Safe Animal Feed

have you ever stopped to consider how your work affects the lives and well-being of millions of consumers locally and globally whether you manufacture feed transport it or raise meat and poultry decisions you make every day play a large role in determining how healthy food animals will be and how safe the food produced by these animals will be consumers want assurances that their milk meat and eggs are safe to eat so it can't overstate the importance of safe feed in your jobs let me give you an example if you use corn and poultry broiler feed that's contaminated with aflatoxin which is a natural toxin produced by mold you can see reduced weight gain and V deficiency in your Birds if you feed aflatoxin tainted corn to lactating dairy cows unlike with poultry you may not see obvious health effects on your pals but the milk produced by those cows could be dumped and found unsafe because of high aflatoxin levels and it's not just naturally occurring contaminants it can cause problems man-made contaminants can affect feed safety too just a few years ago an ingredient supplier purposely added melamine to an ingredient to make pet food many cats and dogs were seriously harmed and before the problem was fully revealed the adulterate ingredient got into feed for food producing animals creating significant food safety concerns regulators temporarily stopped many animals from going to market and owners of affected livestock and poultry for the brunt of that costly stoppage it was only after scientists thoroughly investigated the problem and found no threat to human health but the animals were finally released you also have a role of medicated feed medicated feed products are safe for animals and do not result in harmful drug residues when done right when you follow the label directions for the feed manufacturer following the regs that is the current good manufacturing practices for medicated feeds means that the food from the treated animals will not contain harmful drug residues errors in formulating mixing or feeding could result the breakdown of the process and harm the animals or the people who consume products from them Congress passed laws to give us at the Center for Veterinary Medicine the responsibility to help ensure safe feed we implement these laws by writing regulations to provide details on how to enforce the letter of the laws as well as the spirit our intent is to ensure the safety of the feed to help protect the health of the animals and the health of the people but our system of laws and rules only goes so far and protecting against errors and unexpected threats the best defense against an animal feed disaster is you will go ahead and weigh over 6 alert and attentive feed ingredient manufacturers turning on fader 1 and livestock and poultry producers we rely on each and every one of you if you'd like to find out more about feed safety please visit the FDA website WWF ta gov and click on the animal and veterinary link I hope you've enjoyed this video which illustrates the importance of everyone's role in ensuring the safety of feed for the animals that provide the food we eat every day we truly live in a global village and no matter where we are we should never have to question the safety of the meat milk and eggs that we eat we thank each and every one of you for all that you do every day

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