Senior Physical Fitness at Home : Bicep Curl Exercises for Seniors

hi this is Manny Castro exercise physiologist in this clip we're talking specifically about strengthening the biceps muscles in the front of the arm and these strength exercises again are meant for seniors which you will need for this particular exercise is again your pair of dumbbells or again a jug of a couple of jugs of milk empty milk cartons which you would fill up with water and adjust for your resistance all you want to do for this exercise is once again feet flat on the floor and your feet are about shoulder width apart arms down to the side make sure your back is flat on the chair on the back of the chair and you're sitting all the way back on your chair your palms are facing forward and what you will do is bring your arms straight up in front of you to where they can't move now it's very important that you keep your shoulder your elbows by your by your side by your ribcage and not lift them up as you come up this movement will target another area and really what you're targeting is again the front of the arms the biceps same concept as in every other exercise explain what you will do is as you raise them it's a slow count of three hold it for one second and then you will lower them for slow count of three once again eight to twelve repetitions and you will do about two to three sets with about two to three minutes rest in between sets

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