much pain you might be changed and why can't you just use isopod if that sounds like a lot cheaper if you like to smoke weed that's my thing if you want to smoke weed go for it but it really have to have benefits for you don't justify it by saying it's for money the fish it helps me become a better my delivery like what's next you know we're gonna say that Koch is a great fat burner here we go like just stay quiet like a normal person I used to smoke I mean I smoked for years but I smoked because I like to smoke it did help me sleep that's for sure but the truth does dozen PCI battalion mess up your sleep you know yeah we should try smoking and like I know I automatically like that's a pothead like nobody else this is this simple way we like to smoke you feel like it helps you navigate did you feel that that's the other story the whole CBD thing like why this everybody we were having is I'm like I've never had anxiety good living sponsored by I'm not an anxious person also I don't yeah there's this one CBD company that literally messages me like every asked me to be sponsored and they're a big company they fucking work with Shawn Rhoden and shit so and makes me wonder like I should just find Alec how much do people that could be why and hey maybe they pay me enough maybe the next Q&A will talk about the benefits but smoking weed that's not gonna help you be a better body or if you like it though I've got nothing against as long as it doesn't completely kill your productivity like babies a great example you're probably one of the most productive people live matters but a lot of people tell me yeah I don't smoke anymore I'm not opposed to it though but it was just how I kind of became too much and I just kind of started I don't feel like you really benefits me hold it no I kind of adjusted to the sleeping so I don't really usually do things like any benefit of it you can take something and it doesn't make some people lazy do you see baby on the Olympia stage in the next five years face it everybody is like does your physique actually resemble those I guess it's more waist maybe I have spot it I wouldn't say identical anyway but like I guess we have like yeah I guess you can see that but in five years I'll be dirty right dude for sure be nice turning pro this year like I don't think anybody's beating in the national team definitely turning pro but in the Beasties it depends I mean it depends what you will do just like look at what you did this offseason I see you like almost I mean and I'm still shocked much bigger and bigger you just keep getting so you keep going at the space I mean it seems like a very realistic goal hopefully so hopefully I do get a lot of burning carry comparisons I wouldn't compare my v10 just see it leave that me a lot more developing as you should American that get it yeah even read it on the support even these 20 30 days don't tell me what's going on hopefully I'll be in the mix we tomatoes I think do you think you could beat 350 with abs and this is something you would have I think it good honestly I think as long as you can stay healthy there's no limit like healthy fats there's honestly if you just keep pushing it keep pushing the food there's no limit to what you can achieve but again the key is if you can stay healthy and I don't think it's very possible to stay healthy while I'm being 350 where the habits that's the only problem at this point I think that's when it comes down to to be honest because we've seen people push the envelope and we've seen like big romney at 3:40 have a be sharp there's no doubt in my mind you know they have met five said I think you sorted I think you started fucking pictures I've seen it looks but I'm sure it's possible I mean Craig Elias yeah but you'll definitely feel pretty shitty like it's definitely not something I would have you know how does that send me enough I don't think I need to get any happier I got to be honest like if you're doing it for competition you don't have to be that cou that happy to win shows so well like with my structure yeah I'm ambitious yeah be pretty player that's it might be a might bit excessive so if you don't have to push it dear you probably should so my answer is I think of your health allows it it's definitely possible but most beautiful toll and most people don't have the discipline to cook action about him you defecate I'm crazy enough to the idea shit eighty Hall is what four hundred he had abs the other cut but he has absolutely good so which is I've never seen in my life I've never seen a guy I was six to four hundred pounds without my first time Tina but she definitely has like the next level like discipline he's done some crazy you've got his bodyweight run over 40 pounds at six to one who grows on his feet drag collects oh yeah he was in the four I'm just looking Morgan asked me I'm sure that's a very good point speaking of Morgan I think what we were talking about this before you turned girl like how fuckin sad is it that it's looking this long to start growing and all these fucking skinny guys at the gym looking for the Sikh Bros they're people who've been asking him are you he'll be at the gym people do you do that and let me this year I need my brother I'm doing a local show for I guess it's the crazy sit up anybody can see a lot of people do you actually think that that lifts have no benefit for bodybuilding whatsoever as they don't build any muscle and your way through risk of injury etc I always hate to prove how you do your doing one grab Max's with maximal weight I don't think any benefits I think the lifts are definitely a good lower back exercise but there's more efficient ways to go I near at poles this should be trying to build lower back even mean traps and upper trap thickness yeah we're at pool is full deadlifts now you're getting a lot of usin hamstrings which isn't always a bad thing if you need to bring up the assumptions but there's other ways to get that too so I would say stiff like that lips and rag poles to kind of like focus more yeah dentists are gonna exhaust you a lot more same thing with like squats like why don't you do squats because at the time that it takes me to do three sets of squats I could do a whole leg workout like 30 sets worth of other shit there's just more efficient ways to do things it's like can you use an 18 wheelers like a daily commute like you know you can but like why do you have to be so extra there's more efficient ways to do things like for me personally a lot of the things I've done in the past even to this day I might do it once in a while honestly it's more for fun than anything like I've never believed dude really heavy deadlifts gonna give me the best back I just like to pull that weight in the fan now I'm getting to a point where it doesn't fit house good so I kind of shy away from the more but if it even acts I'll watch good Chris bumps that interview and he was like that left in six plates and uh god I was interviewing him was like do you think that's gonna get you back and bigger he said no no he said no not even one bit but I thought it was fun to put six well you have a lot of people so yeah so I mean so if you're clear on that then we'd be a thing but if your goal good at the beach and shit and you start your back workout off hoop that looks like why are you making your lower back a priority over your lats your upper back like how is that gonna help your physique in that case some people do them just because you're supposed to without like any logic behind it the same thing without like people training donuts they just do a bunch of frontal exercises they completely like the side of the rear delts yeah I guess the only time I already managed is tricking bodybuilding to do full that losses if you have great lats and you have shit gluts shit hamstrings and shit lower back at each other in those two months but even then why not just Iraq you can do back boil didn't like that much though yeah well I don't but I guess that will be the only situation where you know I can see the benefits in that say beside that he just want to have fun and make cool videos now you'll see me posing do the histogram oh yeah a lot of shit is just for the cameras from the camera and also like you'll see much I really took my husband used to be like so the price to do plates right yeah some guys only that how you build big shoulders I don't know yeah to be honest my master you have big shoulders and sign that'd be the best those have you from reading the honestly if I feel good if I'm making a video is really because I can't do it without your pain I'll do it but I need out the ability if you see me doing our Instagram that's more for entertainment we're not gonna bullshit you if you're newbie [Applause] where did the name Jimmy come from Jimmy comments so I actually I'm kind of ashamed with this but I did not come I generally stole it so only like the real OG fans know but like about 10 years ago my mom dated a wrestler still in WWE named r-truth formerly known as yeah that was like but uh he's still around 52 recives yeah he looks exactly the same to bottom and yeah the fact that she dated him is actually completely irrelevant to this story but that's just a fact but uh yeah so those of you guys are like watch WWE you know when he was a bad guy at one point there's a little Jimmy I was like part of his character that's like he insulted the world kids in the audience by calling them little Jimmy's and then when he became a good guy again little Jimmy became like his imaginary friend it became a new thing so like one day when we were recording I guess I just thought of that and I said Little Jimmy in the comments and I didn't expect it to become like such a big thing I didn't expect that piddling would be associated with that's what it turned into now there's like ten little Jimmy's in the comments of pages like working match against each other one day actually make sense without reason to play who's the real owner of Little Jimmy now that we on the subject you mind if I thought actually fresh that you've been it would you ever plan on going back to us everything lined up I've thought about it I I always think about it like if you got an offer for money offered which kind of people who don't want to behind the scenes but it's kind of fucking intense the money isn't over I mean if the money was good if I could make more than I make them now but like the thing is like again not to brag or anything but I'm doing so well like I'm just chillin it probably would be right unless it wasn't really really good off like I would literally have to work like 10 times harder to make like five times less than I make now from that perspective who pulls the risk of injury and every I mean you've been doing yeah and then I can do what I'm doing now so there's and a lot of people are like oh we'll be so cool like seeing double you mean like with it because you know I probably have to stop making videos if I focus on that and then like who knows what character they would give me I could be fucking fat guy dancing if if they grow display then would it really be that cool to see your character you can speed yourself like it's a script you never mentioned water intake how much do you drink water wise and or isn't something that you tried why would you ever that makes absolutely no sense thing is I love drinking water so I never have to force myself like when I was in high school I was literally like fill up my like 10 water like walk around and now I walk around on my gallon jug like all day that's how I've always been I just slow water so I guess I'm lucky in that regard because I'm he won't like Apple to force themselves to let that flavor shit in there I'm glad that something for me is never been something to think about I'm always thirsty I'm always offseason we so much carbs that we get a lot of water from the carbs too but I mean we need to diet soda something that is still getting through water too that's what is basically like flavor I tell all my clients to get a list Agathe water for me for some people like need to force themselves you know that you don't drink water he thought he should make an attempt to be supportive thing I mean for the most part I don't believe in like overdoing they need it you know how some people before so you're like water load regather something like that I think that's kind of over here I think this is just like a daily basis I wonder this because like some people like freaked out about maybe waterway which is like super annoying you know you're gonna so I think it's the opposite what people think when you don't drink word sometimes world exactly usually the more you drink that's why we will do the water loading so they can be flush more out it might not be what you people should they stop hanging out with non lifts or beta friends I don't think you should just like completely stop there's a reason but to ask you becasue if they're getting in their way of your success like a limit of you and then maybe I mean it's hard for people when they're first starting out because like us nobody's gonna question where we do nobody's gonna judge us because like we know what we're doing and it's pretty obvious so I'm like a kid in high school who's just trying to get serious about lifting and that's the hard part because you don't look the part so nobody believes you so you're like I wanna be a bodybuilder and you're skinny everybody like cuz everybody's like why are you spending all this time at the gym like making fun of you for bringing your meals to school you know to to your big that you know so like I understand why you wouldn't wanna there's a reason why I lifters and to hang around on the lifters like why don't we spend so much time with each other we have a common interest and be able to gym together and talk about shit we rolled into I wouldn't want to have a training partner who asked me how a coal should i diet or should i tracked macros that would be like miserable conversations or if you have to have with a friend I left missing you pull out your me Oh what the fuck is that what were you eating troops yeah I thought your body's like what about body builders time bodybuilder always gonna be I loose I'll relate because just this so much you get one thing you remember something even if there isn't much to do something life like you eat a meal you just gotta lay down yeah like fucking military people always gotta be in time like today we plan to start this at 5 o'clock I pick me up at 6:30 when I said five o'clock bodyboarders I mean using four shakes like kind of being and tired so you kind of needed never after everything be conscious your brain is kind of going slow you can kind of understand each other somebody else might find it weird I get it but at the same time so my best friend you know I'm glad it was like my brother basically he's always like asking me to go out and shit it's like bro like I gotta sit and eat my meat like you can't explain it I think the more people just just look at it all you want to this cookout barbecue but I think yeah a couple weeks ago a little bit do you play football no I don't please aren't I know it looks like like you don't have to fucking just tell you're not looking Princeton fuck off but at a certain point become serious about lifting you might need people like mine no my cousin my cousin is bigger than you yeah my cousin got big arms is he cousin IFBB Pro oh yeah no we're doing the car Murphy and Lake obviously really put the reactions of the girls interested but one of the girls when I took my shirt off she's like oh my boyfriend's just like that is he I probably follow him on Instagram he's probably like somebody famous like that yeah because I hear bodybuilders most people don't understand the spectrum they kind of see somebody like tell my clients right oh my build this guy in a gym you kind of like like a fat guy with trees off oh this guy's to Jack and I'm looking I'm like that guy really think exactly he's like does he get so big because like you're big but you're like you mean he's real big she thinks this guy is a like bigger than me I'm like this girl from my mind like an old fat guy we're like he's weird like chubby arms like ever like most people use like vision is kind of different next question this is gonna be the last question if rich Piana didn't pass away do you think you'd be a 5% athlete right now and do you think you would have yes absolutely that was like the last day that we hung out three days before you pass up that was the last thing he asked me like do you still want to be a 5% of course I do I told them the thing is I just want to do my own thing like Shirin seems like so I feel like because all of those athletes you in like Martin Ford even though they have bigger following is like you're just big guys with tattoos and like while I have to look at the YouTube channel so that people can watch late there were no personalities on the team besides Richard himself so I feel like it would have been today but we actually have two bonus questions today you ready for this if you could choose to be would you rather be a vegan or Hospital I mean you could be a giant all right there's no nothing against that but the girl she would be pretty jacked I don't know okay so you just have to do CrossFit workouts or do we have to quit the bodybuilding tool that's the question I can just do like be able to be like prosper they're gonna be hard to do bodybuilding game for you but it says CrossFit I don't know what that means like barely possible I think I can make more games doing crossfit than I can do nothing so see the thing about like what is vegan suit like her Donuts vegan no fucking like pizza I don't want to give that up yeah I can't give up all that good food I don't fuckin when I did wrestling I already did those cross with type workouts any it's not that bad if it was no meat maybe but no dairy yes I'll take my chance for two closer I'd be a vegetarian over across whatever blood I guess crossfitter or or vegan because I don't want to give up like all the good food I can just eat that garbage I'm not shit yeah I'm definitely ready for the tofu I mean my good genetics they're both are good genetics I think we can have a dc50 confidence not as Jack but I think we do yeah so we have to get over the fucking fuck I guess we could do at the end of the workout I don't want to give up the fluff and puff but I'm willing to do some CrossFit workouts we had more than I'm willing to give up here's looking at burger burgers with ice cream and the last would you lift in blacas onesie for a thousand bucks not allowed to wash it first does he have like a famous Winnie I don't even watch it so how much sugar but I guess well he's been the funny thing is he's been wearing the same clothes like 4,000 bucks assuming he has like no skin disease or like anything contagious on it like a watch that's dirty but you take a shower after 4,000 bucks yeah why not for today hope we still answered your guys's questions even though I have brain dead due to being in crap do you get a sword when you become if you do to USA yeah I believe it's the muscle contest now I believe the USA is a muscle content all kinds of sorry yeah that's gonna be it for today hope you guys enjoyed this video as always and if you did you know what to do make sure to smash that like button this wolf the subscribe button and until next time we're out Thank You Man why am i so lean so true well I've actually been keeping a secret from you guys I'm not


  1. 0:44 When you first started vlogs, did you feel embarrassed or was it quite easy?
    2:20 What do you think about cannabis for bodybuilding (cbd, weed, edibles) or just in general and did you even try cannabis before?
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    14:20 Where did the name Jimmy come from with the Little Jimmy comments?
    15:50 Would I ever get back into wrestling?
    17:20 You never mention water intake…How much do you drink water wise and/or is it something that you try to avoid in either bulking or cutting? Hope you can shed some light.
    19:10 Should I stop hanging out with non lifter beta friends?
    23:29 If Rich Piana didn't pass away, do you think you'd be a 5% athlete right now and do you think you would have filmed a lot of videos with him?
    24:24 If you could choose to be: vegan or crossfitter?
    26:27 Would you lift in Blaha's onesie for $1000? Not allowed to wash it first.

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    2. I feel more motivated even though people think you get unmotivated again its different for everyone
    3. I can push myself more for some reason and also i can feel the sensation in my muscle more
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    5. I can eat anything healthy and not give a fuck about the taste
    6 music sounds wayyy better

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