SAY NO TO CHICKEN LEGS 2.0 – Bodybuilding Lifestyle Motivation

the hardest things are usually the best it's easy leave it to somebody else one more like that come on don't give a fuck would've lines just hold the spot all this fall hold it good sir there's a reason people don't squat his heart it's hard and now it's like the most dangerous muscle to train its legs because of you if you can leave one day walking the Indu legs nothing left nothing so I'm not gonna leave and try you to throw up or I have to be pushed down in the wheelchair so what one come on he's got to do heavy weights for a lot of reps I'll repeat that you've got to do heavy weights for a lot of reps you've got to do time intention time and tension are the two key factors for all you fucking pussies out there that are saying your legs don't grow I promise if I look at your squat you're not going all the way down so you get that by lifting heavy ass weight picking it up and putting it down over and over again cuz it should be for the student getting fancy by Oh punch are three easy yes come on after the Pocono let's go


  1. I wonder what ‘supplements’ these guys take

  2. If it's easy leave it for somebody else

  3. And can someone tell me how much Weight I should lift with squat to cut thigh fat?

  4. and Im here ,squat with 20kg plates lmao

  5. Just wanting leg size is stupid as fuck. These guys aren’t fit lol just big with torque and no engine or endurance

  6. Squat ❤️😘

  7. Foreigners are stronger nah ?

  8. Ya onek din squats koree nee , kal and porshuu korboo

  9. Sala jeans phetye geache flexing thalaye 😁 beast

  10. Tommorow is leg day.
    Yea buddy

  11. Jay cutler is missing


  13. screaming idiots. people better dont scream like that in my gym.

  14. and what he says is true, too many people cant or are not willing to squat right.

  15. everybody who says "the pain after legday"… fucking plays themselves. you are not training frequently enough

  16. Sergio will be king again

  17. light weight baby

  18. Lol these goons

  19. If you didn't break at least 6 bones, vomit 5 times, and go into a 9 month coma, you didn't do legs 🦵🏼🦵🏼🦵🏼

  20. fun fact: one day I trained calves for two hours and could not even walk the next few days. It sucked man but hey at least now that my calves have at least doubled in size

  21. Embarrassing seeing grown men screaming like this in public gyms. Sorry but that's fuckin stupid

  22. bruh i cant even squat

  23. Giving birth to gains

  24. If I live to be 154 I'll never understand all the grunting and screaming. Must be a Grodd bodybuilder thing I guess?

  25. I do squats with blackberry bushes under my ass

  26. σиℓу яσииιє ¢σℓιмαи

  27. This is me in the toilet 🚽

  28. Today's my leg day and after watching this video imma make it today! 💪❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  29. Bloody leg day !! Love It

  30. 🥇🏆

  31. I crawl out of the gym today. Leg day and I love it.

  32. Fuck yeah!

  33. Also listen to your body and don’t mess it up putting that aside AGHHHHHHH!!!!!! LEG DAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Flex Lewis roid raging like the retarded midget he is lol

  35. here's my place 💪✌😎

  36. Whose the long curly bearded guy with big legs?

  37. Leg day is the right of passage. It's the price we all pay to live a fit lifestyle.

  38. SAY NO TO CHIKEN LEGS, I LIKE THAT TITEL VERY MUCH, so many guys outthere are taking the easy way out and not hitting those legs like they should, very good video, thanks a lot guys

  39. 4:04 that leg lock makes my balls retreat into my stomach. Great way to make your knees go the wrong way

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