Sen. Warren On Health Care: ‘I Will Sign Anything That Helps’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Big government will never work. If Democrats want to lose they will put Warren in the White House. How exactly would you enforce the wealth tax?

  2. Democrats need to stop insisting perfection from our candidates.

  3. I always hear about the moldy walls, and how we can scrub it clean. But, I rarely hear about fixing the leaky roof.  Here is the leaky roof:
    We are a flawed democracy because of 1) The electoral college, 2) first past the post voting, 3) our over-powered Senate, that undermines the voice of the people from the House of Representatives.

    And, I think she must know…nothing will get done, with a Republican Senate. So, I'm not sure why democrat candidates are not talking more about how to win the Senate.

    Senate 2020  / 53 (R), 47 (D)
    Likely flips: AL will go (R), CO and MA will go (D)
    Democrats need 2+WH, or 3 for majority, and not lose any other seats.
    Best options for Dems: AZ, NC, and IA.

  4. I do adore this woman

  5. Here's the questions I would have asked her:
    "How do you plan on achieving all these things, when the Republicans control the Senate?"
    "It is predicted that a recession will most likely happen in the next 4 years. Will this not hobble the many things you want to achieve? Or, how will achieve these things, while lessing the impact of a recession?"
    "Every president has said, "Our system is broken". What do they mean? What is broken?"

  6. We need Medicare for All. Once Warren began to equivocate on that subject her support began to plummet.


    [Ah, OK!] [Yes OK!] [C'm'on!] [Say there!]
    I saw a King [Pardon, what?]
    I saw a King
    A King who was crying
    Sitting on the saddle
    Cried so many tears [So many that?]
    So many that
    He was soaking
    The horse itself
    [Poor King!]
    And poor horse too. [Ah, yes!]
    It was the Emperor
    Who took from him
    A nice castle
    Of the 32 that he had.
    [Poor King!]
    And poor horse too!

  8. Pocahontas…… will do and say anything for a vote…. typical socialist hypocrites lying scum…

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