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hey everybody we're so glad that you're joining us today and I just wanted to welcome you we are doing a series of health events and our guest speaker tonight is Sarah Wray Sarah and I met like 10 years ago something like that and we have just been great friends this whole time she lives in Odessa Texas she's a mom of three boys and she has been on an incredible journey through these years especially the last two years and she's going to be sharing that information with us but Sarah thank you so much for taking the time to share with us tonight what you have learned especially over this last year I know you've been at a school and you'll probably tell us some of what that has been about but I'm going to turn it over to you okay well we have quite a few people on here so that's exciting like she said I live in Texas now I actually I was telling one person I'm from Lovington but I actually lived in Farmington for a while and that's where I met Stacey so I'm going to go ahead and share my screen with you guys see if I can do this did it work there we go okay so uh what are you doing to prevent disease so this is something that I think I had no clue about I have known Stacy for a long time and I've heard her say things over the years but I don't think that it's something that I really ever understood so that's what I want to talk about tonight so at the bottom it says that 75% of all chronic diseases are preventable through good nutrition the more I've learned over the last few years um I actually went back to school the way I've seen my family's health change I think that that is 100% true unfortunately we kind of we don't think about disease prevention what we do is we go to the doctor our blood work comes a comes back bad and we're like okay now I need to do something or our cholesterol is high and now we want to do something or oftentimes we don't do anything and we just want to rely on a medication but sometimes medications are needed but they don't really ever take care of our problems so we react we don't prevent and that's kind of what we're going to talk about tonight these are just some health statistics I think everybody knows that our health in this country is not great but 28 point 1 million people have been diagnosed with heart disease Alzheimer's will affect 50% of people over age 85 50 million people have an autoimmune disease and that is quickly rising and we're also starting to see those in children now as well 50% of children will have a chronic condition by age 13 that's one of mine I have three boys and that was one of my kids and I'll talk about his story a little bit later and cancer is a number one killer of children under 15 so our immune systems are not happy in this country and something that we are doing is making them that way when we look at statistics like these or we hear things on the news kind of seems like oh my gosh are we just doomed to be sick our kids doomed to be sick but I really don't think that that's the case last year I went back to school it's the Institute of Integrative Nutrition it was a year-long program that I went through all online and we would have different speakers every week so I'm gonna tell you guys about something that I learned about there called Blue Zones so this guy I think he was just a reporter and I cannot for the life of me remember his name he went what he wanted to do is go to these different places around the world and he called them Blue Zones you can see there is actually one in the United States and then a few scattered across the world so these Blue Zones these people are the healthiest people on the planet they live the longest not only do they live the longest but they actually have the best quality of life and so he kind of did some research I wanted to see what is it that they're doing like why are these people healthy the way that they are so there's a few things that he noticed and you can kind of see them on the screen they moved naturally so they don't go to the gym and lift weights they just do things naturally to have them moving every day they have a great sense of community it says the right tribe so the group in Loma Linda California they're actually seventh-day adventists and so with their faith and with their community they have a very strong sense of belonging they don't put elderly in nursing homes they're always with people so they have that great sense of community they have a positive outlook on life so they're not negative I know that I can have a tendency to be negative sometimes and they eat wisely and so well what we're finding is that it's their diet and their lifestyle that are really really really keeping them healthy so those those things are very very very important and as you can guess our diet and our lifestyle probably don't really mimic the way that these Blue Zones do okay so how are you taking care of you oh one thing that I want to point out about the Blue Zones – this is actually on that I think it was on The Today Show this last year if you take people from those Blue Zones pick them up and move them anywhere else in the United States they start to get heart disease they start to get dementia their cancer rate increases okay so if you take them out of that environment and they live the way that most of us do those diseases start to come on and it's not generations down the road it's actually right away and so we're finding that it's not always our genes but our diet and lifestyle play a huge factor in that so what we want to look at is how are we taking care of ourselves what are we doing are you eating real food so people in the Blue Zones eat a lot of God food so things that God gave us to eat fruits and vegetables berries nuts things that actually grow so not something from a package but food that God gave us to eat are you exercising and this could be you're not exercising at all or you're over exercising because you can do that also so how what are you doing that maybe you enjoy it doesn't have to be CrossFit or anything like that but if that's what you like then you go for it um are you drinking water and we've replaced a lot of water with tea and coffee and all these Red Bulls stuff like that so we want to get back to drinking more water and are you sleeping a decent amount every night so I would say a lot of people my husband and we still are working on it with my husband but he just never slept and his health reflected that when you're sleeping your body is repairing so sleep is super super super important so all of these things contribute to our well-being they're gonna help us help keep us from getting the diseases that we're seeing just go crazy here in our country so the problem in the United States is this now we could talk about peace or I'm having the right tribe or your faith all of those things are really important but what I want to focus on tonight it's just food and what we're putting in our bodies so a huge problem huge problem that we're seeing is that our food quality is decreasing if you think back I mean I'm 39 I can think back to what I ate as a child what grocery stores look like when I was younger I grew up in a small town so we only had one but they look very different now so our food is full of preservatives it's sprayed with pesticides it's been genetically modified there's all these things that are happening to our food and if you look at this picture of where this guy is shopping he's about those middle aisles of the grocery store once you go down that middle you're not eating God food or natural food that we're supposed to be eating you're eating food like substances okay and if you take a look at how our health has declined and how this type of food has increased there is a correlation there at the bottom it says the average American eats 62 percent of their calories from processed foods so this was definitely my family I loved to cook but I did a lot of pouring from this and opening this can and you know stuff like that I could create a lot of wonderful dishes but most of it came from those middle aisles so what I like to tell people is you have to learn to shock the outside of the grocery store where your fruits and vegetables are where the meat is maybe some dairy things like that that's where you're gonna find the stuff that got intended for us to eat so when we can continue to consume these things something starts happening in our body we have oxidative stress so that's a big word excuse me oxidative stress is linked to poor health in each human cell the DNA is hit about 10,000 times a day by Munna genic oxidants okay so when our body starts to oxidize that means that our body is aging okay if you look at the picture of this woman on one side her skin looks very clear she looks very young the other side she's oxidizing she's aging okay it's just a fancy word for aging um when we are not taking care of our bodies that process is gonna start happening quicker and quicker an oxidative stress is the very start of the disease process so we want to keep this from happening so what are we gonna do if you look at the Apple down at the bottom if I had an apple and I cut it in half and laid it on the counter you know after an hour or two it's kind of start to brown well what's happening to it it's oxidizing its aging okay but what if I took half of that Apple and I put some lemon juice on it that lemon juice is kind of it's gonna act as a protectant it's gonna seal that side of the Apple so it's keeping it from oxidizing it's keeping it from aging okay that's what we want to do with our bodies to protect the disease process or the aging process from starting so what we want are antioxidants so the Apple is oxidizing the limit the lemon acted as the antioxidant for us okay so our best defense is going to be fruits and vegetables and berries if you look at this picture right here we have a little bit of all of the rainbow okay the problem is we're not consuming this especially I guess the typical American is just not consuming this anymore 62% of our calories are coming from those middle sections of the grocery store okay we're not shopping from the outside we're not going to farmers markets for not doing anything like that so we're aging faster we have more disease and you can see how this goes so as we started going through our health journey and I started learning I knew that we weren't getting enough fruits and vegetables in our diet and so I actually heard our doctor we go to a functional medicine doctor and he talks about this quite a bit so we're not consuming the fruits and vegetables that we need and then what we do have in our grocery stores is not the greatest okay all of our produce just is not what it used to be some varieties have lost 5% to a whopping 40% of their nutrient content that's a lot so if you think about when we were younger I think I think at one point I remember them saying you'd have to have five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables every day well now they're saying you need 7 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day um I watched a documentary one time and the doctor said if you have a chronic condition no matter what it is and as we can see a lot of us have chronic conditions you have to be consuming 10 servings of vegetables a day ok and he said it needs to be from a variety but who does that like we don't do that I we're so much better than we used to be there's a ton of vegetables that my kids will eat now that 2 years ago I didn't even know what it was to buy it so what our doctor has said he said if you take a green bean that's grown in perfect conditions so the soil was good it hasn't been modified in any way it wasn't sprayed with any pesticides and it was picked at its peak ripeness okay the problem is what we find in the grocery store it was picked a week early or two weeks early I mean I live in West Texas we don't have a ton of fresh produce here and we live in the middle of the desert so stuff is trucked in from wherever so by the time I get it you know it had been picked two two weeks ago or however long ago so it just doesn't have that nutrient content that we need but what he says if you have a green bean thrown in great conditions you pick it at its peak ripeness and then you put it on your counter if you let it sit there for seven days it's lost 70% of its nutrients so I'm buying stuff at the grocery store that was not picked at peak ripeness and so we're just not getting those nutrients that that we mean well what he has challenged us to do which he said I'm not even there myself but he said what we'd like to do is get to where we're eating something that's freshly picked every day so it has been somehow picked that day from a farmers market or wherever okay so it's so important for us to get these fruits and vegetables in our diets and in our family's diets so phytonutrients that's kind of a big word too but that just means plant nutrients those are going to detoxify us and they're going to protect us okay so if you already have a chronic condition whatever it might be that's the detoxifying you want those in your body to help you combat that chronic condition but then we also want them to protect us okay this is where we get into disease prevention we don't want to have whatever diseases are out there we want to keep ourselves healthy we want to keep our families healthy so if you a lot of people will try and go with a multivitamin um because we know I as a child I ate Flintstone vitamins all the time didn't really like the way they tasted but we did eat them because my mom knew that we weren't getting the nutrients that we needed the problem is that those are isolated nutrients their chemical renditions of something found in nature so in a lab somewhere they look at maybe what we have in an apple or in kale or in collard greens or something like that and they try to reproduce those but they're in a chemical form and they put them in a multivitamin there's very little that we actually absorb from a multivitamin probably only eight percent of it okay and those are just a few of the nutrients but look at the Apple look at everything these are all of the nutrients that we know that exists in an apple that's what we need to be getting into our diets every day so how can we do that I have three boys my oldest is 13 I have twins that are ten we're busy like we have very very busy lives they're in eat going to school they're in sports we have all kinds of things that we're doing so how do you do this as busy people how are we going to get these things into our diets that we can keep ourselves healthy so my one of my very favorite things right now that I'm totally addicted to our salad jars this is a very quick easy lunch for me and my husband so I prepare them at the beginning of the week we really do them like every other day we dump them out we've got a rainbow of colors on our plate and I don't have to sit there and pull you know five or six containers out of lettuce and then carrots or whatever it might be so the top picture there shows a little muffin tin and they've put different fruits and vegetables in that muffin tin now I don't I've only done this one time to be honest with you however what I've found is if I go to the store and if I buy grapes let's say if I clean them take the stem off maybe have them in baggies or little containers or whatever that my kids can just grab there more likely to eat them same with like carrot sticks if I have them kind of an individual guys or I can throw them in my son's lunch whatever it is it's just finding ways to make it easy so that we can consume more of these good things we also do a plant-based shake that I'm going to talk about in just a minute so my oldest son is in school for the first time I have homeschool of my boys since kindergarten he's in seventh grade and he started school in September actually and the first day of school I had a breakfast casserole made and I was going to make sure that he was gonna have a good breakfast to go um he did eat the breakfast casserole the first day and then the next day he said mom I just want a shake and I said are you sure he's like yep that's what I want so I can't argue with them because it's a plant-based shake and we are now in February and he's still every single morning and I've offered I can make this I can do whatever but he wants his shake and I'm not gonna argue with him because I know that he's getting the nutrients that he needs so these are some simple things that you can do again this stuff is found in the part yeah in the outside of the grocery store not the inside okay so try to shop those outside aisles here's the other change that we made as a family um we are taking something called news Plus so as we as I started learning I started understanding I knew there was no way I could get the nutrients in my family that we needed I like we said I met Stacy 10 years ago actually took Juice Plus during my pregnancy with my twins um the only reason I took it is because I called Stacie one day I was in tears um I was so sick I did not yet know I was having twins but I was so sick I had gone to the ER the first time and I said there's no way I can take a prenatal I can't I stick all day long I don't know what to do so she brought me juice plus I did not I had no clue what I was doing all I knew is I had heard tell me at one point this was really good for you this is something that you should try I really had no idea about good nutrition so I started taking this I started taking all these fruits vegetables and berries every single day and I took it my entire pregnancy which happened to be twins we found out a little bit later my babies were born five weeks early there are four or five and five fifteen and those babies did not spend a day in the NICU so they surprised everybody all of the doctors but what they were getting was whole food nutrition every single day that I carried them even went on days when I didn't eat a whole lot because I was sick they were getting this nutrition so Juice Plus is not a supplement it does not have a supplement label if you look at the back of it it actually has a nutrition label the industry recognizes that recognizes this as food and so do our bodies okay you can see on this picture that there's a rainbow of colors here elderberry has been popular the last few years during cold and flu season well that's something that we consume every day because we're taking the berry blend kale is not my favorite I'm not I don't love kale but I do consume it every day so some of these things I can't even buy here in West Texas but I'm getting them into our bodies every day the second thing we do is we have the juice plus shakes this is what my son Josiah drinks every single morning it's a plant-based shake it's gluten and dairy free um it has prebiotic fiber in it it's low glycemic so if you have blood sugar issues this would be great is great everybody needs to control their blood sugar but this is what he has every single morning and what I have pretty much almost every morning and I do sometimes take some kale in there because it's the only way I will eat it so this is another great thing that we do for our family my boys love to have them before a basketball game or a soccer game and something like that it's just a great snack for them to have to give them energy to perform this is a fairly new product from Juice Plus it's our Omega blend um these are great for your heart for your brain for your joints for your skin eyes um I've been taking these probably about a year now and I definitely and I will say for my husband he takes him to and he struggles with anxiety he definitely feel the sense of calm when he's taking these so they're 100% plant-based okay you don't have to worry about something being contaminated there's no fish in it it's all plant-based again whole food nutrition it's sustainable you're getting all the different kind of omegas that your that your body needs juice plus is unique so when we are taking our Juice Plus capsules my boys eat the gummies we're getting 45 Whole Foods into our body okay this is what we talked about at the very beginning as Americans we just are not consuming the things that we need and our diseases are showing it okay again it has a food label it's non-gmo it has not been modified in any way it's dairy-free and it's gluten free it's not organic it's better than organic it's NSF certified so an outside company comes in looks at our product and make sure that what we say is in the product is in there okay and it has over 35 clinical studies that have been published nothing else there is no product on the market right now that can say that here's some of the institutions that have studied Juice Plus I guess probably what stands out the most people is MD Anderson Yale University University of Arizona these are all these places have done these independent studies on Juice Plus and here are some of the things that they found it's bioavailable that means that when we take it our body is like oh I know what this is I'm going to put it to work wherever it needs in my body so multivitamins are not a bioavailable because it's a chemical our bodies don't really know what to do with it so we're not getting a great benefit from that but you can look and these are all online if you'd like to look at them our heart health our in lung health it helps with inflammation that can be anywhere from your head down to your toes so there are some pretty amazing things that they found with this product so I'm going to share just briefly our story and why we've kind of been on this health tour this health journey that we've been on so the top picture is actually my son Jordan he's one of my twins again born a very healthy baby um but headed back to UM he started just developing stomach issues at first it was not nothing big nothing seriously wrong with him he just had a really hard time going to the bathroom so over the course of years that just got worse and worse and worse and worse and worse I can remember going to the doctor when he was five in at that point he was going to the bathroom maybe once a week and with that it was a lot of pain and discomfort he just was not well and the doctor said well some kids are just this way and I'm like he's fine why would why would he have these kind of issues his nut neither of his brothers have those kind of issues I don't have those kind of issues why is this happening never really got any answers he was chronically sick if a if the flu came around he was getting the flu strep came around he was getting struck did not matter what it is what it was this kid was always always always at the doctor and it just developed from there he developed severe food allergies from there it just kept progressing which is kind of the way disease does I wasn't preventing anything I was just reacting every time something would happen I would react and I would give him you can see I have this collect a medicine that we had nothing ever really made him better though about it's been two years now so last week was two years he was eight years old and his health had nosedived nobody could figure out what was wrong well his gallbladder was completely infected it was making him very sick so at eight years old that's the picture of him right after surgery um he had his gallbladder removed and at that point I was fed up and so that's when we started working with a functional medicine doctor if you know anything about functional medicine they're gonna address your diet and your lifestyle which is exactly what we talked about in those blue zones so we had to do a total overhaul of our diet my little baby boy that's not so little anymore is a completely different child we've got he hasn't even been to the doctor in two years except for going to his motional medicine doctor for check-ups and stuff like that all of his food allergies are gone um we've corrected his gut which I know that's what we're going to talk about next week so come back for that as well but we did this through diet through good nutrition and as I started learning I knew that Juice Plus was something that we had to have so I had talked with Stacy and we started ourselves on Juice Plus again so one of the cool things about Juice Plus is that if an adult orders then a child gets their order for free if they're for an older or in college they can get theirs for free we have a healthy starts for families program and so this is what my kids are on and they've just gathered data from parents over the years and these are some of the things that they found one of them they're going to the doctor list that's my kids okay they eat more fruits and vegetables that's definitely my kids Juice Plus has made has given us these huge strides that we needed to achieve the health that we want so it's affordable okay if I sent you to the grocery store and said I want you to buy the rainbow because that's what you're going to eat today I can guarantee you would not come back under $2.50 and you can take our trio which is the fruits the vegetables in the berries and it's 2:38 a day again if you order this then your child is going to get the fruit and vegetable either gummies you can see the bag that's our gummies or they can get the capsules as well our shakes are super affordable two dollars and five cents are you kidding me here we have water burger that's a big Texas thing there's no way you can go eat breakfast at Whataburger or lunch for probably even eight or nine dollars so it is super affordable so this has made a huge difference for our family whoever invited you here tonight cares enough about you that they want to share this product with you so I hope that you guys learned some stuff tonight I love talking about this I'm Way over my time limit and so I'm gonna let Stacy close us out now thank you so much Sara I always love listening to you and I know this has been something that has just been a huge part of your life especially the last two years and I love that you came back to discuss and the changes that you guys have seen since then and we would really appreciate anyone that listen to this information we are recording it we can share it with you and then you can share it with the people that you care and love about because this is how we change things it's one person at a time one family at a time when we know better we can do better and Sara you definitely taught us well tonight so thank you so much for your time thank you everyone for joining us

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