Sheamus reveals how he lost 40 pounds on WWE Ride Along


  1. U know what's funny I actually got 2 hearts from sheamus on his channel twice today I'm so freaking happy and my account name is dee barr like the Barr lol

  2. Would definitely buy wwe network for thicc boi sheamus while he’s off

  3. I prefer the old sheamus

  4. Rip aew if sheamus bring back with his old look and get feud and classic matches with Lesnar Braun and reigns etc

  5. The Bar

  6. Sheamus Comeback Soon

  7. Legends

  8. The celtic teacup

  9. Sheamus: loses 40 pounds

    Dolph: it should of been me…

  10. Very nice

  11. His tweeter 🤣

  12. We just gonna ignore Ceasro called twitter tweeter? Lol I chuckled at that.

    Seen a few Celtic Warrior workouts. Love em 🙂

  13. You don’t look bulky anymore

  14. when it comes to cesaro and sheamus i'm kinda torn, on one side both deserve a singles push (esp cesaro), on the other hand, the bar is my favorite tag team in wwe in the last couple years

  15. Who's stronger Batista or Sheamus

  16. Wwe y'all are messing up,Give Sheamus the US Title And Cesaro should be Universal Champion by now!

  17. We call that 'cycling off'.

  18. Damn i want cesaro to be wwe/universal champion atleast once he has charisma and can connect with fans :/

  19. Love that hair style

  20. Cesaro Workouts 😀😀

  21. Finnily WWE upload video with Sheamus!! 😎😎😎

  22. Shemus or cesaro

  23. I want old Sheamus back from 2012-13 as the Celtic warrior

  24. You aren't using Cesaro right..
    Get well soon Sheamus.

  25. Finally Celtic Warrior Workout Channel gets recognition by WWE like UpUpDownDown

  26. 🖐

  27. Please bring back Sheamus as Celtic warrior with written on my face theme

  28. Love Celtic Warrior Workouts💖💝, the last episode with Batista was awesome!😁👌

  29. He followed saitama advice


  31. Sheamus should come back with his old haircut!!!

  32. Need old Sheamus back

  33. These 2 guys need a massive single push

  34. Bring them back together ffs

  35. He mustve lost a pound or two just by getting that stupid spike cut.
    U look stupid Sheamus

  36. It’s my birthday

  37. When will sheamus come back😪

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