Senior Physical Fitness at Home : Front Raise Shoulder Strengthening Exercise for Seniors

hi this is Manny Castro exercise physiologist in this clip I will demonstrate a strengthening exercises for the front of the shoulders using a regular household chair and dumbbells or again as explained in preet in the previous clip a pair of empty milk jugs and you can fill them with water to your required resistance or your preferred resistance now for this exercise once again you want to sit down in your chair with your back to the backing of the chair nice and straight back your abdominals nice and tight your feet are flat on the floor about shoulder width apart and you will bring your arms down now this time your palms will be facing back instead of facing inside the way they were in the in the previous exercise what you'll do is you'll raise your arms up straight in front of you and you'll hold them for about a second and then you want to put your arms right back down using a nice slow count of three and all the repetitions you do with all these exercises you'll want to use a nice low count of three to come up and then nice slow count of three to come down remember at the top of the movement to hold it for about a second once again when you complete your eight to twelve repetitions you will rest two to three minutes and then complete another set or even two to three sets after that

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