Salt Water Flush (Master Cleanse Diet) | Lose 5 KGS In 1 Day

Hi Guys, today I am going to share a Master Cleanse Diet, with which you can lose up to 5 Kgs in 1 Day. Yes, 5 Kgs In 1 Day (Lose 10 Lbs In 1 Day This is a saltwater flush diet which is super effective and it works every time. You can watch this video in English, on my other channel “Versatile Vicky” I had published this video in English and there are plenty of success comments. You can check the comments from the link, given in the description box. So let’s get started. The first step is to take 1 litre of drinking water in a saucepan. You have to take water which you can drink To this, add 3 tsps of Himalayan Pink Salt or Sea Salt only. Remember to use salt without iodine only. Now switch on the gas and heat the water Salt without iodine is used in this flush as our body does not absorb water which contains salt without iodine. Just like sea water our body cannot absorb. If you use a different salt or salt with iodine, then this flush will not work as said or your weight might even increase. Hence do not use regular table salt or any salt with iodine. Best buying links to buy salt without iodine can be found in the description box. Keep stirring until the salt dissolves. This process can take 5-7 mins. Follow this diet on a day when you are not so busy. Do not follow this during or near your periods. Switch off the gas and let it come to a drinkable temperature. Now add 1 tsp of lemon juice for better taste And now our Salt Water Flush Drink is ready. Drink it on an empty stomach If you think you cannot stay hungry for the next 8 hours, Then you can take your breakfast before having this drink Have proteins in your breakfast like eggs, tofu, chicken etc. Wait for 2 hours for breakfast to digest Then have this complete 1 litre drink Have it in one sitting. Take a pause if like but try and finish the complete water in 30 mins


  1. Its workkkkkkk i lost 4 kg omg its really good aur koi side effect bhi nahi hua

  2. Sandha namak nd Himalayan rock pink salt is same

  3. Mam kya isse body ki har fat chla jayega

  4. Di mere paas jo himalyn pink salt h usme 2.66 iodine h so wo use kru ya nhi…..lekin wo b himlyn salt hi h…plzz rply

  5. sendha namak pink salt hai kya

  6. Hlo so one liter salt water drink daily for 7 days??? Pls tell…nd help me

  7. Nd 4kg ek din mei kam hota h ja devn daysmein pls tll mam

  8. Today I tried this… Morning on empty stomach I drank 1litre and Aftr 1 hr… Stomach ws cleaned… And I was very tired and I loss only 1/2 kg

  9. Kya ap personal bat kr sakti ha. Pls share your no or email id

  10. I tried it today . I drank 1 litre in like 2 mins .. n i m waiting now 😂😂 lets hope for the best .. i used sendha namak which was available 😂 cya soon with results

  11. This is ok for thyroid patients??

  12. Himalayan salt and send a namak ek hi h👍

  13. The salt I have ordered have 2.66 gm iodin….. Can I use this salt?

  14. Tried it just now… Lets see what happens… Hoping for the best… Will update my experience in the evening 😊

  15. I use this remedy but loss only 2 kg in 8hrs…

  16. English please

  17. I m 17yrs old can I do it

  18. This is shankh prakshalan kriya…….

  19. I love you so much

  20. 7 days baad bhi himalayan salt khaana h kya… 5.15 pe bola aapne. Me confuse hu plz help

  21. Pink salt is rock salt??

  22. मैडम इनिमा पर विडियो बनाईये प्लिज..

  23. I could not have more than 2 glasses of water

  24. Sexy voice

  25. Don't do it unless ur making money out of ur physic or for photoshoot i dont think its healthy at all

  26. Black salt ly skty?

  27. I try this method today on empty stomach with nutriwish pink salt. I went to toilet for 6 7 time in first couple of hours.. Feeling weaknesses n thirsty like a hell.. But no change in weight. 2 hours are left now.. Let see what happens. Fingers are crossed

  28. Can we use sea salt instead of pink salt??

  29. I am ur new subscriber
    I just love ur voice 😊😊😊

  30. Name of salt plzzz

  31. Can we use black salt or rock salt at the place of himalayan pink salt?"plz reply me 😶

  32. Can we use sea salt?

  33. Guys i hope it works i am going to tryy it tommorow

  34. I hane lose 4kg per day…
    I like this diet…

  35. Hi I tryed its working amazing

  36. Really mam….

  37. Kya ye sirf ladies log k liye hai

  38. We use sea salt

  39. Today I am doing this.. Wish me luck 😊😊😊

  40. Very good It gave me fabulous results

  41. Mem aapka videos bahut copy hote h 1st aap bnate ho baad me same sabke aate h

  42. Pani tanda pi sakty ?😕

  43. Very nice video mam thankyou

  44. kya ye roz saat din tak karna h

  45. I need this salt

  46. Hlo.. Mam, kya Tata k rock salt le sakti hun??

  47. Dear can i use nutriwish himalayan pink salt ?

  48. Hi dear maam flush diet is superb i feel aap ka toh jawab nahee
    ur the very best my darling maam love from india 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  49. English please

  50. Wut temperature should I boil the water at

  51. Mam thyroid wale log ye kr skte h kya plz reply mam

  52. I love your way of speaking
    And your voice also mam😘😘😘

  53. D link mentioned in d description box is of Nutro active himalayan pink salt from Amazon n ds salts contains iodine <10mg. You mentioned ki iodine bilkul nahi hona chahiye so is it okay to go ahead with ds salt

  54. Kon sa Namak plZz baatao

  55. Can I use puro salt ?

  56. Can I drink at night

  57. I have 8 month old baby…can i try this?

  58. I tried this morning. It worked very well. But I am feeling very thirst. May I drink more plain water. Is there any harm if I do so or drink more than 5 glases? Perhaps 10?!! Please assist. Thankss

  59. Saindha namk use kr skte hai? Plz repl

  60. Kala Namak le sakte hai

  61. Can I drink water after taking this drink

  62. Waoooow I'll definitely try this

  63. Can we use pink salt in our daily cooking meal?? Plzz reply me???

  64. I didn't loose weight but next day my skin looks fair nd l am happy .thanks Vicky

  65. M a breatfeeding mother can I take…

  66. Pcod and pcos patient can take it plz suggest its necessory

  67. Mera to bs 1.5 kg hua or I was on proper diet

  68. Cn somebody hlp me….sea salt use krna h

    Mjy smj nhi ai plzzz

  69. In Bangladesh pink salt is not available. But i buy it from the page named FERMADO. i did this diet.and lose 4kg in 6days.thanks mam

  70. Hey vicky plz reply can i take puro ka pink salt?

  71. Bhut hi achi diet h I love it

  72. Namak kitna dalna h

  73. Kly nmk ko khty

  74. Can we use normal salt

  75. Mera toh 100 grams weight Kam nhi hua par stomach fresh ho Gaya

  76. Mam main bache ko feed deti hu kya mai yeh drink lai skti hu

  77. Api Pakistan waly kesy kredain ye salt plz bta dain

  78. Himalayan SALT it can used?

  79. Which SALT can used mam please?

  80. Salt ka name ka ha

  81. Nextime put ENGLISH subtitle . Not all watching understands Hindi . Just an advice

  82. Mam thyroid me kam karega ye

  83. Black salt use kar saktye h kya

  84. Ya Salt mujhe kaha par milagi?? I am from Bangladesh

  85. Can i use puro pink salt ?

  86. Can I take it in . Night

  87. Which one is better before ya after having breakfast

  88. Can i do same thing every week

  89. M trying right now…too difficult to drink the water omg…too much salt difficult to drink ..😓🤮🤮

  90. Iodine <10 mg likha Hua hai…isse use karun ya nh

  91. Good

  92. Bp high nahi ho ga kia

  93. Pink solt Kon saa hota h

  94. I am from Pakistan how I bought this

  95. Mam…please reply dijiye…I request u please…aap jo link diye the non-iodize salt ka,,me wo order ki NUTRO ACTIVE..MINERAL SALT Himalayan pink salt,,extra fine grain (0-0.5mm)..usme likha hua hai 84 different types of minerals a few of which includes sodium chloride, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iodine etc.. aur iodine<10mg likha hua hai. Mein isse use karun ya na karun iss water flush me. .please boliye kuch

  96. Can I use Tata pink salt

  97. Pls made video for cellulite

  98. Mam say any local brand which we can use

  99. I was so damn thirsty that I drank half cup of normal water. And I have lost 1kg in 2 hours.

  100. Kala namak lay sktay hen?¿??

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