Seasonal Nutritional Supplements – What Vitamins and Minerals Do You Need and When

good evening and a warm welcome back to the refreshing point I will be sharing with you what nutritional supplements you may need and what this video is being shared with you thanks to a recommendation from a valued subscriber like the seasons our bodies can change throughout the year for example we might need different nutrients and vitamins depending on the nature of where we are and what we are doing the best nutrition is obtained through diet but it can be essential to take supplements to fill in the gaps in our diet nutritional supplements may be needed when the weather warms up in the spring and people spend more and more time outdoors vitamin b6 is a water-soluble vitamin that your body needs for several functions foods rich in vitamin b6 include Salman tofu pistachios tuna pinto beans avocado blackstrap molasses and sesame seeds vitamin b6 supports the health of the nervous system but it is also important for the maintenance of a strong immune system vitamin C is an antioxidants found in everything from oranges to leafy greens vitamin C plays a direct role in collagen production neurotransmitter function and overall immune health vitamin C is also an antihistamine it can ease some of the symptoms of hay fever since vitamin C is an antioxidant it helps protect the skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin found in foods like eggs meat and tofu it is also found in most fruits and vegetables although in lower amounts vitamin E acts as an antioxidant helping your liver and the rest of your body clear free radicals and toxins similar to vitamin C vitamin E can also reduce the unpleasantness of hay fever and even asthma there are certain vitamins and minerals may be beneficial to include within your diet during the summer months most people get plenty of vitamin A from meats fish carrots sweet potatoes and green leafy vegetables however it is possible to be mildly deficient vitamin A is said to help repair the skin when it's been damaged from the Sun this is particularly helpful if you have been out in the Sun and suffered sunburn as a result when you take vitamin C supplements during the summer your body is able to deal with the heat butter and you can stop severe problems caused by too much heat such as heat stroke and heat rash vitamin E is also a good supplement to include in the summer months as it has anti allergen qualities which may help to reduce the impact of certain seasonal allergies in addition to this it is another vitamin that can help to protect the skin when it is exposed to increased heat with the first cool autumn days the risk of colds and chronic ailments grows to avoid these unpleasant consequences everyone should strengthen the immune system and make sure that their body is fuelled with the proper nutrients because of vitamin C's immune boosting properties it's crucial that your body receives an adequate amount of vitamin C during the autumn so that it can be better prepared for the cold winter days plus it helps your body absorb sufficient iron levels iron is an important mineral that helps transport oxygen flow throughout the body iron rich foods include meats eggs seafood tuna sardines spinach peas and camp an inadequate amount of iron may cause poor immunity and possibly more prone to infections an iron deficiency can translate into lack of energy feeling tired quickly and even inability to focus vitamin D is found in a small number of foods including oily fish red meat egg yolks and fortified foods from around late March to the end of member most people should be able to get enough vitamin D from the Sun outdoors however between October and early March we should consume vitamin D supplements vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body which are needed to keep bones teeth and muscles healthy the dark short and cold days of winter are the toughest and most demanding of the year it is normal that during these months our body will feel tired and lacking energy during these days it is recommend to continue the iron vitamin C and D supplements from the autumn months in addition a few more supplements are needed to keep you healthy during the winter season zinc is generally found in high-protein foods such as beef as well as nuts whole grains and legumes the human body requires zinc and trace amounts in order to sustain proper immune function a steady consumption of zinc over a five month period will reduce your risk of coming down with a cold the shortened days in winter time have a direct effect on the level of serotonin in our brains consuming sweet potatoes yams pumpkins and squash helps boost serotonin levels you have the option of either consuming the specific foods that contain these nutrients or supplementation through a whole food vitamin to brands that I personally use our garden of life and nature's plus I have added these to my Amazon store you can find the link in the description if you are interested please consult with your health care professional before making any changes to your diet or taking any new supplements taking care of yourself so you can enjoy the beautiful weather is important one of the best ways to do that is by ensuring that you get all your daily nutrients minerals and vitamins as always thank you for watching good day and good health


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  2. Just as supplements can be cycled for the seasons, so can food. I wonder if you could talk about seaonal eating and the benefits to the body please?

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