Salesforce Case Study: ICON Health & Fitness

Salesforce we knew was a great database system but we couldn’t implement it ourselves. And so we needed a third party to help implement that system Eide Bailly came in and did a great job. We saw an implementation earlier and the implementation didn’t go as well from the beginning so with another third party. And so when Eide Bailly came in and explained the way they did their system and the way that they work and their processes of gathering the information before they ever began we knew that Eide Bailly was a good resource and a great third party to implement the system for us. Freemotion Fitness is the commercial and specialty division of ICON Health & Fitness. So we make equipment for all commercial spaces, like clubs and gyms and studios. We purchased Salesforce back in 2014 at which time we didn’t fully understand everything that was needed to integrate Salesforce with ICON’s in-house systems. Before they integrated with Salesforce, we were in a lot of silos. A lot of the information got transferred multiple times. A lot of confusion and a lot of multiple data that wasn’t always accurate. The beginning of the implementation process, Eide Bailly came in and before we ever paid them a check or before we ever signed the contract or anything like that they sat down with us and tried to understand what our goals were and the reasons why we wanted Salesforce and to see if it was a good fit for us. But in addition to that not only Salesforce maybe a quoting tool like the addition of the SteelBrick. And our forecasting tools inside Salesforce, but then also our shipping tools like with the Revenova piece that was added onto it. And they began to try to understand everything that we needed for a good system for us to use as a company. And they really dove into a lot of questions. We had multiple meetings where they just asked us, you know, what do you really need? And where are your reports? What are you using to get your data? And what are you using for forecasting and shipping and inventory They really dove into it and then asked us. And then throughout the process, they reminded themselves and also us in all the meetings of hey we’re doing this, to get rid of this report or we’re doing this, to improve this process or to get everybody on the same page. So it was great to be reminded and to understand why we’re signing this contract and why we’re implementing this system or that system. And I was very impressed with their you know, genuine desire to really understand a day in the life of us. And they wanted it to be a solution that would work for us and really understand how we needed it to function. What we’ve seen now is a lot more controlled conversations with customers. Our forecast is increased. We’ve seen a lot more communication from the outside team to the inside team via quotes and just the recorded data with the customer. Our customers are finding us easy to work with which is our whole goal. We’ve also seen a greater understanding by the sales team of their customers’ service issues. And they’ve been able to have more data to go into their customer with to get an all-around picture of what their customer is doing with Freemotion.

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