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you have to pay attention to detail and you have to give it your maximum effort welcome to the only easy day was yesterday the official Navy SEAL podcast Navy boot camp is the first place Special Warfare recruits will receive unique training it starts early with what they call dive motivation this is where Special Warfare candidates perform their morning workout I'm Daniel Fletcher today I speak with dive motivator SEAL Master Chief Steve drum to get some personal advice about recruit fitness from mental performance and focus to the physical standards test well first of all thank you for taking the time to sit down with us in any of a busy schedule your work wisdom but we really appreciate and I think really nice insight for people that are going through this process sure my pleasure tell us a little bit about what you do here on a regular basis your main priorities and responsibilities briefly that would be a great start so within our commodity we have all of the word challenge program so seal Swick diver EOD and air rescue and so what we do here is we facilitate a progressive workout schedule to consist of roughly 26 workouts about half of them are going to be progressive swim workouts and the other half are going to be progressive run workouts after you show up here at boot camp and you pass the PST then you are going to be put into a schedule where you're gonna start off with a three-mile run some basic fundamental swimming drills to get stroke developed and down and things like that and it's all just to get you further comfortable in the water it's all to get you some more mileage and time on your feet okay but it's important to note that we're here to facilitate these work these workouts but dive motivator training here is subordinate to the overall training that you receive at boot camp you're here to be a basically trained sailor that's front and foremost here official Naval Special Warfare & NSO programs officially start when you graduate boot camp that said we're here to make sure that you're as prepared as you can for the next phase in the pipeline so we're here to give you not just the workouts but give you mentoring turn the heat up on you a little bit to ensure that you're able to collaborate with your shipmates to the left and right of you that are you able to buy into something greater than self that you're able to get along and you're able to buy into the mission that we have here you're kind of a bridge in terms of the fitness peace between people taking their initial PST and then arriving at Budds if they make it that far is that fair or is that not accurate we're gonna make sure that when you show up it's a different animal than when you were probably taking the PST back with your mentors and your coordinators and this is why we always advise that you have a good cushion when you show up here at RTC when you take cushion you mean a baseline this level right so if you are leaving at your 15 day PST and you're just doing the bare minimums it's gonna be hard here for the following reasons a you're going from unless you worked a really difficult job right before you shipped you're gonna go from a minimal amount of stress plenty of sleep good nutrition and maybe some of these guys to workouts a day and you're gonna come over here and you're not gonna get the sleep you're not gonna get the high quality food you're gonna be stressed we try to give you a minimum of three workouts a week but sometimes the training schedule again the the other mandatory testable events your firefighting your live-fire training all of your other drill that's gonna take front-and-center your last week of training here at boot camp you may get one or sometimes zero workouts but we'll do everything in our power to make sure that we're bridging that gap as you asked bridging that gap between showing up on the street and making sure you are getting time on your feet that you're gonna be training outside on that and the track when the weather supports it and you're gonna be getting into the large pool and getting longer swims you're gonna get introduced with fins if you haven't done that already you will be in a good place when you show up to go across the street it's very critical that they understand boot camp is not just a speed bump you are here to be basically transyl and that's very important because as you learn how to take information from your recruit division commanders you process that information and you execute it to a hundred percent adherence to the instruction if you can't do that then we can't really use you in the SEAL Teams or any of the other programs yeah that makes a lot of sense first and foremost you need to join the Navy and to do that there's a lot of fundamentals your piece is more getting your feet wet so to speak in terms of the physical intensity and kind of trying to maintain fitness level but primarily people need to be aware that they're they're here to become a sailor they're not here to come and just work out right when you get here you're gonna learn how to March you're gonna learn how to fold your clothes and make your bed and we're not just doing that you're not folding your clothes and making your bed just to do it you're doing it because even the SEAL Teams when we start talking about freefall jumping on oxy and building rigs to throw out of the plane and all these types of things are very sequence oriented and they're very detailed and they have to be done a hundred percent correct all the time and so you wouldn't want to skip the bootcamp training if you could you want to go through it it's only gonna help you be better at making it through to your ultimate job your ultimate goal right I think that that we've made that clear with some of the other people that we've spoken with and that's been hit home a lot it seems like that's a common thing for people to think there's gonna breeze through this process and try to get to Budds and this isn't really that important and I think it's it's important to reiterate that even coming from your side in the fitness area that's a top priority of yours to make clear yes so we've heard from people recommending people aim for a competitive PST skort does that line up with your thinking we are strict here with the PST standards we're not trying to fail people but when I say that you need to do 50 perfect push-ups that means 50 perfect push-ups go and research what exactly the standard is it's break in 90 all the way up locking the elbows out all the way down break in 90 and so that's what

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