Saint Paul Police Department Physical Fitness Testing Procedure

hi my name is Jim Hendren and I'm the physical fitness coordinator from st. Paul police department this video is being created to give a demonstration of the fitness testing procedure of the st. Paul police department for any future police academy recruits the fitness test scene consists of six different components body fat percentage vertical jump push-ups sit-ups one and a half mile run and a flexibility test the physical fitness of all st. Paul police recruits will be tested prior during and at the end the Academy the police academy is approximately 17 weeks long and will consist of intense physical training all recruits are encouraged to reach the minimum fitness standards before the academy begins to ensure they are ready for intense physical training police recruits must reach the minimum fitness standards as determined by their age and gender to graduate from the police academy minimum fitness standards are posted on our web site and will be shown in this video recruits will be tested for body fat percentage which is a ratio of fat mass lean muscle mass a healthy body fat percentage enhances an individual's physical fitness reduces injury improves health and reflects a positive image to the public body composition will be measured with by electrical impedance a waist measurement and skinfold measurements skinfold testing is done by measuring the thickness of fat underneath the skin at three locations on the body skin fold locations differ for males and females and are shown on this diagram nutrition is key to achieving weight loss and maintain a healthy weight while physical activity plays an important role as well the next test in the st. Paul Police Department fiscal fitness testing is the vertical jump test the vertical jump test measures your explosive lake power this is predictive of your ability to perform pursuit tasks such as sprinting and jumping the test will measure the difference between your standing reach and the height of your reach during a vertical jump you will begin standing under the jump tester with one hand extended upward gym staff will then adjust the jump tester so that the bottom will touch the top of your extended hand you will have three attempts to jump as high as you can reach there are two jumping options to be used you may choose the squat down and jump straight up as Sean or you may move one foot during the tests one foot must be completely stationary before jumping you may bring one foot back and move it forward before jumping as Sean if you move both feet before jumping the jump will not be counted any jumping or sprinting exercises will improve your vertical jump along with explosive lower body weight training the next test will be the push-ups tests this is an untimed event in which a candidate at work perform as many pushups as possible until reaching muscle failure the push-ups test is the test of muscular strength and endurance of the upper body specifically the chest shoulders and triceps muscles you must start with your arms fully extended and body form in a straight line from the top of your head to your ankles feet are to be placed together during tests hands will be placed at shoulder distance apart or wider you may not place your hands wide apart enough that your elbows will not be directly above your hands you may move your hands during the test as long as they remain in contact with the ground at all times you must lower yourself blow enough that your upper arms are parallel to the ground and your elbows form a 90 degree angle and then fully extend your arms to return to the stern position to complete one repetition if the candidate touches their knees or hips to the ground the push-up will not be counted during testing do not drop your head down towards the ground dropping your head will not allow you to lower yourself enough to complete a full push-up it is encouraged to lead with your chest chin and nose towards the ground you must maintain a straight line from head to toe for a push-up to count if you lower your hips or raise your hips above shoulder height turn repetition it will not be counted you can rest in the up position as long as you do not raise or lower your hips the candidate will now complete by perfect form push-ups to improve the number of push-ups you can for be sure to always practice perfect form and complete multiple sets throughout the day set a goal of how many pushups you can complete in a day and slowly add more push-ups be sure the rest two days a week the one-minute sit-ups test will follow the push-ups test the one-minute sit-ups test will measure the endurance of the abdominal and hip flexor muscles you will begin with your back on the Status mat your feet will be placed flat on the floor and your knees will be up off the mat at a 90 degree angle you will have another candidate hold your feet you will then interlock your fingers and place your hands behind your head this is the starting position on the command and goal you will perform as many sit-ups as possible within one minute you will be told when you have 30 seconds left in the test and when you have 15 seconds lenss repetitions will not be counted if your fingers come apart if your hips come off the mat or if your shoulder blades do not return to man our candidate will now demonstrate by perfect form sit-ups similar to push-ups improve your score by completing multiple sets of siddha throughout the day and progressively complete more sit-ups in a 24 hour period the 1 and a half mile run will follow the one-minute sit-ups test and measures the aerobic fitness level of the candidate this test will likely be conducted indoors on a treadmill but may also be conducted on an outdoor track the candidate will be allowed up to 5 minutes before the run the rest and warm-up as needed when testing on a treadmill the candidate will not be allowed to touch or lean on the handrails or the console of the treadmill if this happens one warning will be given if it happens the second time the test will be terminated thus in reach flexibility test is the final test in the fitness assessment this test measures the flexibility of the hamstrings muscles and the lower back you will begin by taking off your shoes and sitting on the floor just enthroned the sit and reach box with your feet place together flat against the box during the stretch you will keep your knees down on the floor with your fingers together as shown you will then reach forward along the top of the box and slowly push the measurement tool as far as you can attempts will not be counted if you launch or jerk forward fail to keep your hands together or if your knees come up you will have three attempts to attain the highest score you can the st. Paul Police Department places a great emphasis on physical fitness to ensure our officers are fully capable to perform all duties of the job for more information on the physical fitness test and the job application process go to st. Paul gov slash police and click on become a st. Paul police officer there you will also find details on job benefits career development and more good luck

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