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senior citizens red carpet health insurance policy while crossing sixty years of age people begin to reposition their life's priorities and tend to revel in things that matter but it is also the time when health care contingencies arise and unforeseen medical emergency can result in severe financial crisis unless they are covered under an extensive medical insurance policy that's flexible and affordable just like our senior citizens red carpet health insurance policy of Starr's health insurance a policy that is devised to bring back smiles into the lives of senior citizens while most other insurance providers seem reluctant to offer health insurance cover for people with entry age ranging from 60 to 75 years citing high chances of play star has been current addresses senior citizens medical requirements with a tailor-made senior citizens red carpet health insurance policy it allows entry into health insurance for persons from 60 years to 75 years without pre acceptance medical screening and also offers a host of benefits such as like long remove outpatient consultation benefits hi some men showed up to ten lakh rupees fixed premium irrespective of PA pre-existing diseases coverage after 12 months unlike others health insurance policies that usually offer total coverage without PE D only after four years 10 percent discount on the premium every year by providing a medical test report done not before 45 days of the proposal date policy benefits room rent benefits of 1% of the sum insured up to a maximum of rupees 6000 per day ICU expenses are word up to 2% of some in short professional see doctors specialists consultants surgeons fees are paid up to 25% of the something's all other medical expenses up to 50% of some insurance ambulance charges covered up to a maximum of rupees 1200 for the entire policy curve at the rate of rupees 600 per hospitalization post hospitalization expenses are covered up to a maximum of 5,000 rupees treatment of all major diseases and surgeries based on the sum insured chosen certain listed day care expenses are also covered unique advantages of senior citizens red carpet health insurance policy claims are processed and settled by an in-house claims team which is regarded as the best among other insurance our claim settlement process has been recognized with several awards and accolades year-on-year tie-up with 7,000 plus network hospitals 24 by 7 call centers to support the customers toll-free number one a double zero four to five double to double five section a TD income tax benefit up to 30,000 rupees for senior citizens the freedom to enjoy a host of benefits at the most affordable premium makes senior citizens red carpet health insurance policy absolutely ideal for senior citizens to address their medical requirements what's stopping you your wellness doesn't cost yo savings at your later age so raise a toast to a stress-free retired life yes start health insurance the health insurance specialist



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