Serisvape Bathala Telescoping Mech – 18650, 20650, 20700, and 21700


  1. Looks nice. Thanks for review.

  2. Nice looking mod, thanks for the review and chance Tony.

  3. I always love your reviews, they are so thorough and you consistently stay mindful of us the viewers. I personally like the all black one, thanks again Tony and please keep us updated on your project coming up soon!! Best Wishes!!

  4. Thanks for the review and the chance to win, Started to vape in 2010 first tube mod 2012.

  5. I do love a good mech! Great video Tony. I'd love to get my hands on this one.

  6. Tony,
    You have to charge a fee to give something away, do you get charged a fee when you receive things from companies ?
    If not, what part of the regs makes you exempt from the fee?
    This is not a complaint $5-10 for a device is nice, I was just curious is all. The regs seem like they would force you to have to sell items merked not for sale were you so inclined to giveaway sample devices.

  7. Great review and Thank you for the gracious chance to score this beauty!! I’ve been building and intermittently using mechs for 5 years. This would make a wonderful addition to the few mech tubes that I’ve acquired over the years and would be my only 21700 capable one….therefore the only one I’d use!!! 🙏👍🙏

  8. Hey Tony thanks for the review! I just picked up a pulse V2 and i absolutely love it man! Thanks for the chance of winning this mod, that black one looks absolutely beautiful!

  9. I think it is really cool that they provide magnets with the mod and the multi battery feature is a big plus, good review Tony

  10. You know all those batteries lying around are going to be useful for this mech tube right here!

    Black looks sexy!

  11. its pronounced as bat-ha-la

  12. I haven't used a mech in a while and I have to say some of them are nice looking. I appreciate all you do for us. Keep it up.

  13. Nice review!

    I like it a lot – the black would be wonderful around camp 👍

  14. I'm normally an exclusive temperature control user, but can build accurately to a set resistance and therefore power level (as I used to for the original Kangertech Dripbox mosfet squonker), and that mech mod is extremely nice – if anything could draw me over to the mech side, I think that would be it, due to it's wide battery cell compatibility. I usually stick to black and gold, so the all black one would fit right in. I can't see William Cooper's comment, so I'll have to check back later.
    I don't think you mentioned the retail price – something that could have a bearing on how worthwhile it may be to enter from the UK.

  15. I remember when Earl was first designing these and seeing the proto-types. I gotta get one of these for sure! I like the full black and full gray versions the best.

  16. Another good review Tony. I love my Vindicator 21 Mech Mod

  17. Not a great idea for a giveaway. Thanks for the review

  18. LOVE it, awesome looking mod, thanks for showing this to us,and the chance to score!an old china spin-off of a stingray was my first mod, I'm experienced in mec. mods

  19. Nice little mod. I like the all black one. Thanks for the chance to score. And as always another great review Tony.

  20. good review as always Tony Nice Looking mod

  21. Great vid sir, thanks for the info…. More sneak picks of the swill?

  22. Great video from a great guy. Thanks.

  23. I remember when I first started vaping and I was lost lol now I know every single thing and I love it!!! Also the vape community is my second family…thanks for another great review Tony

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