Satwik Bhojan – an Ayurvedic diet meal recipe | Onmanorama Food


  1. Soft Kerala puttu recipe, the healthiest multi grain breakfast

  2. looks so beautiful super healthy and delicious…. But where to get turmeric leaves in Maharashtra? Pune? 🙂

  3. Satvik food means No onion , No garlic, No asofedita, No brinjal ..

  4. Nice cooking

  5. Both of them overweight 😂

  6. Its not ayurvedaa , vedaa, pitaa etc .u people pronounce it wrong….its ayurved, ved,pit etc

  7. Karele ka juice best

  8. Alp ahar best.thoda khaye long jio.

  9. onions purifies blood and garlic is good for health

  10. pots and glasses re so nice

  11. I dont believe you yourself you dont look healthy but fat

  12. For this u using mixi

  13. As chef said, they ignore coconut oil for the health purpose, I want to know coconut oil is healthy or not?

  14. Palm.jaggery hardly purely available..waste of time.totally

  15. Res rice!!why r u talking.g so.muxh foreign who will buy all this

  16. Ragi in a hot season??

  17. Kundru in hindi I guess shud have been put first

  18. You cooked coconut so much absolutely killing the vitamins

  19. What is yam??elephant yam??talk in hin di pls.think u r indians !!

  20. One and half.hoirs to cook???guys r u same I. These time who has that kind of time for one dish…make it simpler

  21. Rice .ist b surely expensive
    .where wud the middle class.nd lower.classes.go I'd they buy this

  22. How did you get pure honey any company name???

  23. With pesticides.not removing peel?!

  24. Looking at both of you today I know for.sure I'm not.obese

  25. Turmeric raw available.but not leaves

  26. Is packed chaach guD from a mother dairy..or else show how to make from curd or butter milk direct from the buffalo.milk or cow milk

  27. Both are fat and telling me what to eat??? Portion control people.

  28. Gratitude for showing us a healthy meal. All the very best for your endeavor !

  29. Good recipe. You chose a wrong chef. Why did not he lose weight? Doing by example.

  30. Hare krishna hare krishna
    Krishna krishna hare hare
    Hare ram hare ram
    Ram ram hare hare

  31. I appreciate the efforts….but just like we find it difficult to listen to a pot bellied man lecturing about fitness, I find it hard to accept all this coming from a Fatman.

  32. I know it's useful information but both them very fat.😁

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