so is there common-sense factor here that's missing a common sense factor for those well any addiction is is beyond common sense right this is an addiction that I'm dealing with and so reasonings behind what method I choose to quit may not be common sense for some but they are for me they make sense should you have the right to make the decision on what's the right solution for myself I do believe I am the person that makes the right decision for myself I do believe in objective truths though but for my situation in terms of what I do know about myself and the environment around me that is the best solution for me yes but I can't make this decision for anyone else so you're here in Ottawa and they make decisions for everyone all the time yes they do and one of those did the reason why I feel we need to protect our individual choice one of the key things about the new vaping regulations if they go into effect as they stand now is that people will not be able to make comparisons of vaping to smoking so you aren't able to say that anything at all make a comparison of gaping to smoking I'm not sure I understand that they're going to say that they think and smoking cannot be compared that's correct who's saying Health Canada yes well there's well that would be the law are there reasons you can't make a comparison you just you're not allowed to compare the two you're not allowed to say one is has more benefit than the other are you allowed to include the ingredients that are used in the manufacturing methods not if your effort not you know you're not allowed to compare the emissions of one product to the unite so you wouldn't be able to compare it well that sounds pretty irrational hardly fair for an intelligent society is this what we've come to believe it's the odds thirty point you'd be entitled to to provide studies like you know a longitudinal or clinical trial and this research results will speak for themselves you should that should be a basic right of any company that produces this bait this vape shop right here would not be allowed to say hand you a scientific study that was comparing vaping to combustible cigarette hmm I'm not usually rendered speechless shocking is it very it's actually what's happening in Quebec right now across the bridge nobody in Quebec that works in the vaping is you're not allowed to make an informed decision on what we ingest in our bodies interesting scary I had no idea


  1. How is it possible that a government passes a law which basically says that speaking the truth is prohibited and therefore illegal?

  2. I am in Quebec and a long time experieced vapour not at all in the industry. If you want to quit smoking and need help please contact me. I will help you in every way I can and help you quit smoking in an easier and fun way like I have many other people over the past 13 years. We will find a way that works for you! Cold turkey, patches, vaping just lets get you out of cigarette slavery! You and your loved ones deserve freedom, joie de vivre and hope! I hate smokes but I love helping smokers quit!

  3. Is this what we've come to??………….Yup!!!!!!! In Canada, any crazy bullshit is possible now!!!! Thanks PM Castro!!!!!!

  4. If you can't compare Cigarettes to vaping then why are they trying to say vaping is tobacco product?

  5. This is ridiculous lol

  6. here in the usa we can not say that vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking if u r in the vape industry. or u will get fined a shop was just shut down cus he did say that vaping was a healthier alternative to smoking and got fined $50,000 and could not say open and pay the fine! this is a gross over reached of the government here and seems like there too!! so ashamed in our governments yours and ours!!

  7. Keep the public dumb so tobacco control can keep the status quo.

  8. This is sad, so sad, very sad. What kind of world do we live in? 😔🌬💨💨💨💨 #VapingSavesLives

  9. I started smoking when I was 14. I finally quite at 41 when I started vapeing. Before that I tryed gums patches and subscription pills. Vapeing works keep up the fight people

  10. I can say it though. Vaping is a hell of a lot better than smoking in every which way! Its more effective than patches, drugs or gums all put together! It makes quitting fun! Spread the word and vape on.

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