Samadhi Yoga – The Secret to Bliss

Welcome! so, I’ve got a question for you what brings you joy? What brings you into state of happiness and laughter and excitement about being alive what is that? who are those people that do that for you that you can hang out with and naturally, you just start to giggle and laugh and be silly? so I invite you to hang out more with those people whoever they are maybe they’re people that your family or friends don’t really agree with, hang out with those people who make you laugh who make you feel alive okay because this is an essential part of awakening of Kundalini if you can’t laugh if you can’t smile really, just let go of the ridiculousness of everything you know the cosmic joke of life then it’s just going to be too painful to awaken your Kundalini, your Kundalini needs this expansive a playful child that is just ready to giggle any moment, to be silly, to be free okay so what makes you laugh? who makes you laugh? who makes you smile? what did they say? what do we talk about? sometimes it can be a little scary let’s talk about those things that make us puts us on the edge or you know jokes can be a little bit insensitive sometimes but you know give yourself permission to laugh, to be free, to just enjoy the joy of letting go okay very important so if I was going to tell you a joke it wouldn’t be that funny because for the one you know, you’ve probably already heard the joke or maybe the joke is just you know looking at why you’re blocked no and once you once you see the hilariousness of why you’re hanging on to your block which is really the biggest joke of all is why you’re so contracted about this one thing in your life that nobody else knows about you can’t talk about it, you can’t share, you just hold on to this thing whatever it is maybe you’re not even aware of it you keep holding on and it’s causing you so much suffering every day this is your cosmic joke of why you’re holding on because once you let it go wow! you’re gonna feel amazing so hold on, hold on tight you know until you get the joke the joke basically is that you’re an infinite being, it’s never going to die ever so what’s there to be stressed about you’re not going to take any of this with you, your house, your car, your money, your body all of it goes away that’s the biggest joke that you don’t get to take anything okay some people say you don’t even get to take your experiences those just kind of fade away but maybe what does remain are your desires, you know those deep wants and needs that are just burning inside of you that may not feel like a joke they’re super serious I want this, I need this you know can’t laugh about that you know the world needs this so be careful of those burning desires because, those are going to stick with you most likely unless you really really really wake up and then you’ll see that nothing sticks nothing can stick to that which is already free but be careful because desires are really personal especially when it’s maybe even a desire to be free, a desire for true, a desire for connection, desire for God, these are also desires, so find the desireless place inside of you that doesn’t need a desire already gets the joke is able to just you know enjoy the sunset or you know without even having to think about what’s happening you know maybe enjoying like an ant crawling up your arm without even thinking that maybe I should brush it off what where can you find joy in those places where you would normally be annoyed see if you can actually, find a sense of laughter, find the hilariousness at that moment that you get really pissed off normally that person maybe that’s closest to you really pushes your button and see if you can laugh instead of getting tense and tight full of fear or anger or sadness or whatever your responses see if you can just giggle because you know that all of this is going to go away everything is going to leave you one day guaranteed okay even the highest masters who have like ascended and descended ascended and brought their body with them it’s like yeah okay going on to the next dimension okay if you bring your body with you or not, you’re going to send at some point in the Eternity of time so just remember that this time and your life is very impermanent and it’s here to be enjoyed and laughter is a huge piece of the puzzle as far as the opening of this kundalini this Kundalini is your source of joy truly because it’s always bubbling up and it’s just so blissful once it gets activated it’s like ah, can just enjoy just sitting here and it’s giggling just being here okay so yeah take on this laughter, take on this lightness take it on as your next step in life have fun! with it, this is Jafree from for more information check out the website there’s a lot of information on there, be well

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