Should We Really Be Drinking Smoothies? with Rude Health

there’s a backstory to every food and
every drink there’s a backstory to why there’s a backstory to beer there’s a
backstory to butter is a backstory to olive oil and we’ve been sleepwalking
into convenience where we just go to the Shelf when we take it because it’s cheap
and available without asking where it’s come from and what nutrient density and
what relationship there is to the food behind. Yeah one nugget of advice in
terms of drinks because I’m obsessed with juicing in smoothies so one new nugget. is it kombucha that what should be doing? Well mix it up and also I’m gonna implore you like I
say in the book, do not I don’t want to, bleed in you know venti green juice
they’re not this big it’s not a beverage, it’s a tonic. shot, shot, shot, shot when it’s a green when it’s a green juice
it’s not unique you don’t have it to hydrate you have it to nourish in a
small way your body can’t tolerate much it groans the moment you stick
vegetables in it unless they’re adequately prepared smashing up the
cellulose helps our colon is tiny by comparison the colon of a cow and that’s
where it all happens in terms of digesting vegetable matter. You know a chimpanzee’s colon is longer than ours and we fundamentally are not
equipped to eat vegetables unless we prepare them by either fermenting or
cooking them in butter ghee or lard yeah get the fat-soluble vitamins out we
fundamentally are not equipped to take all of this vegetable matter in
without fermenting it cooking it sprouting it doing all the things to pre
digest it. Okay less veg more tonics and not with genitals
Shots, shots! you can have a vodka shot i mean you know, it’s small drink and in the morning you would have it
half an hour before you have your breakfast and just let it just just just
happen as I mean I make it for flavor as much yeah what you’re looking for you’re looking for sneaky ways to get more nourishment with it and enjoying it I the principle i think if you look at all the veg before
you start could you eat the mass veg if you couldn’t then it’s too big you know
you don’t you take it down to what you would actually as and then just use that
on the neck it’s chosen this the smaller quantity makes it even easier because
you it’s a constant mg and it’s part of a richer and being on a richer routine you

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  1. agree totally about the quantity, but you need to distinguish between "juice" and "smoothie", as smoothie usually contains whole food. And, if you use the right ingredients (dates, nuts, banana, beets, I even put raw garlic in mine!) why wouldn't it be good for you?

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