SelectHealth My Health Tutorial

Hi, I’m Shayla, a Caregiver at SelectHealth
today I’m gonna walk you through a video tutorial on how to navigate your select
self online experience. By the end of this tutorial you’ll be more comfortable
with how to use My Health, your online secure tool for personal health and
benefit information. Let’s get started. Welcome to SelectHealth online tutorials
today I’m going to show you how to set up your My Health account. Feel free to
pause or rewind at any time if you have any questions. So the first step is
opening your internet browser. You can use Google Chrome Internet Explorer
Firefox or Safari any of them will work. But once you get in in the top address
box you want to type in that’s going to take you to our homepage
and on the top right of that page you’ll see a little My Health login and on the
bottom of that box there’s a blue button that says sign up for My Health
go ahead and click that. That will open in a new window and it takes you to the
register page this is where you’re going to put in all your information for the
first time you set up your account. So the first thing you need to do is put in
your ID type. So in that box you can click it and you’ll get a drop-down that
gives you several different options. SelectHealth subscriber number patient
number Medicaid ID number or Insurance ID
number. Pick whichever one applies to you but you’re most likely going to use
their SelectHealth subscriber number and that can be found on your physical
ID card. So the next step is putting in your ID number. Once that’s done you’re gonna validate
your account information. So that includes putting in your first and last
name, your birthday, and the new email address. When you’re putting in your name
make sure you use proper capitalization and then when you’re putting in your
birthday go ahead and enter the dashes between the month day and year you were
born. And then your email address. Alright next we’re gonna set up your
username. So for your username you need to make sure that it’s between 8 and 20
characters long that you start it with a letter that you only use letters and
numbers and you put no spaces in between them. And the next is your password. So for
your password you need to make sure it’s between 12 or more characters, there’s no
spaces in between, you have to have at least one number between 0 and 9, one
uppercase, and one lowercase letter and then one special character and a special
characters anything like an exclamation point or a dollar sign any of those will
work. And I know that sounds like a lot of rules but on your screen there’s a
little blue box that tells you everything you need to know. So in the
first password box go ahead and type it in and then right below it there’s a
confirm password box. So you need to type it in exactly like you did the first
time. If the blue box is highlighted that means that your password is good it
matches and it fits all the rules. If you get a red highlight around your box it
means that either your passwords don’t match or that you need to fix it so that
fits all of the requirements. So the next step is putting in a security question
and the purpose of a security question is if you ever get locked out of your
account you’ll know that answer and we can get you access again. So under that
you can click the drop down and it’ll give you a bunch of different questions
that are already in the system for you to choose from. And then below that type
in the answer just like you’ll remember it in the future.
And the very last thing is reading the Terms of Use. So on that box on the upper
left you can toggle between English and Spanish whichever one you prefer. Just
make sure you read the whole thing. And once you’re done with that go ahead
and click the blue button on the bottom of the screen that says I agree with the
terms and conditions. And that’s it you created your my health account so if you
have any questions or you need help registering go ahead and give us a call
and we’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks again for watching. Remember
the SelectHealth video tutorial library is always available and here to help.
Feel free to click the link below and bookmark it on your browser and then
remember to subscribe to the SelectHealth YouTube channel to stay up to
date on all the latest news.


  1. Do not use explorer. It sucks.

  2. You should have links in the description.

  3. Yeah I did all that and it said my account was successfully created, yet I still can't log in…very annoying!

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