Sergi Constance & Mike O'Hearn CHEST workout at Golds Gym Venice LA

you all right it is Sunday morning Bulls gym ten o'clock this is late for me if you the Lord with you it's alright so we're going to throw down some chests today and look at this look at this I think he's done he doesn't need to work out anymore it's awesome one of the big things is trying to turn check the ego in assets so what you want to do is at this stage bernisa I do this every week so a little used to it he doesn't train heavy as I do all the year round should be smart like he's doing right now we're just pushing it enough to where he's still building the muscles don't look at round this to it and everything like that understand the difference right now be smart with it Porcia when you're that close and drievliet show alright guys so watch what he's doing really pay attention you in some inclines now after we did the bar the bars for that thickness that you want start off the compound movement that real thickness dense muscle you want and now we're going to be shaping up a little bit more isolation dumbbells how you squeezing it come out push it all the way in squeeze the muscle just warm up again same thing now here you go now he's starting to strip so did you guys in girls just keep calm Keep Calm because you see him move all this weight and you get motivated like that and you want to put more and more and more and this is the best motivation that is a half of a farmer with writing and I missed my left happy today our society to be here with him and this is a really motivation for me to keep going see you see he's going up now see that same thing set the number you said it to three people Hey come on come on come on we go ten one nutjob so it's a moderate incline flyes now we'll stay with high reps again 12 to 15 right in that range do about three sets moderate religion isolation we've not a heavy exercise you don't need to go ballistically heavy on this more isolation squeeze over the fingers coming through nice squeeze all the way down these elbows are slightly down contraction there we go see that that's what you want break there still kind of focusing more on the upper chest with the one not jump there you go there you go yeah now we did some flies is we go back to do some decline this is decline now finish off the chest did the thickness the density we killed it we competed we push each other let's finish it off now complete destruction today you can also you don't want to cuz Arnold is behind us and you guys don't even know that because you're not here to feel this energy goals gym up at Sunday morning it's incredible old-school feeling mostly was like Arnold Schwarzenegger here and everything so you got it you got to pump it up they see what is going lower outer chest that low-cut alright good isolation nice nice lead isolation see that just finishing out here to myself what you're gonna want to look like for you guys that's your goal right there try to mimic this to mimic the shape and everything your tapered your chest your shoulders arms the Homer set Oh grab a side job said sixty-eight all the way down right now so we do what we do baby just one-on-one it was good that was a great day man Sunday chest day kind of like this yet please join in yeah three heaven here one year like I said earlier one year this guy's going to be on the Olympia stage kicking ass hope now be a Buddha left with welcome support pressure focusing on with this I love this and so fascinated with enjoy everyone they go I will do my best or he already did he already did it man and I love it I love the career I love following you I love what you're doing yeah what it's like when you like self-made like you I'm going through boy what motivates me an icon yes Syd man don't you guys are listening to this because this is the real stuff right here this is uh this is what it's about the appreciative bite like hell don't ever give up dreams come true all of them you've up you


  1. My favourite sir u r looking good im also work hard one day is one day im look like u

  2. I love Sergi constance

  3. Very beautiful 😍👍

  4. they both put the "hair in piece"!!!

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  6. Sorry 2 say but people who are bodybuilding in gold gym are 90% juicers

  7. I like your body sergi

  8. now sergi gains too much muscle mass…

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  10. Swoll ass Jorge Linares

  11. Gran evolucion sergi saludos desde italia💪

  12. Mike show your physique

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  14. OMG!!! Saludos desde latinoamérica.

  15. Natty body bildars

  16. Nhìn anh cute quá ❤

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  18. Imagine training at a gym.. you look back and see arnie working out there… @6:45

  19. Hi bro

  20. sergie se ve flaco al lado de mike asi de grande sera ahaha

  21. Nicc

  22. Sir m aapka sabse bada fen ho par mere pas gim k ropye nahi h

  23. Cara de hijo de puta mal parrido

  24. Who can do more reps with a 100 kg power twister, Sergi or Mike?

  25. Whi brings dog to gym 😂😂😂😂 at 3:37 😂😂

  26. Sergi looks like that guy from preacher.


  28. 6:04 Thumbnail

  29. Nice

  30. love idol sergi constance

  31. Buen video

  32. sergi is best

  33. Great sergi Constance!👌👌💪

  34. Ideal person

  35. Sergi💕

  36. 👍👍👍

  37. Ohearn is crazy faking beast

  38. Sergi se ve pequeño al lado de Mike :v


  40. Chest pump

  41. I'd like to see his eating habits

  42. You are my idol ,I have posture of your's body in my room from Sarthak. And Sergi you are the smart and handsome .

  43. best workout shirts and tanktops for him/her

  44. 2 good bodybuilder

  45. So jarda força nem vê la kkjj

  46. Sergio is wild

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