Seven Arguments for Nutritional Supplements

hello this is Fred Lear's of health products distributors and another creating health naturally video and this month on our blog we are republishing an article that was originally published by the orthomolecular News Service this particular article is entitled seven arguments for taking nutritional supplements Bagdad policinski PhD and so we're actually republishing the entire article but in this video I want to just go over the seven arguments for taking nutritional supplements the first reason for taking nutritional supplements according to his article is the Agricultural Revolution has reduced food quality so what this basically means is is since the rise of industrial agriculture with the use of chemicals and fertilizers and pesticides food quality has declined part of the reason this is is because they're not replenishing the nutrients that traditional methods of Agriculture did and as a result they're through time and heavy use of soil and erosion and of course growing plants which deplete the for food which depletes the soil over time and not letting the land like once upon a time life fallow or you know actually adding nutrients organic nutrients in different ways or rotating crops essentially the the chemical the rise of industrial agriculture with the heavy use of chemicals has strongly reduced soil quality and so over time this system has produced foods with lower nutrit nutrient density and lower quality for human health number two is nutritional content of food varies with geographical location you know that's really no surprise if you looked at a map of say mineral density and mineral presence for example you would see that different geographical locale had for nutrients in the soils and so some soils are very low in selenium for example that's a while known case other soils are low in magnesium and so forth and so in any given place you may have minerals or nutrients lacking in the soil and as a result nutritional supplements can fill that gap number three is stress and modern lifestyle increased the need for nutrients and this makes sense we you know there's the there's there's stress in modern life it differs than the stress of our ancient forbears and that it can be more chronic you know it can be we also have sedentary lifestyles which means we're not gaining enough exercise which means me may not even eat enough and then if we're what we're what we're eating is is low in vitamins and minerals then this is yet another reason to take nutritional supplements number four environmental pollutants increase the need for nutrients and this is no great surprise or or really it shouldn't be because with chemicals in the food supply from the chemical industrial agriculture system not to mention various additives from food processing and toxins of all sorts from that getting to the soil from the air and water that's not something our ancient forbears or even our not so recent forebears had to deal with the way we have to deal with it today as a result it's well known that taking certain especially antioxidants vitamin C vitamin E vitamin A has helps the body deal with toxic load and you know you have a liver you have a kidney you have detoxification systems but now we're talking about a food supply and an agricultural system that has a that has toxins in it and that you would really behoove yourself to have the supplements have the nutrients in your body that will support the DEET your detoxification systems number five the daily allowances for essential nutrients is too low so this is actually well known the daily allowance is typically in a nutritional supplement or for nutritional supplements or not supplements but the daily allowances for nutrients I should say that are that are put out by governments around the world including the United States government are designed primarily for to prevent deficiency status so you may have an amount of a nutrient based on a scaled-up version of what led to had a rat to have a deficiency in vitamin D or a Warren the B vitamins or you know and to avoid deficiency diseases like say rickets or scurvy or beriberi or these things that are known those are proven but what about optimal amounts because everybody has a biochemical individuality right every but people's means there's a range there's a bell curve right so your your needs may vary somewhat from someone else's and this is known among laboratory animals as well so beyond deficiency status you want to actually optimize your nutrient intake and the best way to do that apart from a very good diet is to take nutritional supplements so again think optimal amounts not minimal amounts number six optimal intake of nutrients promotes health and delete delays aging so this goes back to the whole idea of optimal health but it's also well known that the aging process according to the free radical theory of aging is one of oxidative stress and that can come from daily stress that we have that was a different category different number but aging is according to the free radical theory it's one of oxidation and so it only makes sense to take certain antioxidants and essential nutrients many of them act as antioxidants and number seven he says is the human right to correct information and I believe one of the things he means by that is there's a lot of information out there about how valuable nutritional supplements and supplemental nutrients are for health but in many cases the information is not really put out there in fact just the opposite one of the reason we publish articles by the orthomolecular news services because there's so many studies out there whether they be meta analyses or studies out there that show that there's quote no evidence that nutritional supplements are doing anything I mean and this is just not correct there's lots of information out there you can manipulate data however you like many of these studies also use very low dosages so if you're just using a study that's giving minimal dosages you can't really expect to get the optimal effects from a given nutrient or if you're only giving certain nutrients and not giving so-to-speak all of the nutrients at optimal levels you know safe optimal levels that are required for health so those are the seven arguments so just to sort of recap really quickly we at HP di are strong believers in the role of nutritional supplements dietary supplements in one's life in addition to getting nutrients from foods and the reason that we advocate nutritional supplements beyond foods is because of all the reasons in this article industrial agriculture chemical fertilizers modern-day stress and living just reduced food quality overall for for all of the above reasons and so this has been Fred leaders with another creating health naturally video if you like this video you may click like on the youtube channel you may also subscribe to our YouTube channel we also have a monthly newsletter that sometimes comes out more than once a month and you can subscribe to that on WWE integrated health comm and there's a section on the earth to subscribe to our newsletter this has been Fred leaders with another creating health naturally video we hope you enjoyed it and we'll see you next time

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