Selena Gomez Talks New Music, Mental Health, and Finding Happiness

hi guys it’s Celina and I’m back here with Zach thing and the whole gang and I’m happy to be here we talk about a lot of stuff and I just want you guys to check it out that’s good it’s happy it’s weird it’s awkward and that’s me hello he’s always wearing a hoodie it’s really sad it’s okay we’ll get you I wanted one of the hoodies that everybody made for you I know what do we do in Connor hook us up with some goods oh there it is by the way hello beautiful human we have a Dan here hello hello if you want to do you want you don’t I sound much better probably see the headphones yeah we’re here for Zach not you I did have them exchanged out of brand-new pair too yeah because I was like you know Selena’s coming just life you know what I see this whole time but if I had the power to one day walk around with a microphone and a little speaker on my belt in a process or attached to the back of my waist I would mom because I really do feel like people don’t get the full me oh let’s just do this process wow that’s deep you feel I feel you I’m so attached to it it’s been me for so long I understand by the way hello beautiful human Selena Gomez is here in the studio first question did you really shoot this video on an iPhone yeah cuz it looks amazing thank you is that wild what kind of iPhone do you use because I can never get it right no it’s the new one and it actually ended up being something cool we just got a relationship with Apple and they thought it would be fun to try it was honestly just an experiment safe at work and we got to shoot both music videos with the iPhone it was weird but it was cool like you we taped an iphone to the ground and I could walk over it then we had them kind of taped around this dome that we were dancing in and I’d honestly I didn’t know what it was gonna turn out to be a bit it’s stunning are you shooting on a backup camera just in case no iPhone or nothing that was it Wow I know that is pretty wild to be I mean the iPhone is culture the iPhone is humanity the iPhone is life essentially yep it’s redefined everything and it’s cool that your music is tied to the fact that people can shoot full-length freaking music videos in their pocket and anybody can do it that’s cool I mean hey I had a lot of help so I’m not trying to sit here and say I recorded this on an iPhone no it was Connor you’re doing amazing exactly okay look at her now oh what a beautiful record thank you that one’s fun flaps well thank you who are you talking to you in that song are you talking to every girl that’s felt what I felt you know that moment when you just kind of reached that point and you just want to be like I actually I’m actually good and I feel good and that’s what it felt like for me because we wrote lose you to love me first okay and then I mean at that point we had had probably 20 songs or so that I had collected over the years and then I think something happened this year that was really special it just started pouring out of me and I got to work with the amazing writers I always work with Justin Tranter Julia Michaels shoutout but then I got to work with other other songwriters that I fell in love with as well so what we did look at her now it was almost just a celebration song so it actually wasn’t even gonna be on the album then what changes what what hit you and you were like this needs to see the way today well because I was releasing lose you to love me I thought it was a perfect way to kind of wrap up a chapter and I wanted it to show the vulnerability of experiencing the pain of of heartbreak and then stepping into this whole other journey which is mine and I feel really great about it so I mean I did it for me but I also did it for my fans you know they’re so sweet and they always just want to see me dance and do fun stuff so I thought I’d try it it’s very cool to see I don’t know just to see this evolution as somebody who’s enjoyed your music from the very beginning I’ve never been more excited for an heiress Lina ever before in my life I appreciate that thank you because it’s it’s just so honest well why was it important to start with a ballad I think it would have been stupid if I didn’t acknowledge my feelings it would be on inauthentic is a better word because I feel like I’ve always I’ve always been Who I who I’ve been I’ve never really hidden anything and I you know I take my moments step back a little bit and just let life go but then I don’t know my phone is ringing I’m sorry oh it’s okay oh it’s okay it’s an 888 number do you want to answer though yeah what are they trying to sell you I don’t know hello is not a solicitation call hi this is the credit card holder award sorry got distracted real fucking problem that we all go through I know that’s so weird like I get at least seven calls a day and every time I get excited oh my god somebody’s calling me could be big news yeah no no it’s insurance looking for something or my favorite is when I wake up and I’m like all these messages and I’m like nothing I’m like great I’m so loved telemarketer after telemarketer seriously okay I’m sorry I interrupted no look at her now and lose you love me a chapter in a larger story that’s coming in this album no it’s actually just kind of summing up one part of me and then the rest of it is just it’s just me having a really good time talking about real things and vulnerability and strength and you know there’s a song that I basically said I can’t let myself let me down you know and I wanted to kind of interpret that as like every time I feel bad I always end up going into this spiral and I just feed it and I’ve learned over the years to to take a step back from that and try to rewire your thoughts so that you’re kind of more focused on what its gonna turn into because you know one of the worst moments of my life ended up being the biggest blessing of my life and I think that’s that’s strength you know i-i’ve you that as that and I’m really grateful for those things because I can turn it into something good how do you get there how do you get to the point in your life where you have the ability to turn your weakest moments into your strongest I just honestly I’m not that strong it had to it had to be the people that are around me 100% and being able to also have my fans support me and I’m not meaning that in a typical way where everybody says that I had to get up because I wanted to get up because of them you know I I feel that they’re part of me because I’ve started so young and then being on my show and to now and I’ve grown up with people and there’s just a huge point in my life where I’m like I can’t I can’t keep being knocked down I just I can’t for the sake of everyone that’s brought me through all of this and so I wouldn’t have been able to do it if it weren’t for all the people in my life and that’s the truth it probably would have tapped out otherwise what does tap that mean does it mean not release music again yeah it has become just five because you really could at the end of the day you know one of my questions that I want to get to you today was do you picture a moment where you don’t release music you don’t act you don’t take part in art cars what do you think of when you picture those moments well I I feel like art and all of the creativeness inside of me will have to exist not necessarily for the world I don’t think that’s gonna be me right now but it’s it’s something I’m aware of I mean I want to get older and have a family and be normal for a bit but I ain’t going anywhere anytime soon so stuck what part does music play in your healing process and for you personally as a human does it allow you to reflect as allow you to analyze thank you yeah it’s it’s actually it’s something that I’ve gotten better at over time being able to write I’m trying to say and articulate it in the way I feel like it should be said so yeah now it’s just a release you know I think that with this whole album I wanted songs to reflect exactly where I was and it’s very different than anything I’ve released before in lose you to love me you say you saw the signs and you ignored it what were those signs I mean you know that feeling every single human being has had this feeling reach just feel like something’s going on and you don’t know and I on the other side of it you step back and you’re like oh gosh I totally missed that and I probably should have caught on you know that that was gonna be something that was gonna keep happening to me and that was just yeah that’s exactly what that means you know you’re gonna go through cycles and you’re gonna have to break them sometimes yourself so yeah you know they’re there you just choose to see them when you want and then you ignore them when you want to ignore them yeah but you tend to learn from it yeah I have to see what I’m gonna do yeah exactly hey beautiful human real quick I want to tell you about native I’m pumped to tell you about native they’re my favorite 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before we get tainted by everything right we have this innocent view of how it all should look like or how it should be and you know slowly throughout the years things have happened and you know that just comes out just comes out and now you just got to deal with it and you got to deal with it the best way that you can and yeah it sounded kind of preachy right now no not at all but is the truth you have to deal with it yeah and I’m a big I mean you know I’m a super big advocate for you know mental health taking care of yourself therapy dialectical behavior therapy I believe in all of it so much how does therapy help your music because I feel like they are there are different forms of maybe the same thing mm-hmm right cuz you trust Justin and Julia yeah I mean to come out of those rooms with these records then they started with good for you I all the way back to 2013 by the way Julie was on stars dance that’s right slow down come on my girl yeah no we have something magical it’s the coolest feeling to be able to feel so safe and and talk about everything that you’re wanting to talk about but yeah therapy helps big-time I’m able to dissect things and alright go back in time alright this is family this is this this is that I didn’t just I start having a better understanding of why I react a certain way and why do things and you know maybe I shouldn’t you know do certain things as well and then that helps me write it all out so I think it’s all important and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t is it an awareness of who you are and your emotions and your reactions yeah I just gotta be aware of everything it’s just too easy to cloud everything that you’re experiencing or feeling and I’ve done that for years for sure just kind of blocking it out and all the normal ways that everybody does but then then it’s there and you can’t ignore it you got a deal with dad I ain’t going anywhere nope you gotta flush it all right even if he needs a plunger weird okay is it is it hard being so open in songs and putting it all out there being in the public eye on people are gonna make assumptions about who you’re thinking about what you’re singing about know it used to and it would cripple me I’d have so much fear about it because I thought people would judge me and I find it obviously extremely hard for a female artist to do that without getting ripped apart and I mean I’m used to it and not in a bad way I just I I’ve allowed myself to shut all of that out and when I’m not on my phone or not in that world once I put it down the only thing that’s around me is my world which is my friends and my family my dog and my grandparents and that’s that’s the stuff that’s actually happening with me but me being able to share what I want to share it’s no different than any other artist doing exactly what I’m doing and that’s that I’m okay with that by the way that’s the world that matters of course your family the real reality the one you have in your own control yeah but it takes so long to get there yes it’s a hard process to finally get to that moment where you can shut off one and totally soaked into the other yeah but how do you shut everything off to you are you still not looking at social media do not read anything on the Internet no I don’t read anything on the internet and I am now starting back on Instagram it is very weird I don’t have it on my phone but I’ve been using it on mmm you know my friends phone to do lives and all that stuff but that’s that’s I mean took me two years to really get there the only thing that I hear about is when things are good and you know when things aren’t that great I don’t know like details I just know alright I’m aware of that and that’s happening and you know that’s that I’ve also had a lot of practice you guys you know I’m not gonna lie it’s it’s just been my whole life so I just wanna I’m actually in a place where I’m I don’t I just care about what I care about and hopefully the rest is just my work and my passion my passion for people and connection for sure and by the way it shows a couple things to dive into McLean award for mental health advocacy what a special thing to be recognized for it was cool so McLean Hospital is I think the number one mental hospital in America and I met with some of the doctors there and I got to to see how everything works and meet incredible doctors from all over the world and you know I created a relationship with them and so me being super open with the community there they they which is so unnecessary but they wanted to acknowledge me being open about that so it was it was actually fun and well I learned a lot being around those kind of people I can wild know I didn’t leave for three hours just because I was talking to all these people about their goals and where they’re taking this medic and maybe they’re gonna try to do this all through you know CB CB t which is cognitive just like cognitive distortion I think so and then and then they just kind of empower you to know that you’re not alone and and it’s gonna continue to grow hopefully more research will show ways to to help people better and I’m one of them so I’m grateful for the community and what they do that’s really special because it is the future and people need it now and there’s a gross stigma that surrounds mental health for sure we need mean there should be more of a mission we have a lot going on in our world and we’ll get to immigration and the rest of it yeah a lot it’s it’s so much done packed but mental health is very important and we need to get to a point where we’re talking about mental health the same way we the people discuss physical health it’s very important right we cannot stigmatize what it is to be going through stuff yeah to be there for each other yeah treatment is so important I think so too but I also think it could be incorporated in schools as well Oh totally because I think what’s your understanding you know when you’re a kid and you go in your class and they give you the happy face oh you get the sad face you’re learning your emotions then so why wouldn’t we carry that on into middle school in high school being able to address things that’s happening cuz there there are kids who don’t even know they’re in pain and so when you’re able to open that conversation and you talk it all out you just watch how everything shifts and I mean I wish that would be the case for sure that’s how you get to healing yeah but also just understanding life is like weird life is so weird now it’s all the stuff that’s out and everything that you can do and it just it’s overwhelming so I think it’s actually necessary now and this time than it ever was immigration a conversation you’re having thank you for having it thank you did you feel like that was a natural thing did you feel morally pushed to write that op-ed to work on that Netflix docu-series which by the way is incredible thank you really is superb I appreciate that that was probably one of the most insane moments for me I think that’s probably my favorite thing I’ve ever been able to do with my platform because again people are I have I’ve been scared to say anything or speak up and I’m not gonna be here forever so I don’t know what I’m really afraid of and when I got to meet the director it was just two stories two families that he was following he showed me some of it and I immediately started solving and talking about you know my family and what they went through and then I kind of started talking to my my family members I’ve been getting specific details of what they had walked through and it took my grandparents 18 years to get citizenship so if we were living in today I I don’t even think I’d be here probably not because that’s my dad you know so it’s it’s something that I felt like I needed to be a part of and and I think that it allowed people to see the humanity behind what’s going on all you’re seeing is news and you’re just then we’re then we’re actually calling these people names that are not even human we’re calling people aliens and all this stuff and it and it’s just for me is confusing because I get it okay I get all that world actually I don’t so but it’s more just about making people understand but these are families that these are kids that these are people who have actually contributed to our country one family they were from Israel and they started a whole business here and have them employed 150 people and you know it’s incredible his daughter is doing amazing in school and it’s just a real to me and what they do to keep that business running because it’s hard for him to even take credit and financial credit for it the line you said it best how we treat our fellow human beings defines who we are it’s the truth yeah we are all the same we’re all each other like we all have a past really the same we were all just born in different places but yeah I can’t I can’t get into that cuz it’s just it’s mind-blowing to me how do you want to be remembered because doing a project and taking on a mission like that it does affect the way the world looks at you and it’s something that just like a lot of your records could be around for many many many lifetimes to come yeah it’s wild like to think about is weird yeah but it’s the truth yeah I don’t feel weird about that I think what I would want to be remembered as like when my sister gets older I just hope that I hope that she just knows that I tried you know or that people know that I’ve tried to do the best I can and hopefully I’ll be recognized for the moments that matter like living and documented all the stuff I’ve been able to do with free the children weed a UNICEF and and now just stepping into the mental health community that’s all I could ask for I hope to make great films and TV shows and music and being able to do that for the rest of my life will be such a gift if that happens but that would probably be more important to me do you love love I do I really do my hopeless romantic do you love love differently today than you did a few years ago yeah for sure I think well right you’re you’re in a phase of life where you experience love for the first time and I think that that can be that can just be a little toxic because when you’re young I mean that’s what I tell my friends and people that I love it’s you have this codependency that you think is love and then you have this addiction to the passion and the frustration with each other that you think oh that’s love or you know fighting or doing all this stuff oh that’s love and I believed that for a long time so I’ve been super super single for two years and I I want to know what that love will look like next for me I want it to be I want it to be real and I don’t want it to be codependent or messy or you know lack of communication and I think you know when you get older you find people that are actually right for you you know that are actually on the same wavelength if you hold because it’s you know yourself to a little bit hey I still got a lot to go I think of course but you have at least a better understanding of you who you are and what page you’re on so then you can find somebody who is on the same page but I’m chilling right now you guys honestly that is so stressful so I’ve been having way too much fun being on my own it sucked for the first year I was like I just want to cuddle like you just watch something and be adored but yeah now it feels good no it feels awesome what is the right love is it like a balance of independence and I mean because I’m gonna be honest with you I am somebody who I’m a 26 year old virgin never had I mean I don’t even have a real definition within myself of what love actually is I also don’t like my parents my dog blue I love him but like I don’t you know I mean like I don’t know it outside of that I mean by all means I’m not an expert in this department clearly but I imagine it I just think I would do so many things differently and I think it starts with just being very transparent you know I don’t I don’t have room to kind of buffer things that I need or that I want and I think girls can sometimes be scared of that because what we’re viewed as crazy or needy or overthinking things and dramatic and I understand you know sometimes but I love being a girl and I love having the emotions I have and falling super deep and then being passionate it’s just about containing it you know it’s just channeling it in the right areas but I never want to lose the sense of love that I imagine it to be I don’t want to get jaded or bitter from anything I believe that it exists and I’m happy waiting for that for however long that takes because I mean we’re gonna be like given this forever you know so that’s kind of where I’m at yeah that’s what I’m saying it keep happening until we’re out why rush right I rot are you afraid to fall in love again yeah no I was last year but no did you fight it no because I wasn’t and I wasn’t in a place to even fight anything it was more just alright I’m kind of out cuz I’m super confused and I just need to take a step back but it’s actually been the biggest blessing I really needed it what do you learn about yourself from it everything in nothing at the same time pretty sure I’m gonna keep making those mistakes no but it’s it’s but it’s like awareness you said it like we’re talking in circles at this point that’s exactly what it is it’s just being aware of what’s going on and again not an expert I’m sure I’ll be experiencing things in my life that are probably similar or you know whatever I don’t know what the plan is for my life but I just know I got to keep going and keep being the best I can is there a connection between these two songs you’ve released yeah I wanted to tie them both together because to me it was a perfect way of wrapping up a chapter and so originally we were just gonna release lose you to love me so many things happen timing we were gonna get it out to radio it was this whole big thing and then um I had this idea where I released both because it’s the it’s the right it’s the right way for me to kind of say that it’s me being vulnerable and then me showing the other side of it and having a great time so even down to the videos you know lack of my in color it’s it’s all supposed to mean something sure is it gross between the two songs because I feel like there’s growth between at least from the listener like between blues you love me and look at her now yeah for sure I mean that’s the that’s what I wanted it to be because the rest of the album is so great and and I again don’t mean that in a conceited way it’s just there’s so many things I got to do with albumen work with people that were I mean we’re legends to me and our so it just it just feels good you know so that was a good way for me to just say hey this is this is what I’m gonna say because I’m acknowledging I hear you I get it and then the rest will just be me it’s me claiming everything I lost did this album challenge you yeah there’s four years that’s long I was gonna release it two years ago and I’m so glad I didn’t because I wouldn’t have half the material I have now so what changes like look at her now and lose you love me did that come in the last two years this year Wow I wrote lose you to love me in January and then I think we did look at her now a few months after that and that’s what it that’s the point you know I very upset with your reality I’m so glad you know that it I just I just wasn’t ready I was just I don’t want to get exposed to everything again I’m not in the mood for people to you know be all up in my business and I just didn’t feel right and then as all this stuff kind of happened I I just looked at everyone and I said I’m ready my label freaked out they were so happy but yeah just I needed to get there on my own I wanted to know how you knew you were ready was there a defining moment no I just woke up and I said it’s time I’m not kidding we were gonna plan a date for it and figure it out and then it just happened we shot the music videos just like over a week ago and they’re out now so that we did things very differently this time around so we’re very lucky that it works never a release like this because usually like their plan and they’re calculating yeah this is honest is there a different do you just it seems more real than any of the record I mean I know that every record is your baby and it is attached to you in some way but I I do feel like these two songs are so honest and genuine and true and really special thank you when you when you write songs that are this honest do you hope that the individual that you wrote about here’s it I mean I think that yeah I do because in here’s the whole point of it is being able to say something on your own and being able to turn it into something that actually is beautiful because for me my intentions are never are never evil they just aren’t I don’t even know how to do that I mean I can be I can be a bit snappy but I’m I’m I’m just I always I always want to come from a place that’s genuine and when I feel like some things haven’t been said then I get to turn that into art so naturally for sure but in general the most important part was that the world got to hear it and hopefully relate to it and know that they’re not alone because this feeling that everyone goes through in life is so real and you just get destroyed so sure I just got a flashback to when I went to a hotel room I don’t know might have been 11 years ago now 10 years ago whenever naturally was first coming out oh dear and that was the first time I ever interviewed you yeah and there’s been so many conversation since you’ve wild it is crazy to think about and you’ve been doing this for a decade a decade plus before that before naturally mmhmm yeah maybe right I don’t know it was seven so that’s seven years twenty years ago yeah and then I ten years that’s crazy time does fly but yeah it does how do you keep track of the moments that you’re in how do you remain grounded how do you look back at your day and soak in the present as opposed to just moving on to the next thing because it’s you can get lost yeah and everyone’s just like let’s keep going let’s just you know it’s next one of the biggest things I say to my friends is what now yes always what now what now what now and sometimes they’re like just chill like that’s what’s going on like stop I’m like there’s something else I can do right you know I think um especially this year I’ve been able to appreciate downtime so I spend most of my time in my backyard with all these prettiest wrinkly some hang out with my friends play card games and talk all night that’s my vibe that’s pretty great is it you know are you happier and more confident today than you’ve ever been before yeah definitely and that feels really good it actually feels really good took me a minute but yeah I am what’s up with this Instagram photo you posted like two weeks ago you said to me all the time that was me in bed not wanting to get out of bed because I never do I love my bed my friends will come over and I’m like just sit in bed no like no sit on the couch like a normal person yeah I don’t know that’s so random I’m people asking you they’re like oh yeah you posted that oh my god what’s the point Instagram right I don’t know yeah what is there to discuss well it was it was me appreciating a lazy day well I saw people on the internet was saying is she sad is she depressed what is she trying to say in this org so I’m here dancers I had no idea that that was happening well it’s me in bed she’s yeah I don’t look as great with makeup thanks for pointing that out everybody like I’m a mess I don’t have makeup on but by the way for every uh turd nugget out there I mean there has to be at least ten true lovers of Selena Gomez as I was really dove into yesterday on Instagram the video of your speech when you were accepting that award from the hospital I saw you a comment on the little thing and the true people who really care and love and are affected by your words they exist yes and people who think they’re cool or funny pointing out the obvious or making stupid petty comments worthless I mean whatever it gets people talking so they think they’re doing something negative but in reality it’s just propelling music and conversation but it’s all I mean come on that’s all not even real you know that’s it’s it isn’t it’s hurtful and it sucks and they get very very detailed tore it like rips your soul apart but it’s not real it isn’t they don’t know you they don’t know your life they don’t know the situation yeah that’s that that is the best and most honest way to look at it because it’s true yeah they’re not real Selena Gomez you were very real your art very real you have given us time and energy you’ve given me time and energy for years when you’ve never had to sew I forever thank you I love you guys it’s fun coming you’re thank you Daniel are you are you gonna what final thought are you know you keep asking I’m here well there’s that they just announced that Barney remake are you gonna join that I wish I actually do I don’t know it’s so cool because I remember getting made fun of so much in school for for being a part of it and then cut to being in the present and I sold these t-shirts at my concert and it was me and Barney and it was a shirt that sold out the most and it’s like look at God go look at that are you yes yes I’m here for that and he does that to me all the time it’s the best Barney’s about to be held cool I think it’s gonna be awesome yeah it’s supposed to be like an adult live-action version of it right something like that I’m sure they would love to have you Oh make some wizards that I know we always talk about it but like there’s a real conversation going on between you and people yeah me and David talk about it all the time we do because it was such a fun it was such a fun and pure season of our life and I’ll never forget it so yeah we always talked about doing something but the great thing about today is you can you can do all kinds of stuff that you want to do it’s just about timing and figuring it out so there’s never no to me there’s never a no I won’t do that it’s just we’ll see by the way a great way to look at it and it is the truth creatively there’s so many different platforms out there that are hungry for content as long as you have the want to innovate and and forge new territories and platforms you can it takes a lot of work but I mean yeah 2019 is a special time well it has been so far for me I’m sorry I get so uncomfortable when it’s like like compliments or anything that’s like it’s gonna be your year I’m like I can’t I don’t know it stresses me out it’s the same thing as I don’t like looking at my schedule ever I like to just understand where it’s going and then I’m just present and I do it and then I always ask towards the end of the day is it almost done what do you get done do you get stressed out by looking at on paper a bit because it seems so big and massive and and it kind of freaks you out but I don’t know that’s how it works for me I understand that though because it’s like looking at some day when you’re in it and you’re doing it it’s different than having to wrap your mind around it yeah because then you’re just in it and then you’re able to enjoy it and you’re able to do what you can do with it and luckily I have the most amazing team and and they know where I love to be and where I feel comfortable out and where I will go and where I will speak and you know that’s kind of what we’ve created as a team but by the way to make this whole thing go for full circle it all goes really where I’m sitting learning from mistakes or learning from the crappy moments in life the reason you have a team that knows all these things is because you’ve had to experience the crap first yeah to then realize it learn from it figure it out and then do it right yeah well you got to pay your dues too you know it’s literally life it’s it’s very much what everyone else would do you got to work and you got to do it and you got to love it and then you know hard work pays off but I do want to make something very clear because we’re talking about all this stuff and I’m super grateful that we can be open and talk about it but I’m but I’m good do you know what I mean like I I I want these songs to represent a great thing in my life and I you know I keep getting my like okay and it’s like you know what I am and that’s actually you trying to take me down to a level saying poor you and the opposite of what I want this to be just so everyone hears and knows that I’m enjoying this part of my life and I am happy and it’s not bull it’s just me being me and figuring it out and I’m just I’m just happy so I want that to be super none I’m not trying to be here and be Oprah and talk about everything that is painful it’s more just an experience and I got my friends with me and I got my fans and I never thought that this song would be as big as it is right now and it kind of freaks me out but it’s so cool but yeah I just want to make that known because I think people can take something and turn it into something tragic but what I did is I turned it into something good Selena Gomez is happiest love you you’re amazing thank you hey beautiful human thanks for watching our full interview but I get it like full interviews a lot so we got a Clips channel we don’t expect you to watch the full thing anymore so we just gave you the highlights please subscribe and uh notifications and all that stuff okay cool I love you


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