Sesame Street: Michelle Obama and Elmo – Healthy Habits

ELMO: Oh, hi. Elmo’s so excited because Elmo’s
spending the day with the First Lady, Mrs.
Michelle Obama. MICHELLE OBAMA: Hi, everyone. ELMO: What does Mrs.
Obama want to do today on Sesame Street? MICHELLE OBAMA: Well, I’d like
to have a healthy lunch at Hooper’s Store. ELMO: Oh. Well, if Mrs. Obama wants a
healthy lunch, Elmo wants a happy lunch too. MICHELLE OBAMA: Then maybe I’ll
rest over on park bench and read a book. ELMO: Oh. Well, if Mrs. Obama wants to
rest and read, Elmo will rest and read too. MICHELLE OBAMA: But first, I
want to get some exercise, so I’m going to take a walk
around Sesame Street. ELMO: Oh. Well, if Mrs. Obama exercises,
Elmo wants to exercise too. Yay, exercise! MICHELLE OBAMA: If you want
your child to have healthy habits, practiced healthy habits
too, because you’re your child’s best role model. ELMO: Oh, come on, Mrs. Obama. Come on, come on, come on. MICHELLE OBAMA: OK. All right, I’m coming. NARRATOR: For more information
on how to encourage healthy habits in your child, visit

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