Scariest Health Hazards 🤮Bar Rescue

– Oh my God!
– Oh! – Oh my God, oh my God, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Two dead mice. (dramatic music) – Oh (beep). (dramatic music) – There’s a smell back here. I’m guessing this area
has not been touched. – Look at this, it’s bacteria. That’s gross. We’ve walked two feet into
your bar and look at this. – That’s the bartender’s job to clean. – [Jon] But it’s your
job to make sure they do. You’re gonna blame them, correct? – I can’t do everything. – You just told me you did everything. What else we got, Mia? – I wanna check some bottles. I’m seeing fruit flies. – We have fruit flies
here, guys, flying around? – Yep, got ’em here. – Oh! – There’s a big one in this one! It’s like a moth or something. (dramatic music) – [Jon] How bad is that? – I think this is the
worst one that we’ve seen. This is dry vermouth. – Oh my God! – [Mia] Dry vermouth should look clear. Anybody wanna drink that? – [Jon] I want you to see something. (dramatic music) Oh my God! I have never seen anything
like that in my life. Thirty years in this business,
is that unbelievable? – Now that’s bull (beep). I checked all these
bottles, this is a set-up. – Oh this is a set-up.
– ‘Cause that (beep) (beep). That was clean. – So, we went out and caught all of these with little traps, right,
little traps everywhere? Then I peeled them off the trap and I put ’em in this bottle? You’re a moron to even
suggest such a thing. Come on, man! – Bull (beep). – You’re gonna insult my
intelligence and them? This bar is failing ’cause of you! ‘Cause you don’t do (beep)! But (beep) your family. – So…
– The filtration? – Yeah.
– Okay. Just scoot around me, I
just want to check that out. – I don’t think (beep) has
a clue what he’s doing. – Oh my God, look at this. – Rust. – Rust? That’s friggin’ mold. Oh my God! No, no, no, no, no. This is in all of your ice, we
can’t make drinks with this. – God, oh God.
– What happened? – What’s wrong? Oh my God. (dramatic music) It’s covered in mold, this
is absolutely disgusting. – [Mia] It’s caked on. – Oh God. – [Jon] This is your ice. – [Mia] That is on all of your ice. – [Jon] That’s from the actual unit that the ice falls through. You think I’m gonna
serve drinks with this? – No. – Matter of fact, here. Wear some, since you own it, there you go. There’s your badge of honor. (clapping) What else, Mia, while I’m here? – Your garnishes aren’t labeled, dated. I’m surprised you’re not all sick. – There’s fruit flies flyin’
all over the place, right? – [Mia] There’s fruit flies everywhere. – Everywhere. – [Jon] Is that a storage bin? – Oh my God!
– Oh! – Oh my God, oh my God, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Two dead mice. – Oh (beep). Are you kidding me? – (Beep), that’s disgusting, dude. – I did not expect that, guys. (gagging sounds) – The mice were absolutely
disgusting, it was so nauseating. I can’t even believe I serve
people anything from here. – Need a cup of gumbo! Ice cold! – [Cook] What? – Nothing worse than cold gumbo, man. – [Cook] Yes, you’re right. – I decided to taste the gumbo. The gumbo wasn’t heated properly. It’s bad, the gumbo’s sour. – [Cook] Sour?
– So throw it out and make new one. – It’s not a good gumbo. Like, I don’t think the chef
knows how to make it right. I can’t stomach it, I can’t finish it. (dramatic music) (gagging sounds) – I’m gonna throw up. (vomiting sounds) I just think the gumbo is
so bad it made me puke. It’s their fault, they
should be tasting the food. They need to throw it out and make new one because they’re gonna make everybody sick. Did you taste the gumbo? – No, I haven’t tasted it. – It’s bad, I just threw up. – Really that bad?
– Yeah. How long has that gumbo been out? – We take it out of the
freezer and we pre-thaw it. – In water. – And have it sit here. – Did you bring this to temperature? If we come here and want to eat something, you need to make sure you
bring it to 212 degrees, otherwise that’s how bacteria grow. – [Narrator] The CDC estimates
that 48 million Americans get sick from food-borne
illnesses each year and 3,000 of those cases result in death. (vomiting sounds) – I taste that gumbo, now my
whole stomach’s (beep) up. ‘Cause which idiot’s, how many people do this guy make sick? – Guys, we gotta have a talk here. I wanna hear what happened with the soup. – We took the stuff back
out of the steam tank and I guess we didn’t let
it sit out long enough to cool off the right way. – So you guys knew it wasn’t
up to temperature, right? Right? – Yes, yes. – And you sold it anyway, correct? – I wasn’t aware that it wasn’t up to… – Am I right or wrong?! – Mr. Jon, I was not aware that it wasn’t up to temperature,
I would never sell… – You’re supposed to be aware, that’s what you get paid for!
– You’re right. You’re correct, you’re correct. – [Jon] Okay, next. Chef, how many times did
you throw up tonight, chef? – [Chef] About three times. – Close this kitchen down now! You don’t have the right to sell food. Damn you! How dare you get people sick! Shut this kitchen down. I don’t want any food served
here tonight, do you hear me? Close it the (beep) down! (dramatic music) – [Jon] Show me what you got. This is really disorganized down here. – [Woman] It is, it is. – We got fruit flies,
we got mold everywhere, we got smell everywhere,
and the smell goes upstairs ’cause you can smell it
up there a little bit. – Well this is the
gravity feed, two chutes, one that bottles come down
and ricochet off this board and cans come over here to be recycled. – I gotta tell you this is great middle Tennessee ingenuity. You are a very creative guy. Look at that freezer burn. Would you want to eat that? Little musty smell down here, huh? – [Man In Hat] Yeah. – [Jon] What is that smell, what is this? – [Woman] This is a natural spring that we have in our basement. – [Jon] Natural spring water? This is not natural
spring water, smell this. – It’s what was here
when I got the building. – You’ve just come up with some pretty incredible ideas but this you walk by every freakin’ day! Look at this! – [Man In Hat] That’s terrible. – [Woman] That’s terrible. – [Jon] Look at this! Smell it! – I don’t wanna smell it. – This is not spring water. You could’ve fixed this
and I hold you responsible. This could be dangerous. That’s gonna get people
sick and that infuriates me. – Clearly has product, raw pork, mind you. What raw food is he touching now? There’s no sanitation. There’s no hand washing,
there’s no gloves being used, there’s no separation from
raw to cooked product. – I don’t know how he lasted eight months. Look at that bowl.
– [Jon] Oh! Look at that! – That bowl has not been
cleaned since this place opened. – If he drops… – Oh! – And they’re putting that over food! – This is inexcusable, absolutely. – She’s pouring the profit away. Right off the top.
– What the… – And the keg is kicked! – [Bartender] We don’t have another keg. – Are you kidding me?
– You don’t have another keg? – Mm-mmm. – Everything goes in a frosty mug and then look at the overpour. – Holy (beep). The first thing that hit my tongue was a very, very hard metallic taste. – Oh (beep) dude! That’s bad. – Right when it hit the
bottom of my stomach I knew something was wrong. My stomach started curdling. Beer starts to go bad
after around three months. So I’m thinking the keg had
to have been sitting there for at least a year. – We got some chips and
queso, and chips and salsa. (burping sounds) – Fried mushrooms? – Fried mushrooms, very nice. – Hey Michelle, do you have a bathroom? – [Bartender] Do we have a bathroom? – Where’s your bathroom? – [Bartender] Um, right
back there to the left. (vomiting sounds) – Oh my God, he threw up! You’ve done this for 14 years?! – I’ve never seen
anything like this before, this is ridiculous. – This guy should be shut the hell down! Let’s go in there.
– Let’s go. (suspenseful music) – I didn’t take a half
a step in this place and I could smell the filth. Richard! – [Richard] How’s it going, Jon? – Not well, man. This is Steve, he’s a
health inspector with me. In 14 years have you ever
seen somebody throw up so quickly from consuming something? – Absolutely not. – [Jon] What just happened, Phil?! – I was just puking my brains out. ‘Cause I drank that right there. Take a sip of it, man. – Go ahead, you let your
customers drink it, drink it! – Taste it.
– It’s supposed to be 86’d. – Supposed to be 86’d! Is it connected?! Does she know it’s 86’d, did you?! – [Bartender] No sir. – You won’t drink it, but he will?! – These are the, uh, mushrooms. And this is actually dirt on
the bottom of the mushrooms. It was never wiped off. The mushroom’s growing (beep). – Chef, I wanna go back
and see this kitchen. – I’m sorry you got sick, I’m sorry. – [Jon] Kevin, come out here. This is your kitchen? – [Kevin] Yep. – So you’re responsible
to clean it everyday? – [Kevin] Sure. – You just served me a
mushroom with (beep) on it. Where’d you learn how to cook? – Culinary Academy. – So you graduated from culinary school?! – Yes. – [Brian] Can you do me a favor, where’s the salsa that you
served me on the outside? I want you to taste that salsa for me. What do you think about that? – Tastes like (beep). – It’s bubbling! Because the bacteria has grown so far that it’s (beep) bubbling, dude. – This is what’s dripping on your food and gonna burn your restaurant down. – This is our, uh,
grease filtration system. So why is it that you just don’t clean? – We do. – When? – Uh, it’s a nightly thing, I… – You’re full of (beep). When was the last time
you physically went in and scrubbed out a fryer? – Last night. – This is all the
goodness that I’m pulling out of the bottom in here. So these are our clean fryers that were cleaned out last night. Just so everybody knows. – [Jon] Chicken should
never be over 40 degrees. What temperature is this, Steve? – [Steve] 68.7 degrees. – Throw it out! – Look at this. – Is there any mold on the
inside of this walk-in? – I don’t think so, no. – [Brian] You don’t think so? – [Jon] Look at the
mold all over the floor! – There’s three significant areas of mold. – (Beep) oh! – This isn’t healthy for
you, let alone your… – Get outta here, get outta here! – [Narrator] Toxic black
mold is rare but dangerous. These molds damage vital
parts of the human body, including the lungs and immune system, and are potentially fatal. Because toxic mold can spread
easily through air vents, any infestations found
in one area of the bar can render the entire building unsafe. – What’s this walk-in? Oh (beep) me. No (beep) way! – This is abhorrent.
– Oh! Dude you got (beep) mushrooms
growing in your walk-in! – Spores, they have
their own unique smell. You don’t wanna be
breathing that stuff in. – Look at this! – [Kevin] Oh my God. (dramatic music)


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