Sergi Constance | Workout Motivation


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  2. No ,1 video all sergi Constance

  3. Very nice to see you and your team performance

  4. Nice song

  5. Wts the title of this song

  6. Love from india

  7. sergi sir like you body

  8. Natty?

  9. Tipini siktiğim

  10. No.1 model

  11. Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  12. even i want to build muscle like

  13. I love it vidos

  14. How much time does it take to have a body like him?

  15. Monster

  16. Se escreva aqui

  17. He's my boy…😊😊😊😎😎

  18. So que ele tem suplemento bom

  19. Até parece meus treino na academia so que eu faço bem mais série ne

  20. Insane physice sir

  21. Insane physice sir

  22. nice bro gd

  23. Steroids it's pathetic

  24. Com anabolizantes qualquer um fica monstro.

  25. Love from PAKISTAN!

  26. Fitness +smartness 😮😮

  27. Рожа как у педика а фигура гавно

  28. His origanal channel is being aqeeb

  29. i like u bro 👍👍👍

  30. Can i have the name of song

  31. Doğal değil ilaçlı hareketleri çok hızlı yapıyor

  32. Perfect

  33. Esse cara parece o bruno henrique do palmeiras!!!

  34. Охуенно

  35. Pelo shape não sei quem e melhor, ele ou Felipe Franco

  36. Motivashion chemical praparshion

  37. Very nice music

  38. Химоза

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