Senior Home Workout

hi and welcome to Nancy and waters house this is where I'm going to teach you your senior home workouts program beginner intermediate and advanced now hopefully and it probably does your home looks something like this you don't need a gym I'm going to teach you the three series of programs to do here in your variants so what I've done is I've split the program into four color-coded dates we're going to do a blue program on a Monday we're going to do a red program on a Wednesday either a Friday or a Saturday we're going to do the yellow program and then the green program starts the second week on a Monday again I'm going to teach you everything you need to know for a full body workout safe full body workout in the safety of your own home so you don't have to pay for a gym membership and you don't have to go out of your house meet Nancy a water now before any day on this program and at the end we are going to do a short series of stretch exercises which Nancy and water are about to demonstrate now first what we're going to stretch is the big part of your leg here the quad so what Nancy and Walt are going to do they're going to hold on and what they're going to do is they're actually going to pull their foot up behind their back now when they do this what you're doing is you're holding on for balance you're actually going to hold above the ankle while you do this and you're going to count slowly to 20 or 30 seconds so that will be 20 seconds now what they're going to do they're going to turn the other way and they're going to hold on as well again pulling that leg right up to the bar above the ankle and again we're going to count to 20 to 30 seconds now from that exercise what we're going to do here is they're going to stand up nice and straight they're going to lean over and touch their toes or they're going to go in the direction of touching their toes I want you to break the knee oh we need to keep the knee locked so they're going to go over and try and touch their toes without bending the knee so Nancy's able to go all the way down and water as well so at this point they're slowly counting in their head twenty to thirty seconds now it's time for exercise four we're going to work your shoulders and seeing water above singing chairs now this is your senior home workout so you might not have weights at home it's not an issue I'm going to show you a demonstration with two bottles of water and Nancy has some home weights so if you have weights at home and these are three pound weights you can use them with this exercise if not and we're going to do it with two full bottles of water that you can hold in your hands so Nancy and water are sitting writing their seats here their backs are nice and straight they're going to hold the two items in their hand if it's the water or if it's the weights and they're going to bring their arms up together now to a ninety degree angle and bring them slowly down and again breathe in as we come up and breathe out as we come down again you're looking to do 10-12 repetitions of this nice and slowly this is going to give you strength in your shoulders so we're kind up I'm coming down and breathing out now once you've done the 10 or 12 repetitions you take a break catch your breath again and then you go for another set you want to do 3 sets of this and I want you to be sitting in a seat with your back nice and upright and down and now rest now it's time for exercise 4 we're actually going to work and strengthen your lower back lower back is an issue for many people so as we get older and to stop this arch and this posture we're going to strengthen your lower back so I'm going to teach you an exercise now now Nancy and water are laying here on the floor this would be your living room or this would be your bedroom and you might well be laying on a map or a carpet now they're laying on their stomachs the head is down their arms are behind them and what we're going to do here is we're going to raise the body up off the floor like that that's it we'll bring the body up off the floor they had a neck and bring it down it is just from the waist up words that we are bringing up off the floor and again as we come up we breathe in and we bleed out as we come down this is going to strengthen your lower back big issue for many people here now we're going to look again anywhere from 8 to 12 repetitions while we do this once we've done our set of 8 or 12 and take a little break for 30 seconds or a minute and then we do a second set so you're going to do again 3 sets of this lower back exercise rhapsodize hi and welcome to exercise 2 now it's time for some stomach crunches yes we all need to do stomach crunches not for the reason it's just looking good but also for your posture we're working on your core I showing you exercises for your lower back and now we're going to work the other side your stomach it's important that you be strong around your core so here we're going to do some stomach crunches now you're going to do these on the floor you can either do them on a mat or you can do them on a copy in your living room in your bedroom you choose where you want to do this ok so Nancy and Walter are here on the floor and we're going to show you the correct way to do the stomach crunches so Nancy and water going to lay down for me now I've been doing this in training people for a long time your neck becomes an issue so what they're doing is they're cuffing their hands together and they're supporting their neck here now what we're going to do we're going to raise the top of the body up to meet the bottom of the body I don't want you to force it I just want you to bring them up that's it bring up now want to bring up the blocky and down good and they're going to bring the feet down tap them on the floor and then we begin the exercise again that's it that's it breathing in as we come up and breathing out as we go down and again breathe in and breathe out again same principles apply as the other exercises we're going to be doing eight to twelve repetitions on these you take a little break in between sets and then we're going to try for three sets and relax guys hi and welcome to exercise one now today we're going to work the same muscle groups that we worked on the second program the red program now we are going to start with some chests here so Nancy and water are sitting on the floor you can do this at home in either your living room or your bedroom wherever you've got enough space Nancy's holding the three pound weights and water again is holding the full bottles of water that he can cut in his hands now what we're going to do they're going to lay down on the way now I've given you two different examples here Nancy has her legs up which actually minimizes the arch in her back because a lot of women will find that that arch in the back is uncomfortable water's actually laying down you can choose either I do not mind now what they're going to do they're going to start with their arms up in this 90 degree angle and they're going to come down to their sides opening up their chest they're going to hit the floor slightly and then they're going to bring the arms back up again into a bear hug and down so we're breathing is and out as we come up and again and breathe out let's try two more these is and out and again people remember eight to twelve repetitions take your time don't do this action too fast watch Nancy on water for their speed and one more each arms down and breathe out and bring your arms up and rest good okay and we are looking to do this three sets with a break of 30 seconds to a minute in between sets well done congratulations you've actually completed your beginner senior home workout program now remember this program is for color-coded days I want you to work on this program for a number of eight weeks once you've completed this program for a number of eight weeks only then will it be time to advance to the intermediate program


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