Section 80D – Deduction for Medical Insurance, Medical Expenditure & Health Checkup in Hindi


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  3. Mean 1,00,000 premium pay karna he to 25,,000 and 30,000 deduction total 55,000 Ko 1,00,000 me se less kar ne ke bad 45,000 pe tax calculation karna padega?

  4. Thnxxxxxxxxx dost aap ne 80d ki deduction etni achi trah se samjhy

  5. बहुत अच्छा वीडियो है, एक जानकारी मैं आपसे लेना चाहता हूँ कि मेरी कोई मेडिक्लेयम पालिसी नही है तो क्या मैं मेरे और मेरे माता पिता के लिए Preventive Health Check up के लिए 80D में 5000 का क्लेम ले सकता हैं क्या और इस Preventive Health Check up के लिए कोई particular test है या मेरे पैरेंट्स के सामान्य चेक up के टेस्ट ।कृपया मार्गदर्शन कीजिये

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  7. cash me payment hoga to kaya hoga

  8. Way of explanation is too good…

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  13. I want to know that I have a health insurance so can I claim this to over mother itr

  14. All deductions be limited to Rs 150000.00or otherwise

  15. Premium mens Insurance premium or normal medical expenses in the current assessment year?

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  17. Thanks for video. My question is about group insurance.I am paying premium to club house
    and club house make payment to Insurance co.Can I claim 80D deduction ? Policy certificate is signed by insurance official.

  18. Is health insurance is necessary to medi claim

  19. Very nice Video. I have, however one question: What do we mean by preventive health check-up? I don't think the Income Tax Act defines it anywhere. For E.g. can an expenditure like checking of diabetes, blood pressure etc. can said to be preventive check-up?

  20. hi thanks for share your knowledge……if my gross salary is 574608 rupees and refundable income tax is 11477 rupees.i did not have any health insurence. how I refund( claim) all amount plz guide me sir

  21. Hope to see more good videos like that , thumbs up

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    example meine +spouce + huf ne milkar Rs.80000/ mere super senior maa ( whodon't have mediclaim)
    par medicinal kharch kiye to kya
    is expenditure ke liye 3 files mei equal distribution kar ke deduction claim liya ja sakta hai kya ji

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