Shaolin Monks vs Martyn Ford. Kung Fu vs Gym .Training compression. Who is The Best?

defects chip I never take doubt as a lesson I never second-guess in you take negativity and rejected I got my mom glad to rejection so why be just fine don't be wasting any time with discretion I'm on this campaign like I'm running an election I brought the champagne like we're not in a recession I feel no damn pain ibuprofen is a blessing feeling pumping through my veins got me feeling like I'm flexing yet I'm in motion I'm obsessive like the ocean I'm relentless no promotions no protection overdosing on these lessons and these words my only weapon cuts through deep oh yeah right and feel the heat and all the tension need relief from this obsession but I keep myself progressing because I creep oh crap surprise and I don't sleep enough you get it every second is impressing got no time to be depressed on this crime to always stress or more cards in the West Eloise said to do my I can count on y'all and I do not need I was going to show I don't ever doubt mind itself I can count on no one else and I do not need joy I was told to show watch me watch me [Applause] yeah that's where they guard if you want it then you got to get it cuz when I'm on my death bed no I will not regret it you only got one bite one shot to let slip away today get up and make a big change huh do decide to computer I'm Linda Hogan loser I know rumor on the pitch or were superfluous or recruiter consumer always you'll be up until you let my jingle capture Rico activate get off your ass and take some anchovy start acting like you won't be sick is mass innate compassionate to many people what this shit it's not enough you're talented you have to fucking grab it I'm sick of being at acquit another college graduate just looking for an advocate so high your meter pack what ticket 7 it you needed to get after it these people they don't matter shit I can count on yo and I 2:19 I don't ever doubt myself I can count on no one I was told to show don't watch me [Applause]


  1. Monks are the best

  2. So nobody win? No fight? No nothing but picture of training? I don like you none.

  3. In America u lift barbell in shaolin China barbell lift u

  4. Its pretty obvious that the monks are better
    In a fight, it doesn't matter whose stronger, it matters who is smarter.

  5. تحمل بهتر از قدرت

  6. imagine if monks get more protein from food.


  8. In a life or death situation, he can't even run XD

  9. Kung Fu is the real natural fighting techqunics of animal .

  10. I thought it was fight 😁😁😁

  11. Shaolin monks train so much
    That they dont even enjoy their life anymore

    Like what are theu training for?
    Destroying earth?

  12. Fun Fact:: Shaolin Monk are skinny and small because they are mostly buddhists, who don’t eat meal, don’t drink bear, other proteins.

  13. Tatou wannabe vs real people…

  14. Kungfu is more powerful they has power training

  15. Shaolin

  16. kungfu is like assassin gym is like warrior ha ha

  17. Main difference is the diet. Both trainingstyles is dependent on discipline and knowledge and beeing in tune with the body and soul. Its just the caloric intake thats the big difference.

  18. xD

  19. Martial artist jet li seen is so impressive

  20. Where i practicing martial art
    There are some gym members
    Who can't able to do pull ups ,
    American Twister, so many things

  21. So it is
    Steroids vs natural exersise

  22. 2:40 When you’re knocked down in fortnite
    Trrying to run

  23. SHAOLIN MONKS train themselves extremely hard and Martyn Ford doesn't even stand a chance in front of those Chinese legends

  24. Thanks for the abs

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