Sen. Rand Paul Discusses Association Health Plans and Lowering Taxes – Oct. 12, 2017

President Trump is doing what I believe is the biggest free market reform of healthcare in a generation this reform if it works and goes as planned will allow millions of people to get insurance across state lines at an inexpensive price all right what the center left out is he really is the one who came up with this idea that the president was touting in this executive order signing today the Kentucky Republican former presidential candidate Rand Paul with us right now senator thank you the taking time right now let's talk a little bit about how this changes what was already out there because you already have some legal types won't tell me the president can't do this anymore than the president before him was was pushing executive orders to do what he wanted what do you saying well the difference is is we're talking about getting rid of a law or a restriction on constitutional behavior First Amendment has you have the right to peaceably assemble that has been taken as a right to associate n-double-a-cp versus Alabama back in the 60s reaffirmed that decision so yes you have a right to associate the government was preventing people from associating so people are allowed inherently they have the natural freedom to join associations the government was saying they couldn't but here's the interesting thing over half of the people in our country who have private insurance already associate across state lines through corporations so half the insurance sold in our country is large group ERISA plans that is largely free of a lot of the regulatory morass that brings prices up interestingly the people who have this large group cross state insurance already have this the slowest increase in premiums of any place in the market it actually works people like their insurance you work for General Motors or forward or Toyota most people like that insurance now we're gonna let the plumber and the baker and the pest control guy we're gonna let all those people join associations and get the same purchasing power but also the same good insurance that big corporations get you know you're talking about ERISA the Employee Retirement Income Security Act that would allow some of this flexibility and extending it here I would be curious though we noticed senator that a lot of hospital related stocks were down and and largely on on fears I think that that who are not you know in a pool of healthy Americans who are able to get a more flexible covers out so it would be in a pool of their own that could be decidedly awesome there what do you make here's the interesting thing group coverage can't deny anybody they can't discriminate and they have to accept people with pre-existing conditions the other things in economic principle if you have three people in your business and one of them gets leukemia your pool of three is sort of devastated economically because the insurance company will gouge you for that but if you're one of you joined the National Restaurant Association there's fifteen million people and one person gets leukemia you're hidden in a large group but I promise you none of these statewide groups are gonna be allowed to discriminate they're gonna accept all comers and one of the beauties of this if we can get them to a large and substantial size nobody's too worried actually about the pre-existing conditions anyway because it gets swallowed up in the enormity of the group size but insurance companies do not like this and they are worried that we'll cut into their profits insurance company profits doubled or almost tripled under Obamacare and they still want individuals they want more money to pay for individuals to get insurance this is going to empower the consumer and the consumer will be king in the equation again senator as you're speaking we're monitoring very closely the chief of staff general kelly is is addressing reporters right now so no matter what he's going to be saying but he is also taught the administration has talked about sticking to an aggressive timetable not only to repeal and ultimately replace Obamacare whether this is an effort in that direction or not but also on taxes and the Speaker Paul Ryan say today even if that means voting on Christmas Eve to get this thing done we will get it done is that the sentiment in the Senate as well you know I'm all in for cutting taxes the one thing I've been vocal on is I want to make sure that we look at the details of the plan that we make sure that the middle class is getting a tax cut and not a tax increase does that mean by the way cuz I heard that as well sir not too long ago and I'm not wondering was that a threat that you would be a possible no vote on this if there is someone who gets their taxes right Neil I would call it a helpful suggestion and I will tell you the president listening the president has told me several times now he said I will not raise taxes on the middle income folks and he's pointed at his people and said make sure it doesn't happen but I'll tell you why we're concerned so we can all be on the same wavelength middle-income people from 75,000 to 300,000 pay it the 25% rate if you take two big deductions from them and you keep the rate the same there's a good chance some people's taxes are going up in that tax bracket so you remove then because that would mean you wouldn't want those deductions removed then because a little bit sudden they would face high your are you saying there ways to are you saying it and we're monitoring is it by the way chief scott kelly says he is not intending to leave we'll keep monitoring I want to say there are ways to accommodate it for me he's a great shame if you keep the rate the same and get rid of it understands my worries taxes are don't ship so you have to do something you can at a rate level any group is race or is it any taxes are raised is this your way saying I just can't vote for it I think the better way of looking at it is the preponderance of people most everybody has to get a tax cut is there going to be a rare exception there might be but I want virtually everybody in the middle class to get a tax cut I want versa everybody at the lower end to be held harmless or get a tax cut and I'm fine with cutting the taxes for the rich as well I want everybody have a tax cut but I'm I tell people and they need to listen to this carefully if you cut taxes on the rich and you raise taxes on the middle class you're gonna meet a dead wall you have to make sure everybody in the middle class or the vast majority get a tax cut that's all I'm advocating for and the president agrees with me completely so I think it's gonna happen but the details are very important in this and I want to make sure before it gets cranked out on the floor that they have addressed our very real concerns that there are some parts of the bill right now that could allow the middle class to have a tax increase they have assured me at the White House they don't want this and I'm gonna continue to work with them but I want to make sure the middle class gets a tax cut did you notice any frustration of the White House John Kelly is addressing this right now sir saying there's no intention of leaving and he's taking reporters questions it comes after this dust-up with Senator corker and some nastiness that apparently were told Kelly was not Vonda what do you think of this and the personnel issues are they are they a concern to you do you think the president has a personnel problem you know the interesting thing I was just there I was in the White House with the president with the budget director with the vice president with General Kelly and I saw a working functioning cohesive teams what I saw now not there all the time right I'm there on occasion but I've never seen anything less than professionalism and I hear nothing but compliments the general Kelly has brought professionalism there and the way the president addressed and talked about your colleague senator corker you know I don't know that exactly what you mean by that but I do know the nasty questions well my interactions have always been good with the president I think the president's doing a great job and I think what he wants is best for the country that is to reduce taxes on everyone and I think he truly wants to see economic growth in our country and we have such pessimism look Obama President Obama couldn't get out of the 1% growth rate we were less than 2% but historically for 100 years before that we were over 3% I think President Trump wants us to grow again and I think you can see when you go and you see blue-collar workers at his rallies they do believe that he cares about getting them jobs and making jobs in America and that's going to come with tax cuts it's not going to come with more big government all right Rand Paul thank you very very much the aforementioned


  1. This interviewer is so annoying. Let Rand Paul answer in complete.

  2. Neil Cavuto is such an annoying interviewer.

  3. Why has Congress failed to say "NO" to insurance companies? If you have been held "hostage" then why? You point to economies of scale but it HAS to have been about K-Street corruption. These were "rules" any president could have eliminated with the stroke of a pen. That they didn't says, to me, that it was not politically or financially beneficial to the crooks.

  4. This is way overdue. This is the “reform” we’ve needed all along.

  5. jesus neil STFU and let the man SPEAK!!!

  6. Wow…a little FREEDOM!

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