Sen. Kamala Harris on Hitchhiking to Graduation, Women’s Health, Climate Crisis

-Thank you so much
for taking time out of your schedule
to be with us tonight. I appreciate that.
-Of course. -We have a whole room full
of college students here. -I know. Our future — [ Cheers and applause ] Our future is bright. -What was Kamala Harris like
in college? -Oh.
-Like, if there was Instagram… -Yeah, what would
that shot have been? -Yeah. -Well, it would have included
me protesting apartheid… -Uh-huh.
-…on the Mall. And it probably
would have included me in the various jobs that I had. I was a tour guide at the Bureau
of Engraving and Printing, where they make the money, and I would take people
through the tour. I worked at McDonald’s
one summer. [ Cheers and applause ] -Let’s talk about that.
How was that? -You know, so, I mostly
had the fries station. -Oh, yeah.
-But sometimes I graduated to actually checking people out.
-Yeah. -At the cash register.
-Yeah. -I never got to the
flipping the hamburgers piece. That would have been
a real promotion. -Yeah, no.
You didn’t get that far? -I didn’t get that far. -My friend worked at McDonald’s,
and they would give me — They would slip a couple
extra fries in there for me. -Yeah. -Your real friends, you’re like,
“Oh, yeah, no, you — There were two fries.” -Yeah, I’m not admitting
to that right now. -Imagine. A big
McDonald’s scandal, yeah. -But I loved being in college.
I hitchhiked to graduation. Don’t —
I shouldn’t tell you that. -What was that about? -The night before
was a late night and — [ Cheers and applause ] -Finally! Finally. Okay. Yeah. -And we missed our rides. And so a girlfriend of mine, who lived
just down the street from me, we were hustling,
and we were running late. And our families were on campus
and they were all ready. And we were supposed to be
walking across the stage. And we couldn’t figure out
how to — And we had our graduation robes, and we were like,
“Let’s just get out there.” And we just hitched. It was old-fashioned, old-school
thumb up on the street. -No way.
-Yes. Yes. -How far away were you
from the graduation? -It was, you know, probably —
I don’t know. 15, 20 blocks? -And no one knew
that you were doing any of this. No cellphones. -No, we got there, and
that was the important thing. And we didn’t really confess. I don’t think I’ve ever
actually told many people. -Thank you for opening up.
I appreciate that. -Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. -But you made it, right?
-You got to get there. -You have to get there, yeah. This was your third
Democratic debate we just finished last week.
-Yeah, right. -How did you think you did? And is there any issues that you
wish you could have touched upon that they didn’t bring up?
-You know, I really — We’ve got to talk about issues
like choice for women and access to
reproductive healthcare. [ Cheers and applause ] And you guys know.
I mean, it’s a big issue. And women — the women
of America right now are, you know,
full-on under attack by these states and others
who are passing legislation that is, you know,
prohibiting a woman to make a decision
about her own body. And it’s all these
out-of-touch politicians who are making these decisions. And they need to understand — [ Cheers and applause ] They need to understand
it’s the woman’s body. It’s not their body. And, you know,
I was in a hearing for, you know,
the Supreme Court. I was on the Senate
Judiciary Committee. And I actually asked
the nominee, “Is there a law that you know of
that tells a man what he can do with his body
or should do with his body?” -Yeah.
-Right? -There is none.
-No. No. -Wow. -You know,
and it’s a real issue. And, you know,
it is about woman — It’s about a woman’s right to make decisions
about her own life. And it really —
In this year, in 2019, that we’ve still got legislators who are telling women
what to do with their own body. -Yeah.
-And in some of these cases, it’s not an extreme statement
to say that women will die. Because poor women — a lot
of, you know, women of color are the ones who are not going
be able to travel to a state to have a physician-assisted
procedure and, out of desperation,
are going to do exactly what women in previous
generations resorted to out of desperation. It’s a real issue, so I wish
that that would have been discussed in any one
of the debates. It has not been brought up
as a subject, and it’s one of the biggest
issues facing women in America right now.
-That’s bizarre… …that it wasn’t brought up.
-Yeah. -You — I know you have a kid.
You have a daughter who’s… -Yes.
-…college age. -What issues do they bring up,
do your kids bring up? They’re like, “Oh, Mom,
you got to talk about this.” -Yeah, it’s a lot
about dating advice. -“You can’t bring it up
in the debates, but what do you think?
Is my boyfriend cute?” -You know, it’s — I can’t talk about their
business on national TV. They will kill me. -Right now they’re going,
“Mom, stop it.” -But, you know, it’s that. They talk about climate
and the climate crisis. It’s real.
-Yeah. -Because, I mean, you know,
we have all these leaders here, these college students who know
that we are failing them and they’re going to
end up paying a price. Over the next 12 years,
if we do nothing, it will be irreversible
in terms of the harm. And you’ve got, you know, a
president, a current president who’s pushing science fiction
instead of science fact. He had the nerve to say
wind turbines cause cancer. Jay Inslee, who was in the race,
I love his phrase. Jay, I’m giving you
credit for this. And he said, “You know, no, wind
turbines don’t cause cancer. They cause jobs.”
Right? [ Cheers and applause ] So, I have a Green New Deal,
and it’s about creating jobs. It’s about addressing
ignored communities, and that relates
to poor communities, communities of color,
the indigenous people, and making sure
that folks are not overlooked. And that’s about accountability.
Because I’ve taken on the big oil companies before,
when I was attorney general of California,
and let’s just be clear. There are people
who are profiting off of the pollution
they are creating. And the bottom line —
You’ve been in L.A., right? -Of course.
-You know, remember — Did you ever go to L.A.
about 20 years ago? Remember what color
that sky was? -Black.
-Right. -And now you look up,
and it’s blue. And you know why? Because leaders led, and people said, “Enough.
We can do something about it.” The pollution is caused
by human behaviors, which can be changed without
much change to our lifestyles. We need leadership,
and that’s one of probably the most critical reasons
that we need a new president
of the United States. And I intend
to be the next president who’s going to deal with this.
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ]


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