Self Esteem – The Secret for building a high one (Practical exercise)

Do you know what the number one things that
if you have iy, the quality of your life will be improved dramatically in all areas?
You probably know the answer Yes ! It is your self-esteem level.
By having a high level of self-esteem your financial situation will be improved, your
relationships will be improved and even your overall happiness will be improved.
But the problem with self-esteem is that, it is something that we can’t actually grasp
or even measure. And there are so many methods and techniques out there that are made to
improve self-esteem but unfortunately they are not solid techniques.
So the secret for building high level of self-esteem is by basically finding a solid technique
and then continuously applying it every day for a certain period of time.
And that’s what I am going to give you in few seconds.
So as Nathaniel Brandon said in his book the six pillars of self-esteem, self-esteem has
two main components: First is the confidence to cope with the basic
challenges of life. Second is the confidence in one’s right to
be successful and happy. In order to improve your self-esteem you need
to hit these two elements every day. But how will we do that?
First, get a notebook and pen. Then, write down 3 tasks each day for 3 months,
and make sure to do these tasks without missing a single day. One thing to consider is don’t
make these tasks too difficult, make them easy but little bit challenging. For example
if you have a social anxiety you can make one of your tasks that way: I should go to
a stranger and ask him about something. You see !Not easy but not difficult
Next, at the end of every single day for 5 to 10 minutes repeat the following affirmations:
I am worthy because [] I deserve happiness because []
I deserve to be successful because [] And complete the void with what you had accomplished
that day. As you see, the technique is so simple but
in the same time it requires a great amount of discipline.
So make sure to never miss a day. and that’s it guys I hope you like the video
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