Setting Off The Lunk Alarm At Planet Fitness

what’s going on guys mark from
superhuman fitness and as you can tell by the title and the thumbnail we’re at a
planet fitness and it’s one thing like actually going to like a planet fitness
but I can’t believe I’m going to go into one and pay like if I go in like
I’ll see a friend like hey Mark I didn’t know you go here and im like no bro i dont go here i dont you so I think Bradley Martin was talking
about how these feel good believe people like your forearm rests
on that harder on your grip but it actually feels like really good doing a
pull up all right these are like the heaviest they got ah boy
what you gotta say about that? No lunk alarm *alarm sounds* okay so the heaviest they got for dumbbells is 60s heaviest they got for these is 60s too its like a toy bro you can just toss it around yeah a fun the height from over help me
are you dead we had the flag was way too sweet wasn’t display it exactly no but
the wait for light the one someone affords is guy didn’t record it room to
go yeah we’re gonna bring it off we’re gonna get it up again okay you know this alarm stop where you stop please way needn’t call me this trike usually one
dog excuse me both days later cookies and I
know what here Bert yeah go end up my place okay ah the one please tell me little bear
yawning what second oh wait relatively ridiculous can do is reading come on boy
just reading you can see what he’s leaving dude it just just doing 250 no
to the wait it means like I loved waist oh yeah yeah
did you like to wait to benefit me what you do goodbye Planet Fitness thank you
for for everything



  2. Planet fitness is not even a gym

  3. I like how the no judgment zone is one of the judgest places in the world…

  4. I wish I was this cool

  5. Oh yeah yeah

  6. My highschool has heavier weights than planet fitness.

  7. 4:00 the rest is padding

  8. 1:50 You jinxed yourself πŸ˜‚

  9. If it’s not a gym for you why are you there? Are you making fun of a place that is catering to a different clientele than you? Seems like you are trying to be a jerk

  10. You're a small guy lol I don't know why you're talking down on a gym when u look like you just started working out a week ago.

  11. Great channel, my friend. Stopping by to show some love!

  12. Now that's impressive! Nice intro haha

  13. this place isn't bad as long as you set down the dumbbells instead of dropping them like this kid did

  14. What a homo this guy is

  15. Why can’t. A person grunt at this gym ? I don’t get it …

  16. With that shit form you fit right in

  17. You know a gym sucks when a little guy like that makes fun of it.. πŸ˜‚

  18. You are monster man.. insane workout!!

  19. Great ,liked already. Hope you return

  20. Hi. Just watched and subbed. Happy to be your supporter 943 here from Cebu City, Philippines. Please do visit and support us back. Thank you.

  21. Hi Superman, nice channel.

  22. Cool. Daan ka nman. Tnx

  23. Thank you very much for taking me to the amusement park.

  24. Done enjoying watching. Thumbs up

  25. 955 nice video..I'm coming to support you and I hope you to see you soon

  26. Alarm at 3:54

  27. Hello friend enjoy.look

  28. Nice i am new in your chenel

  29. Nice new hu

  30. Nice body. I'm new friend. Greetings from Germany! Have a great day!

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  32. Planet Snowflake

  33. New subscriber
    Pls subscribe back if you can 😍😍😍

  34. Damn first 3secs makes em want to click off and I will

  35. I’m seeing a lot of negativity here so I’m gonna say. Have a nice day everybody and I got a black card at PF and it’s amazing. 10/10 recommend πŸ™‚

  36. This place is built for dumb liberals because they are snowflakes

  37. Planet fatness

  38. Your form is terrible

  39. did anyone hear an alarm?

  40. I love the song in the beginning by Above and Beyond, my boyfriend and I went to see them twice in 2018 he's an edm freak and so am I. Sun and moon is one of my favorite songs . #trance #EDM

  41. 1:50 bruh

  42. So it's basically a girls gym then. What a nasty, judgmental company.

  43. So conceited I bet your "member" is small

  44. Superhuman Fitness, your form is complete dogshit

  45. How the hell do they have such a big gym and so much machines when everyone hates them

  46. Not full motion. You are weak.

  47. I think it's good though and needed for beginners which it pretty much states it is. They are smart because there are far more casual trainers in the world than hardcore ones. They scoop up the real money so make fun of them they are laughing all the way to the bank.

    This gym was not meant for experienced men, maybe experienced girls could workout there still. When you reach more experience you thank the gym for what it gave at the time and leave with respect and advance to the next step in your evolution.

  48. 1:50 lolol

  49. Nice leggings…LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. That is the biggest pussy gym ever fuck that gym there shouldn't be a lunk alarm

  51. This guy reach failure when he pick up the dumbbells…. the weights at Planet Fitness are too heavy for this guy!

  52. I walked in with a water jug and was told to leave it in the locker room lol

  53. just for fun i got a membership and go just to set off the lunk alarm

  54. I understand ur point but dont have to bash on it, gyms like these arent for real weight lifters as u can see from the equipment they have, it's just for people wanting to get in better shape with out the real intimidation factor many hard core gyms have, show some respect for a hobbies we all share and realize that these people are just getting into it

  55. Horrible lifting technique tho πŸ˜‚

  56. I'm a naturally quiet and shy person but once in a while I'll grunt because the exercises I do take a lot of strength and I'm just pushing myself, it's not me trying to be an asshole or anything. But if I wasn't such a quiet person I probably would have set off a couple alarms by now because I didn't even know about this rule until now lol. I honestly find the rule so stupid

  57. Funny thing about Planet Fitness, at most gyms you worry about MRSA as far as bacteria/viruses goes, Planet Fitness ups the bar with Syphilis/AIDS in their locker rooms.

    (careful laying on that locker room floor; skip the Purell and go straight for the Muriatic Acid…quickly, if PF cared about their clients they would have dispensers for that. Bad shit going in PF even on the microscopic level…not good)

  58. The above and beyond song at the beginning is πŸ’―

  59. I thought this was a joke… this gym is sad

  60. The irony of this place being a, "judgement free zone." God forbid you actually want to do a hard workout.

  61. The Lunk Alarm is not only annoying but extremely distracting when you're in the middle of a set or on a cardio machine at a high speed….

  62. I'm sure he can't trigger the lunker alarm training legs. Even if he tried. Those calves. Lol. Wearing tights to hide them.

  63. Planet Fitness is so hypocritical. They preach tolerance and no judgement, unless you're somebody that actually puts effort into your workout (what they call a "lunk'). Their lunk alarm is also far more disruptive than what it's trying to prevent. "Oh, you dropped your weights and made a vaguely loud noise for a second, let's set off this alarm that will give people Cold War flashbacks."

  64. This is why people dont join gyms. Singling out some one for trying to get fit? Nice guys.

  65. Hi civil hulk

  66. I'm a newbie at weight lifting. I'm at a Planet Fitness just for convenience. It's right near my house and easy for me to get there. I already see the limitations of this gym. It won't take me too long to outgrow it. But for now, for a beginner like me, it's alright. I have a Gold's gym and LA Fitness in town, I'll probably transfer to one of those.

    Anyway, I made the lunk alarm go off. I went to failure and dropped the weights out of fatigue. Not to show off. The fucking alarm went off. How the fuck are you supposed to get better there? Planet Fitness is for people who aren't serious, or for seniors.

  67. Hey man so I'm 14 right now and I weigh around 190 pounds I bought a membership here and it helped me lose a lot of weight but here's the thing you dudes dont understand. It's not muscle beach, it's basically just for slight muscle but mostly for weight loss

  68. They actually have the lunk alarm

  69. No grunting

  70. Plus it sounds gay

  71. You should learn how to workout so you don't hurt yourself

  72. Holy shit this whole thing is pointless durrhurrr let’s set the alarm off hurrhurrhurr goes off WTF was the point of that? To hear it πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ stfu and just workout. Plus stop being a pussy and show your LIKES AND DISLIKES

  73. fuck you

  74. Great job! Planet Fitness really is just for fat urbanites!

  75. My Planet fitness doesn't have a lunk alarm and is the best gym in the district am I the only one who has a nice planet fitness ?πŸ˜‚

  76. I want to go to gym but im afraid because of the heavy weights need to carry over there. Hahaha ill just see ur vid the whole time for me to understand. Anyway IllLeaveMy presents hir

  77. I set the alarm off last night but the lady who workered there we had a plan to do so 🀣 everyones face was priceless side note the guy behind the camera is just like my brother recording me he stops the camera i dont know how many times i have to tell him DONT STOP IT UNTIL I TELL YOU SO damn its not a hard job

  78. Pretty good example of how shallow people are in this video

  79. Those grunts sound more like moans of ecstasy!

  80. Such bad form, I’d hate to work out next to you, more like douche alarm

  81. Fuck you’re a douche.

  82. 1:55 He makes fun of the 60 pound barbell and barely does 6 reps and not properly. πŸ˜‚

  83. I’ve been going to planet fitness for a few month and I never knew what the alarm was meant for. It would go off and scare the shit out of me. Ironically I never heard the weight drops.

  84. 1:50 the alarm goes off…but not by him…your welcome

  85. The way you jumped n got back up , great channel πŸ’•

  86. 1120 sub Like channl nice video my new friend πŸƒπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ’€πŸ‘

  87. This dude has mediocre arms at best but acts like he’s jacked πŸ˜‚.. eat a burger buddy..

  88. Planet gayness

  89. It would be fine if they just called it something else. Its just an alarm that goes off if you're breaking policy. But to describe it as a lunk alarm and then describe a lunk as a man who is muscular and wearing a tank top drinking from a large water jug and doing some heavy lifting is like the definition of judgemental.

  90. 1:50

  91. Walks towards weights


  92. What a twat of a person

  93. "These are like toys", proceeds to use whole body to curl the 60

  94. hello my dear friend, nice workout, i hope you are enjoying your day. thanks for visit my channel, good day to you.

  95. hello friend thats heavy look at you you did really good on lefting heavy equiepments enjoy what you doing and we enjoy watching … new friend here lets get connected

  96. You look like crap. Do you even lift?

  97. I work at planet fitness and I really don't give a shit what you do. I just wanna finish my shift go home and do my homework and smoke some bud

  98. Are you doing momentum on purpose or wht

  99. You're a joke buddy. You cant workout not even by amateur standads. Just stop

  100. I thought they kick you out if you set it off

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