Senate To Introduce Bipartisan Measure To Stop Surprise Medical Bills | NBC Nightly News

patients are outraged a woman with insurance got an appendectomy at a hospital in network she was still charged nearly five thousand dollars they've made money off of me during the moat one of the most vulnerable days of my life a two-month-old needed emergency heart surgery there is months and months of bills her parents who also had insurance were whacked with $100,000 in bills in a recent poll four out of ten Americans with health coverage said they received surprise medical bills within the last year oh it's outrageous it's totally unacceptable senators Maggie Hassan and Bill Cassidy a physician himself say they have a fix and bipartisan support to get it passed but Maggie and I advocate is that okay let's hold the patient harmless and let these other entities work it out it's called baseball style arbitration it's been piloted and used well in New York the Senate proposal forces health care providers to negotiate out-of-network bills with insurance companies if they don't reach an agreement an independent arbiter would step in choosing a price for the healthcare services based on the market rate state-by-state patients that I've spoken to they spend weeks months in some cases years wrangling with insurance companies hospitals and doctors will this really get them out of that process that is the whole point of this bill the Senators say health care providers and insurance companies have concerns but as long as we stay focused on the patient's those concerns will work themselves out the goal is to get it passed quickly until then the surprise medical bills keep coming Stephanie Gosk NBC News Washington NBC News fans thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching


  1. If you go to the Emergency Room for treatment, be prepared to get bills from every department that treated you instead of one bill!

  2. Bravecto flea and tick medicine stole my dog's eye site… All about money.

  3. To late!!

  4. Typical trick of the trade. Just tell them NO !

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