Seven Question Sunday – Healthcare Insurance

when does a company's health insurance take effect when does the insurance take effect well we asked companies three different times first day of the contract first day of the month following the start of the contract and then more than 30 days out so 60% of the companies replied that their insurance starts the first day of the contract that means the minute that you land on that floor in for orientation then you're being covered by that by their insurance 30% of them say that it takes place on the first day of the next month so if you start a contract on January the 20th then your insurance will start to take effect on February the 1st and 10 percent of them state that their insurance doesn't start until at least 30 days even add some 60 days and 90 days which 90 days doesn't make any sense because a contract is 13 weeks which is 3 months which is pretty much 90 days then that doesn't make sense and what they're wanting you to do is to sign up and then stay with them for your next contract how much does it cost for the traveler only so the next thing I asked the companies was how much does it cost just for the traveler we also asked him about the family and that'll be in the next question and you're not gonna believe that one what are the three levels of insurance that we asked about we asked about free for the traveler under $100 cost for the traveler and this is per week and over $100 premiums so 30% of the company so that they offer free basic insurance now free is as kind of a catch word and the fact that it's not really free because everything comes out of bill rate but it's insurance that the nurse does not have to pay for extra out of what she's getting for that week 60 percent of the companies offer a basic insurance that cost underneath the hundred dollars and then only ten percent of the companies reported that their insurance cost over $100 a week for the nurse now the catch-22 to this is that some companies may offer a package a free basic package but they often will have the upgraded package that they want to sell you that is you know more so they offer a free package and they'll offer $50 package so you do have those options also how much does it cost for the traveler plus family now how much does it cost for the families now I have to agree the amount for the nurses isn't too bad you know we can do free to under $100 but for the families has one recruiter told me she says it's just way too much and that is correct I found that insurance whenever I pulled some companies and one of my travel nursing newbie recruiters group we've got a mixture of newbies newbie recruiters and mentors in there that their companies are charging 200 to $400 a week so with some of these terrible paying contracts that can be easily a third of your paycheck has gone right there just with family insurance and related to the high cost some of the companies that I talked to they said that their company doesn't even offer the int the family insurance related to this outrageous cost so here in a minute we're going to look at some alternatives if you have a family that needs to be covered what about Cobra between contracts you know Cobra insurance when I started first taking it I paid maybe 300 or $400 a month for it now oh my gosh this last time that I when I got my Cobra insurance it was like eight hundred nine hundred dollars a month that's just ridiculous the good thing about Cobra is that it is retroactive so if you don't have any any major issues within those 45 days that you're in between an assignment then you don't need to pay for Cobra but it's thing does happen in that for the first 45 days then you can go back and make it retroactively the bad part about Cobra is that the paperwork takes 45 days sometimes to get you to going on the Cobra side of things and it can be a pain in the butt if you come home all your doctor wants to see yeah you want you go to the hospital get laughs done get x-rays done you know get whatever you need done and then you explain to anybody and everybody that your Cobra hasn't taken effect and so it'll take a little while for the insurance to catch up but the insurance will catch up so that's a big pain is to work with the hospitals because inadvertently the hospital's almost always have to file this stuff twice and the other thing about it is as I said the cost there used to be three to five hundred dollars and now it's five hundred plus I just said the last time I got it was like eight hundred dollars and that's that's just crazy that's as crazy what is the best plan for personal health insurance you know on the personal health care plans there is the healthcare health care market or what's commonly termed as Obamacare now there are several options through these there's Blue Cross Blue Shield United Healthcare has a plan Sigma has a plan Aetna has a plan and even Humana has a plan now on your health care sites on your marketplace sites through your state then you can find out the cost of these and their different plans and pick one that you feel is right for you you know another thing that's been pushed real heavy in the travel industry as US health care advisors they they are very economical but the only trick to them is that you have to live in a state that they provide insurance for and they do not provide insurance for all 50 states I think there's like 42 of them so there's eight states that you can't even get their insurance in and Idaho is one of them another thing about them is that it will not cover pre-existing conditions for up to a year so yes it may be economical but there are quite a few restrictions that come with that plan are there any other alternatives well we do have a thing this common platelets called primary care membership which primary care doctors will have memberships you pay 50 bucks a month and you get to go see the doctor you know however often there the program states you they give you maybe you can give you a discount if you get sick and have to go in extra so you can look for those those are extremely popular and the bigger cities there's also a medical cost sharing plans so one that is the most that I'm most familiar with is Christian health ministries where you pay in every it's a cost sharing so you really don't have quote insurance but from what you pay in that goes into a big pot and then whoever needs the whoever needs coverage that month that goes towards their coverage what they need their hospital and their doctor bills a health savings account is a HSA can help cover it medical expenses while offering tax advantages that I think the only trick with that one is that anything that you don't use at the end of the year then you lose it medical services discount card you know some of the places like CVS Walgreens Rite Aid they have membership programs to where you can pay you know $100 or $50 a month and you get so many prescriptions for that they have its most common and that's where I've seen it most is with the prescription medications and there's also high deductible insurance or catastrophic health insurance and what that is is that covers you in case you get into a car wreck have an MI have a stroke or whatever it's it's for those big bill it does not necessarily catch nothing like a PPO HMO that you only pay $20 copay to go see the physician you actually have to pay that because and then that amount is applied towards your deductible usually the deductibles are larger also on those type of plans how does insurance affect my bottom line you know whatever you switch companies are looking at a new one please please make sure that your ask the recruiter if insurance is important to you what type of insurance do they have how much does it cost and when does it start those are the three major things that you need to know and ask them what plan options they have because I said some of these companies have have free of charge plans they have plans that you can pay 50 bucks a month or 50 bucks a week for you know they do have different plans available so ask your recruiter that's very important before you start an assignment and definitely take the company insurance if you have any printed pre-existing conditions chronic health problems or if you take several medications these plans usually do not exclude pre-existing conditions so those things are covered in your insurance plan and that's all for this week thank you

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