Should Trump Be Committed to a Mental Health Facility?

one of the world's leading experts and in my opinion the world's leading expert on this topic is dr. Justin Frank MD he is a psychoanalyst and clinical professor at the department of psychiatry and behavioral science at George Washington University in Washington DC's the author of Trump on the couch previously he wrote Obama on the couch and Bush on the couch Bush on the couch was particularly eye-opening for me that was a remarkable book Obama and the couch was was fascinating his Twitter handle is Justin Frank MD and it's you know in his books of course are available any place in get books dr. Frank welcome back to the program hi thank you very much I'm sorry about the visuals here no no it's all good it's all good we've got a nice picture of you up so you you talked about how when Donald Trump was 13 years old his father found a cache of switchblades and Donald was engaging in some very very problematic behavior how does this incident from his life inform us about the kind of president he has been so far and the kind of president he might be if he really gets pushed you know for example Russia really threatens us or North Korea or China or you know somebody who actually has the power to follow through well I think that the we probably are more afraid of Russia and China of course but actually it's really striking because his father told him that he was never allowed to go to Manhattan when he was about 10 and he would sneak in there a lot with a friend of his and they saw a West Side Story on Broadway and fascinated by switchblades and they started buying them and hi he had a 9-inch knife he had a couple of really huge dies and his father probably discovered them and sent him off to military school immediately he felt that he could not cope with Donald Donald has a delinquent mind he has hates regulations he hates being told what to do and he's gone out of his way to live a secret life where he can do whatever he wants the void of rules the only person who really understood him was his own father was also basically a criminal and a racist but he did understand his son Dhani yeah now his grandfather made his money in the original Trump fortune running whore houses on the west coast if that would is something that you can use on the air I think I'm not sure what else you would call him he did run more houses and he bought a lot of land but he ran whore houses made a lot of money up in the Yukon actually in the West I've been Washington State and and then his son was born in 1905 by the time the Sun was about 12 that sounds father his father to die and he sort of took over everything at a very young age with the mother so the mothers helped and they built a fortune and made a tremendous amount of money after World War Two where there are lots of GI builds of amazing government support for returning veterans and he just built that took all kinds of money out of the government for this trouble Frank who's Fred Trump his father and took all kinds of money out of the government don't follow these buildings wouldn't rent to two African Americans was very viciously anti-semitic and actually lied about where he was born he was born in Germany and he had changed his name from a German name so he could rent to Jews at least because there were a lot of Jews in Queens so that battle that he has come really like the son of a mob family and unconsciously he wants to break things he wants to do things secretly and avoid any kind of rules and the only person he felt really got him was he felt in this fantasy life was his father and then Muller who instead of throwing him out of the house and Queens was gonna storm out of the why so terrified he is so relieved that Muller did not say indict indict bro out and because of that I think he feels that he's gotten the blank cheque to continue to do whatever he's doing he is not a person who's interested really in anything this morning in fact that some people were talking before t Joe he doesn't even do anything to help himself in the polls like do a few of the promises like fixing infrastructure doing certain things he actually doesn't because he doesn't care about those things he's not interested in polls officially he's interested in obviously in money and getting away with things and in breaking things and he has been devoted to doing that ever since he was a kid I don't know what else to say yeah well you you at one point you said he belongs in a structured mental health facility not the Oval Office you know is that not hyperbole no serious long jump you belong seriously but well he I mean as president the only way to get through to him would be in a structured mental health setting there are other people who are CEOs and tight and also common criminals who have a similar psychology to Donald Trump and they often get away with things and then they're caught by the law Donald has a brilliant group of lawyers he's always escaped to law but his goal is to demolish things and he pretends to be a builder he wants to prove that he's a builder but actually he's a breaker and as we have discovered even in the last two years there's easier to break things including institutions than it is to build up what you think you can you do you think he's trying to break the United States yes I think he's trying to break the United States one thing I think he's really trying to do unconsciously is to get the word United out of United States he is constantly trying to set one group against another he's trying to it's called you know we talked about it as being divisive and Division one of the Congress women the new ones her name Celine said that the word she would use is disconnect he disconnects sayings he disconnects thoughts and feelings he disconnects she hasn't talked like a psychoanalyst but she's talking about disconnecting us from ourselves from each other he disconnects people he breaks the normal connection so it's very hard to follow him he floods us with tweets he makes it very difficult for people to think and respond and he is relentlessly brilliant at that but he's disconnecting thought he's attacking our capacity to think and I think that's a very large so what system we have to sit back and think but everybody's busy checking his lies and checking out whether he's telling the truth and all the different things he's doing we're like chasing after a comment yeah yeah Doonesbury this weekend was you know Donald Trump is about to tell his 10,000th lie what will it be you know and it was and it's true I think it's so strange but the fact of the matter is that nobody's going to put him in a structured mental health facility and he is in the White House so what in your opinion is the way that the Democrats should deal with you know this well essentially dangerous man in the White House yes they have to begin impeachment hearings immediately it does even if the impeachment hearings fail which they might you know he might not be convicted they have to be started immediately because have to include because it has to be brought to the public even more so how dangerous he is he has to be stopped and there's no way I can think of to stop him you were tell you said something before I came on at that you word you use but century yes and I'm centering doesn't really stop a person either I guess you can I don't know what's how you could sense your president clearly is a miss tonality know any of the observer just wrote and that they don't want him to come and see the Queen they just feel that it's a it's a criminal they don't want a criminal president right yeah well an active sensor would be basically Congress saying to the American people you know we repudiate these behaviors and it would be a way of identifying those specific behaviors the advantage of a censure resolution is that it can be passed by either house it doesn't require both and it only requires a majority vote because there's no there's no consequence to it you know technically but the big consequence is the publicity associated with yes and the enumeration of why they're censoring it exactly yeah so so I mean you know whether they end up impeaching or whether they just look at the political landscape and say okay there's still not fifty percent plus support for impeachment which is the threshold the Nixon passed and the week before he resigned right you know if they don't if they can't hit that fifty fifty percent public opinion then at that point they they just abandon impeachment and go for a censure but at least they got it on the books does that make sense yes I think century makes so much sense I've been I never thought about that as a possibility I don't know enough about the political side as a medical person what is in quarantine yeah he really needs to be isolated from any capacity to make major decisions and I don't know how you do that but century would be a step in that direction and then I do think they need to start impeachment proceedings one of the things that the father of psychoanalysis 10 seconds here okay trial action and time to act


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  2. Trump sounds and behaves like a true Jesuit, divide and conquer!!!

  3. Elizabeth Kelley The problem is the Democratic Party is a toothless ineffectual entity that is really the Republican Party Light. This was well illustrated by Joe Biden`s handling of the hearings that allowed someone on the Supreme Court who was inimical to decency and progress and similarly the attitude and behavior of the DNC which blocked Bernie Sanders from the Presidency. The antidemocratic even un-American attitude of Mitch McConnel in denying President Obama`s pick for the Supreme Court a hearing is another instance of how the Democrats have been party to the demise of democracy and the rule of law. None of this has gone unnoticed and has encouraged the destructive and criminal behavior of the Republicans. They may not be good at government, but they are more experts at forming government by devious means than are the Democrats who are diverted by the love of the status quo and the fear of change. Then there was the Kavanaugh appointment.When I hear a Republican mention the founding fathers, I retch.

  4. Con – man Trump stated recently:
    He believed he would win the state
    of California in 2020. Pure insanity.

  5. What policies of his do you have a problem with what is he done wrong foreign affairs what is he done wrong in domestic affairs do yall not like his tax policy has he been too soft on other countries like Russia or North Korea I think he's been a lot harder on both of them than Obama ever was or Hillary Clinton ever would be I can gladly elaborate on that do you not like his immigration policy that would be a reasonable debate you people thinking he's committing treason with no facts is no different than someone sayimg he's a green space alien

  6. People don't need the launch unfounded personal attacks on Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton because there's plenty of treasonous and criminally irresponsible policies they've enacted and statements that they've made that show how incompetent they are

  7. I would really like to hear one honest criticism because if he's doing anything wrong we're never going to know because you people are too busy just yelling and name-calling it is really something bad going on you people are too busy just bitching for no reason to spend any time actually trying to find real evidence of wrongdoing

  8. Agree with them or not those are rational criticisms do people have irrational criticism of Donald Trump I've been called all kinds of names by you people none of you would have the courage to say it to my face but I'm still waiting for some kind of factual argument I'll be happy to elaborate on the criticisms I made Eric Holder was corrupt because the Fast and Furious scandal I can elaborate on a lot more

  9. You Liberals are a bunch of morons can you come up with any facts people what constitutional rights has he violated you people are mad because Hillary lost I wasn't happy when Barack Obama won but I didn't cry like a little girl I've criticized him because his foreign policy was weak his attorney general was corrupt he used the IRS to Target conservative groups he didn't like that is an abuse of power he didn't fire Hillary Clinton when she was clearly incompetent I give him credit Bin Laden was caught when he was president he wasn't really as bad as I thought he was going to be which isn't saying much

  10. He is a PSYCHO ……………….

  11. Before watching the video I will say yes, he should be locked up and put in a padded cell.

  12. Bill Barr should indict many of MSM for taking bribes from the CIA & John Brennan. Brennan will hang for Treason.
    Republicans have the Senate, the Supreme Court, and the AG of the DOJ. It is these Democrats who are crazy, who think that prosecution of DJT will happen with no evidence. Barr has the evidence to put Demon Rats away for decades. Declass is coming soon. Insanity reigns among HRC, BHO, & the entire Demon Rat party. Start a civil war Demon Rats, you may have a better chance.

  13. There is no power in the Radical Democrats to removed Trump until 2024. So keep on barking like a toothless Dogs you all are." Toothless Dogs can no bite. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Losers!

  14. Thom should be for supporting Hillary, he HAD to be insane to do it.

  15. No Mental Institute JUST JAIL where he is made Himself to place to go…….

  16. Everyone on this site must be going thru Adrenachrome withdraws. Trump shut you devils down, huh! Lmao

  17. Keep on wet dreaming! An insanity Doctor who really need the straight jacket and the rubber room. Cause Hillary Clinton is more dangerous than Russia. Hillary Clinton makes her money trafficking children for sex and sacrifice for Adrenachrome. Hillary Clinton is the baby eating, human flesh eating and blood drinking witch and you people think that something is wrong with Trump. Maybe you people are involved in the same activities as Hillary Clinton. Maybe you too need to be investigated

  18. LOL, it would be interesting to hear what he would have to say about Obama and the Clintons. That would be kind of hard to do when you are so partial.

  19. Before watching this I had a very low opinion of psychologist. The bar has now been lowered!

  20. People are under-estimating the EVIL in traitor-trump's criminal mind. HE is a true psychopath, who has already corrupted the Court System, the US Supreme Court (do you really believe Justice Kennedy just coincidentally and conveniently retired from the US Supreme court? Kennedy's son had a "banking-loan" history with traitor-trump, remember? Kavanaugh? HE is just another sexual pervert like traitor-trump is! The GOP-controlled Senate has worked to "rush" more and more Judge appointments to literally "salt" the entire Court system: the obvious goal to remove any potential blocks to the fascist agenda traitor-trump represents! Barr? Whitaker, Rosenstein? All corrupted smack in front of us all! What about Mr. Mueller? What made Mr. Mueller Balk at out-right recommending traitor-trump's indictment, in plain language, rather than to have a sort of coded "roadmap"? Why did Barr intervene and not allow anyone to view the unredacted report, and why is he now resisting opening up all the details to include Grand Jury testimony? Why is the US Treasury (Mnuchin) refusing to abide by the law and releasing traitor-trump's tax returns? And, now we have a much "ripended" Constitutional crisis blossoming now, all clearly part of a much larger criminal TREASONOUS conspiracy: The executive branch reusing to even acknowledge the Article I branch of government oversight! And, what with the now traitor-trump-GOP corrupted DOJ, and a slow and questionable Judicial branch, how can oversight committees enforce their subpoenas being ignored or not complied with? The traitor-trump-GOP lawlessness is sweeping our democracy away entirely — right in front of us all!!! And, this is despite the GOP being a minority party in numbers and being led by an ILLEGITIMATELY ELECTED PSYCHOPATH!!


  22. """Trump should be put in a straight jacket.""""

  23. The real mentals is you and all of the democrats! Trump 2020

  24. One has to question the sanity and judgement of Trump's crazy ass followers also.

  25. a 6×4 dog cage at Guantanamo is more appropriate.

  26. The fact that America has spent many years focusing on one person, trying to impeach a President, says more about your broken system and self importance than that of serving the interests and empowering the people. This is why the US is seen as a joke on the World Stage….and it ain't all down to Trump by a long chalk! As a Nation that has provided such worth in the World previously, you have become a politicized inward looking dictatorship governed through fear and self loathing and the willingness to think your security is more valuable than your freedoms.
    Judging by the comments we don't hold out much hope for you people! You focus on the wrong issues here. President Trump is not the issue but everything that focuses on his Presidency is, whilst passing draconian laws, whilst you are focusing on Russians and who said what and when. A classic deceptive practice by those who will play you as fools and you have become nothing more than useful idiots serving the hidden agendas of historical secret societies. If you truly think that Trump is 'The worst ever' you are clearly not paying attention to what is going on around you, and you have only yourselves to blame

  27. Justin Frank is a freaking quack. He's making a living trashing Trump. Shame on this crap show of ignorant liars. Very soon- entire Obama admin + HRC will be in prison. That's the real Traitor. Feinstein controls the crap news. It's the LIE to the public media. Wake up sheep. Agenda 21.

  28. The Insanity Plea would be Trump's best way out!!!

  29. You guys really hate Pres. Trump don't you, before Trump you guys support terrorism in third world countries and keep them on war zone so that your weapons manufacturers can sell off your weapons , since Trump came he called out terrorist nation's like pakisthan and stop supporting them, because of that your weapons corps. Can no longer sell their weapons so you guys want Trump out

  30. looking at all the fascists in the comments. wow. bunch of beta males and women with menopause.

  31. Take his cellphone away

  32. I concur wholeheartedly.

  33. If Trump's lips are moving, he's lying !

  34. Only if it's a facility for the criminally insane!

  35. Every shrink it more nuts than the people they treat. This doctor should be locked up.
    He is dangerous. Is he on the Clinton’s payroll?

  36. They censured NIXON and it stopped.. we did to do that now before another Heather Hire.. and the other crazies… look at the bombers that failed more people would have been killed… look at the riots when NIXON was president Congress needs to step up the and defend our constitution now not in two weeks with hearings… NOW PUT IT UP FOR A VOTE IN THE HOUSE BEFORE IT'S TO LATE.

  37. Lock him and all CRONIES, family and the GOP involved with Trump…






  43. Yet, another mental health professional says that Trump is mentally defective among many, many other professionals who are stating the exact samething. The red flags and the alarm bells are going off on this President yet the Republican party just 'yawns' oh hum. Official action needs to be taken and it is called 'impeachment'.

  44. Please break down the minds of those who are going to be tried for treason in the very near future Mr I know everything.

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